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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sasuke 23 - Spoilerific Review - Part 6




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 23.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Please sign the Sasuke DVD Petition! I'd love for EVERYONE to be able to have their own copy of Sasuke to watch at their leisure. For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI FALL 2009 (1 hour review of Sasuke 23 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke!) Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE. They expect everyone to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist..


(Massive thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English and Japanese of all the competitors!!)

WHOOT! Time for Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 :D

Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 .. if you don't know by now.. shame on you.. but anyway he's a District manager for Mobil. This picture is from his gas attendant days. He is also the only competitor to have been in EVERY Sasuke tournament ever made.

TBS reminding us of his suckitude of late.. STUPID mistakes / lapses in concentration.. This is his epic fail in Sasuke 20..

And his epic fail in the same obstacle in Sasuke 22.. the friggin' plank connecting the Half Pipe Attack and the Warped Wall!

Shingo at home in front of his big screen TV contemplating how he should try to grow a mustache.. awww.. Go Peach fuzz!

Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 not to be outdone by Takeda offers fan service of his own..

And proves he hates going to the gym.. LOL He can't stop laughing with that camera shoved up in his face.. LOL

So nice to see him up in #93 again. I think TBS needed to give him a boost so he can regain his greatness. Going early has hurt him lately.

Shingo probably saying "I sure hope I don't do something stupid.. again"..

My husband will be happy to know that his hat theory is known by him now :) For those who don't remember.. My hubby says that if his hat falls during Stage 1 (on it's own) he clears the stage.. all the times he's had it still on... he's failed.. So far it's been a pretty solid theory :p

LOL .. the TBS interviewer grilling him..

He's probably saying it's all in his head.. at least that's what it looks like.

Shingo's getting nervous again...

TBS reminding us the crazy tournament we are having. 92 people have gone.. we have 9 clears!

Will he get to touch the button? He hasn't since Sasuke 17.. It's been 2 1/2 years..

Shingo telling the crowd to "GIVE IT UP YA'LL"

Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 getting ready for Stage 1 - C'MON HAT!!!

LOL The crowd is so pumped up he can't hear anything...

He can't hear anything.. LOL

He's looking around for direction.. LOL

LOL He's looking for the timer??

LMAO he's going anyway...

TBS suddenly wants to sell you laundry detergent... oh God I hope this is not an omen...

Oh look.. a kitty..

Sorry.. having a cute attack.. LOL Cat going crosseyed trying to keep up with a ladybug

Screw the cute attack I'm HAVING KITTENS!!!

Shingo back but they are still selling crap..

Okay.. first test.. Shingo against the Jumping Spider...

LMFAO look how high he jumped.. he's taking this crap seriously!

Rare overhead shot from this angle exiting the Spider Walk portion of the Jumping Spider

Okay.. here we go.. Half Pipe Attack.. I swear.. c'mon.. stupid hat is still on....

This time made sure he was completely balanced and went down on all 4's...

Ahahahahah check out the grin :) He's staring at the eville plank of doom™

LOL he's not taking chances.. he's gingerly going across this... STARING AT THE PLANK..

Yay! he's got to the friggin' wall!!

But.. balked on the first shot...

Okay this time for real.. (dangit his hat is still on..)

Juuuuuuuust got it with his tippy fingers.. LOL

Okay.. here we go.. Slider Jump.. the apprehension on his face is priceless.. but he motors through..

He's actually going really fast.. he's not stopping for anything.. but his hat.. Hubby will be most dissapointed..

LOL He flinged himself over..

AND THERE GOES THE HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He's carefully going down the ropes as to not fall through..

So excited seeing this much time left, no hat and he's not stuck on anything...

And right on cue of course he dang nearly takes a header.. LOL

He can see it! He can see it! GO SHINGO!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow he caught the rope wall really high!!

Awwwww I'm crying he's so happy and he's not even there yet!!

He is so happy to be hitting that STUPID button!


That's it folks.. double digits!! We have out 10th clear!

Makoto Nagano already in his trademark shirt yelling encouragement to his friend

I want that shirt...

LOL Check out Yamada.. dude's immovable..

Toshihiro Takeda totally representin' while Nagano is yelling to him again!

Takeda hooting and hollering and Nagano just about jumping out of his skin

Raise your hand if you are sure!!

LOL Nagano is all verklempt and Takeda STILL representin' (Btw you can now clearly see the name on his towel)

Okay.. Yamada is finally smiling.. I think the moment was finally absorbed.. or he noticed he was on camera.. hard to tell... LOL Wow Nagano is getting all choked up.. Takeda can't stop cheesin'

He doesn't know what to do with himself.. LOL

Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 being overcome by his utter relief

LOL this is his nervous tick.. (I'm sure this screenshot will be in a lot of videos and webpages...)

Shingo just can't get a hold of himself he's so relieved

Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry but I'm just so happy right now.. SHINGO LOVE EVERYONE!!!!!!

TBS reminding us about that stupid HPA

And that silly grin on his face STARING at the cursed plank..

He actually caught that rope pretty high too

And of course the celebration before he got to the top


Shingo just being fussy right now.. can't stand still.. LOL

He must be tired LOL..

And notice his towel is falling.. LOL

AND it's on the floor.. He wants his own red one with his name on it dangit!!

Levi Meeuwenberg リーヴァイ・ミューエンバーグ, Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治, Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 (in the back I see STQ'ers Nomura and Kobayashi)

LOL wtf is Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 talking about?

