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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sasuke 25 - Spoilerific Review - Part 6




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 25.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE 25 NAVI 1 hour review of Sasuke 25 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke!). Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE. They expect everyone to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist..


Massive thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English and Japanese of all the competitors!! Thanks to scnoi and Sasukepedia and the SASUKE データサイト (Data site) for the kanji.

Ah! I know who this is! It's Torisawa! The guy that loves to to crush fruit and do weights.

Katsuhide Torisawa 鳥澤克秀 - Representing Saitama 埼玉県

He's gonna get tired isn't it.. LOL He's failed after doing this in the past.. why do it again? Oh well.. I'm passing popcorn LOL

LOL so far so good :)

and.. wait.. he competed in this? Hmm.. makes sense.. he was in Sportsman #1 before.

Yep. he's tired..

OMG he's trying to shake it off.. he's probably seeing stars!

LOL Already losing control!

He barely made it.. can he turn around?

Ahahahahahaahha he slinks into the water like a snake

Yeah right about here he decides.. "who am I kidding" and decides to be funny with his demise

And just lets go and splishes to the water in grand style

Crowd finally laughing openly. It's been kind of a quiet day for them

Replay of Torisawa shaking off the stars

LOL and then probably seeing 4 sets of steps!

Replay of his dive into the water

And a sheepish smile :)

LOL The announcer literally came out of NOWHERE and scared the heck out of Torisawa

Katsuhide Torisawa 鳥澤克秀 - Death by Dome Steps

They are milking the crane shots. Get your money's worth TBS! It is pretty from up there you have to admit

Richard Kin.. wait.. he's from New Zealand? Check it out I forgot about that.

Next from Tempest Freerunning... Richard King リチャード・キング Representing er.. uh.. G4 but that's not the point.. Representing New Zealand ニュージーランド

New Zealand ニュー ジーランド

TBS bringing back his horrid underwear from Sasuke 23

Proving that nekkid people can still pass Sasuke's Stage 1

Okay back to the present... mental note.. Vibram FiveFingers come lose on Sasuke.. be aware..

Okay now that he has his shoes back on.. he's ready for the Jump Hang

Success on the Jump Hang

Doing well on the Bridge Jump as well

On to the Log Grip

And.. oh oh.. wtf..

Lee's tying his shoes

And just heard the crowd gasp

Apparently there wasn't much gasping going on around here..

You hear a loud.. F.. let's say it rhymed with Cluck.. and you see the cameramen just jolt backwards in the direction of the expletive.

Ube heard it too.. Brian is still recording from his camera

Levi is looking sheepish right now..

We think it was him. Either way.. G4 is going to have a very long and loud bleep to cover up that one - whoever it was.

Richard King リチャード・キング - Death by Log Grip

Ah it was the last drop that seemed to catch him by surprise

And knock him off the log

He seemed fine here and it's not like he hasn't been on this obstacle before.

He probably just miscounted the drops and let up a little too early

At least he's clothed... Oh well.. ANW2 is July for him.

Lee still reacting to Rich's demise

Next is another finalist from Sasuke 24 - Taiwan's Lee En Chi リー・エンチ

Taiwan 台湾

Hmm I remember that they taped this fluff piece :)

Camera stopping here. I guess this is his house.

Yep it is :)

Showing the boxing equipment in his room

Along with his Bruce Lee Shrine and the Sasuke Saddlecloths

Unlike Navi.. they don't fuzz out the saddlecloth for Taiwan

He has his Sasuke towel folded up on a coat hanger

This is his Mom Chinsun チンスン. She's really pretty!!

Father Tinfon ティンフォン

We've seen this video a few times. He used this for his entry to Sasuke way back in Sasuke 17.

Not sure what the dates are representing but the video sure impressed TBS :)

Ah yes. As shown in Navi people on the streets of Taiwan actually know who he is. This is a psycho who likes screaming about him.

Lee stretching before climbing

That's.. high.. he's actually up there.. no thanks.. no one can pay me to do this..

I'm sure Takeda is rolling his eyes now.. LOL

Back to the present and he's being interviewed and spraying his sneakers

Taiwan's Lee En Chi リー・エンチ Representing.. oh nvm you get it :)

Back from Commercial break!

Doh.. he rolled completely under the Rolling Log and a worker was there to keep him from creaming himself again with the log as he got up!

LOL or is he pushing it in place to squeeze Lee's head?

Save from the Log's death grip.. he gets ready for the Jump Hang

And he's up and over

Quickly across the Bridge Jump

LOL but he's swinging WILDLY in circles

LOL he's not having a good day.. he also turned in circles after the Log Grip!

Slows down to get to the Warped Wall

Not a problem

Getting read for the Circle Slider

Good jump to the circle

Piking as well

Plenty of time on the Tarzan Rope

And he slows down as well as he knows he's got plenty of time to finish

We've got another clear!

80 up and 8 clears!

Levi ecstatic

Kongo ecstatic (sorry I'm just used to Kongo.. LOL)

Yuuji... bewildered? Maybe he was looking at the time left... oh yeah he is just under Kenji's time.

Okay there's the smile :) Kenji seem's pleased with that time as well.

Taiwan's Lee En Chi リー・エンチ - Stage 1 Clear!

Ah this is his jump from the Bridge Jump.. he lost his balance at the last second.

So he twisted in the air

There goes his.. Log Grip.. form..

And almost fell off at the end

Casually tapping the red button at the end

He seems please! Pink wifebeater™ and all!