Nagano running to meet up with Shingo

Yamada is actually the first to greet him! Well damn I can't bitch about him now.. while Takeda is standing with his arms open wide saying "Come to me Butthead"

Shingo: I LOVE YOU MAN.....

LOL someone fished out his hat..

Shingo: Love me Nagano.. LOVE ME!!!!

Aaaaaaaawwwwwkward.. LOL j/k

LOL the guys look embarrassed

.. Don't read lips..

I see Shingo fished the towel from the floor... I WANT THAT TOWEL!

Taiwan's Lee Yen Chi リー・エンチ very stoic!

Lee is a professional rock climber

And has made it to the 3rd stage a couple times. That last tournament he made it to the Shin Cliffhanger

AAAAAAAAAack.. Lee tried to "swing" across rather than run, jump and have the momentum take him..

Omg.. omg.. omg.. he's going backwards..

God bless long legs.. he finally gets over to the mat while you see the All-Stars watching his run intently

Doing good until he gets to the wall.. he balks at the first run

Going for the second try...

Phew.. clear on the Warped Wall

He's done this before.. but still a scary obstacle.. Slider Jump. He's focused

He's going up

And like others before him.. he tumbles HEAD FIRST into the bottom of the netting..

OUCH.. he's got 15 seconds.. NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!

God bless long arms! He caught the top of the rope wall!!

And great climbing skills got him in!!!!! YES!!

Taiwan's Lee Yen Chi リー・エンチ utterly relieved!!

Nagano approves of this message

Nagano's gleeful! Takeda just smiles.. looks like he's about to change his shirt again.. he's carrying it..

Aww he likes him :)

Takeda still smiling.. I see he got rid of one necklace.. LOL

Levi Meeuwenberg リーヴァイ・ミューエンバーグ is actually aware of his surroundings this time...

Lee is freaking out how close he got to being eliminated...

Levi just pacing in a circle..

Apparently TBS is enjoying showing every flip he's ever made.. including this one during his qualifying run in ANW.

And this one in Sasuke 21 (the start of it in Sasuke)

TBS reminding you.. we've got ELEVEN clears after 94 competitors

Levi Meeuwenberg リーヴァイ・ミューエンバーグ
or as Ube says "the man TBS would like to be White SASUKE Jesus"

.. mmmeh.. not bad.. it's not disruptive.. this is right before the Jumping Spider

even slighter one before the wall but he clears it without going backwards.. so all is good..

This bud's for you.. LOL j/k not sure which beer this is.. they have a lot of beer commercials in Japan..

Okay.. back to the show.. Levi determined to get past this...

Geez.. just about grabs the bar on the first shot. They definitely did pull it closer.

Seeing the others before him go face first.. he flips himself gingerly over the bar and walks across the netting

He has an insane time..

...................... I give up.. seriously.. I give up..

Still herds of time to get up the wall

Easy clear for Levi Meeuwenberg リーヴァイ・ミューエンバーグ

Make that 12 folks!

Shane Daniels シェーン・ダニエルズ, Brian Orosco ブライアン・オロスコ (who didn't flip..) and Richard King リチャード・キング (with clothes) all cheer on

................... at least the timer stopped... and this is what he prefers being known for.. whatever..

LMFAO.. Takeda and Nagano watching the kid jump around...

A penny for your thoughts.. Takeda's head just.. tilts....

LOL!!! Friend of mine sent this to me:
Nagano: "You can skip the fancy tricks if you don't want to them." (joking)

Takeda: No way I can even if I wanted to. (seriously)


(this is even more funny)
Shingo: The battle with him begins at the third stage. (he's all cocky now since he finally passed stage one. LOL)

Full twisting back somersault? Oh why do I even bother... Instead of talking about his insane time we are discussing flips... /facepalm

"Wasn't too bad this time. I felt really good though. The whole thing. I'm feeling really good inside."

Sasuke body™ is next.. or as I like calling him "Chunky Bling Buff Dude™" I see he's toned down the neck jewelry for this run..


Chaki said...

Great footage of Shingo. And the commercials... did you see the Aflac cat?? Duper cute! Says Nyaflac! I want the slippers!

MG (KSx4) said...

When that hat fell off, I knew Shingo would make it for sure! :D I love your commentary, it's so fun and entertaining. :D

Anonymous said...

Seeing Shingo with that grin on his face as he crossed the angled ramp was priceless. Definitely my favorite highlight of Sasuke 23.

TigerOfHaughton said...

Go Shingo! Love the flip over the net on the slider jump. He was so happy when he cleared. Love him running up to the other All-Stars getting a handshake from Yamada and hugs from Takeda and Nagano.

Ces said...

Brillant as usual! I really shouldn't read your stuff at work though - people are always asking what's so funny!

Especially love the Nagano/Takeda comments!

Arsenette said...

Hey Chaki :) Yeah! I loved the AFLAC commercial! Ube got different ones though.. I guess since we got a Tokyo feed I saw the same as you.

LOL Ces yes.. I do that too with funny stuff .. reading at the wrong time and people staring at me going "what on earth is so funny?"

Thanks guys yes I loved doing this one. I was so over the moon when Shingo made it!!! The scene as he finished and the reactions were memorable!

Rufus said...

I'm really glad I'm not the only person bothered by the flips... he's lucky there are no penalties for bad showmanship.

Other than that... GO SHINGO!!!

Dan said...

Oh good grief. It's not the olympics. He is just a kid at play. I want to play with that course too.

Arsenette said...

Entitled to your opinion as I am with mine :D