For being the lone representative from Taiwan he sure is consistently good!

Shingo making faces again... he's up next for the All-Stars so TBS is cranking up the pressure..

LOL Okuyama's son is goofing around in the stand behind him while Shingo's being interviewed.

Shingo no knowing what to do with this newfound attention

It could be the hat.. they didn't want to talk to him when he had his tuque on...

Hayato Shimamura 下村 勇人 Representing Shizuoka 静岡県

I spared you the initial crotch shot.. trust me.. it was .. glaring..

Missed the landing on the steps

Hayato Shimamura 下村 勇人 - Death by Dome Steps

His friends are merciless.. check out the guy on the left with red on.. he just collapsed to his knees

The rest of his friends holding the sign are having kittens

disgraced friend on the left LOL

Openly cackling nekkid dude was the best laugher IMO


Osamu Miyoshi (sp?) 三好 修 - Representing Kagawa 香川県 - Death by Dome Steps

I have no idea what this is.. Ube says pottery..

Akira Endo (sp?) 遠藤 玄明 - Representing Kyoto 京都府

Akira Endo (sp?) 遠藤 玄明 - Death by Jump Hang

Masahiko Kasahara 笠原 勝彦 Representing Niigata 新潟県

Masahiko Kasahara 笠原 勝彦 - Death by Dome Steps

Takeshi Kamiyama (sp?) 神山 孟紀 Representing Tochigi 栃木県

Takeshi Kamiyama 神山 孟紀 - Death by Dome Steps

Eisuke Yoshimura (sp?) 吉村 栄祐 Representing Fukui 福井県

Oh oh.. he's at the end of the Rolling Log...

Lands on mat and falls backwards..
Eisuke Yoshimura (sp?) 吉村 栄祐 - Death by Rolling Log

Oh.. nighttime fast-forwards - these must be the guys that got really high numbers from the lottery!
Hiroyuki Kishi (sp?) 岸 浩之 Representing Tottori 鳥取県

Hiroyuki Kishi (sp?) 岸 浩之 - Death by Dome Steps

Hidemi Natsuyagi (sp?) 夏八木 秀実 - Representing Yamanashi 山梨県

Hidemi Natsuyagi (sp?) 夏八木 秀実 - Death by Dome Steps

And the sun magically comes back up into the sky just to come down again :)

Kimio Murase (sp?) 村瀬 君夫 Representing Aichi 愛知県

Earlier in the day he got the number and was.. stunned.. so was everyone else around him.. they all kinda just look at each other! LOL (btw.. Read Ube's blog about this.. the part with Mr. Octopus was hysterical)

Aichi 愛知県 Prefecture

This is the famous chicken man that I wrote about in Navi

Kimio Murase (sp?) 村瀬 君夫

LOL Only in Japan does having a relieved upset stomach translate to happy blue evil-eyed bunnies in your belly..

Speaking of belly...

Don't you wish you could just plop out your stomach too?

You can if you take this stuff...

Kimio Murase (sp?) 村瀬 君夫 - Death by Dome Steps

Yuuji is disgusted LOL

Hey Kawaguchi.. you know.. you could have mugged the old guy in the parking lot and got his number...

Poor guy.. I'm sure TBS is rethinking their lottery and maybe doing "seeding" the next time.

We've got legs again and since I was paying attention.. I know who this is.. HA!


thebobmaster said...

Very enjoyable read!

And yes, your thought was correct. That was indeed Levi swearing when the Rich King failed the Log Grip. I recognized his voice when it aired.

I don't know why, but I like it when the competitors swear or say stuff like that on impulse. It makes them seem easier to relate to. It's one of the reasons I like Shunsuke so much. He is insanely skilled, but he is still prone to bursts of outrage that he regrets later one.

Chaki said...

ROFL about Yuji telling Kawaguchi he could have mugged the old guy for his number... It came out of nowhere!

snowy said...

Oh cool. I get it now that I've seen the barber pole outside Lee's house. During Navi I was wondering why there were shampoo sinks and styling chairs in the living room. Mom and/or Dad are barbers/hairstylists.

Or maybe I'm seeing things again.

Anonymous said...

1. Sharp eyes! The Barber pole outside Lee's home says it all. Either his Dad or Mom is a barber / hairstylist.

2. OOOOPS! I have to eat humble pie now & apologise for over-speculating about Lee's religion. The altar in the pic of Lee's Dad means i was wrong.

snowy said...

You have good eyes, too Awee. I totally missed the Buddhist (?) altar in that photo. Very pretty.

Arsenette said...

LOL they all swear! Seriously.. they all do (most of the time English speakers can't understand the words... Heck.. Shingo has been recorded to have quite the little potty mouth.. LOL) but it was just funny what TBS did. The camera guys were all staring at the log grip.. then all of a sudden you heard that word pierce through it all like a sonic boom.. then they all basically did a wtf and turned their cameras around to get the picture.. LOL!! Levi looked like a deer in the headlights. I mean he acted on instinct and he saw his friend lose on the course so it was quite natural. I crack up at the forum kids in general because they creamed a bunch of other people for swearing in the past. I was more paying attention to TBS' reaction.. LOL They wanted a good shot!!! :)

Tehehhehee chaki. I didn't know what they were saying there but he really did look like he had that look. Did you see Koji's face of surprise?

Wow I totally missed that barber pole AND the shrine! I'm losing my touch! LOL