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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sasuke 23 - Spoilerific Review - Part 16




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 23.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Please sign the Sasuke DVD Petition! I'd love for EVERYONE to be able to have their own copy of Sasuke to watch at their leisure. For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI FALL 2009 (1 hour review of Sasuke 23 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke!) Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE. They expect everyone to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist..


(Massive thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English and Japanese of all the competitors!!)

As the festivities continue for Kanno.. Takeda looks for direction since it's his turn. Shingo anxiously looks on next to Nagano who apparently needs a drink.. desperately..

At the mention of a drink.. Takeda starts to pant.. he wants one too...

TBS showing Takeda's entire history..

It's so long that they scrolled it.. showing how many times he's made it to the 3rd stage without ever reaching the 4th! Behind the chart was a montage of lot of Takeda 3rd stage failures.

... shh.. quiet in church....

.. take a drink.. Takeda fidgeting with his hair...

.. so what if I fidget with my hair...

TBS Pwnchart™ 4 pwned! 1 Survived! 2 more victims!

All-Star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 wishing he had his black wifebeater™ he packed for this trip...

Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 getting ready for his 12th run at Stage 3!

Getting visions of his hotness in that wifebeater™..

Arm Rings no problem..

You have GOT to be kidding.. this is his ONLY fan? wtf...

No problem on the Lamp Grasper

Sorry.. stopping for greatness..

Takeda noticed those bandages on his arm.. wtf are those? They look like circle Band-Aids..

Devil Steps no problem...

Takeda's turn to wipe the crap up his hands.. ew.. 3 other people used that towel.. ew...

Onwards to the Shin-Cliffhanger!

And he jumps!!

WHOOT! 2nd 2-Time winner!

He's quite happy with himself :)

Takeda celebrating with his friends with a double fist pump

Shingo and Nagano watching intently

.. and the JUMP...

There we go :) Smiles all around

As usual.. much conversation between them during their run

Takeda's gotta get his fix of Sasuke Spray... notices his hands aren't gooped enough..

Shingo and Nagano approve of this message..

Takeda has so much crap on his hands he doesn't dare get it near his body.. either that or trying to get them air dried..

Here we go.. 3 combination obstacle coming up.. first is the Jumping Bars..

.. which connects directly to the stupid obstacle that pwned him the last time... Hang Climbing..

okay.. already farther than he went the last time...

.. already with the feet though.. and moving very very slowly..

Geez he's so terrified to make a mistake...

YAY! Now for the Spider Flip..

.. almost.. there....


COMMERCIALS.. wait.. wtf.. wtf is this... how many people at the final rope wall?

Great.. they got Dizzy Dummies...

Oh hell it's Kunoichi.. crap.. they totally changed it... /facepalm

Meanwhile still trying to climb the Spider Flip..

He's Finally made it!!!!!

Kanno is happy!

Nagano watching his friend struggle while Shingo is finding the agony mildly amusing! He really is a sick bastard isn't he? LOL

Shingo: Isn't being a sadist fun?
Nagano: I don't know.. that looks painful..

Finally.. he gets his chance at this stupid thing..

Takeda can already see himself in the final. He's grinning from ear to ear...

Finally takes a moment to rest and concentrate turning his face so he's not distracted by his buddies

Okay.. wait time over.. time to jump..

and off he goes..




Shingo yelling encouragement and Nagano already sees the problem...

Dude has a sixth sense I tell you..

Nagano yelling for him to stick it ..

But can't see his friend fall. Shingo's a sadist so he does..

Nagano can't bear to watch.. and he starts to pace off...

Kanno's crushed..

loooooong way up...

lower body arrived first..

had almost no hope to grab the ledge since the momentum was at his feet

Takeda cannot believe he's 0/12 in the 3rd stage...

Nagano's stress meter is off the charts

He's so angry, disappointed and stressed right now...

He's walking faster trying to get away from the camera but they are not letting him...

He just wants to vent in peace....

I can't imagine what is going through this guy's brain right now..

Recap of his struggle just to get on the Spider Flip

You can see .. he was diagonal while if you compare the other guys jumping their body was almost a straight line.

seeing that his feet got there first and his arms were way behind him (axis wise)

all the momentum pushed him off the obstacle even though he manage to touch the wall with his fingertips

It was all over by this point.. he had no way to hang on from there with his body pushing backwards

Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 - Death by Spider Flip :(

Look up Depression in the dictionary.. it should have this picture...

Kanno doing what he can to cheer him up.. walks over to Nagano to wish him luck. Scaring the heck out of Nagano who obviously was consumed in his own world of depression

Oh geez kid thanks :) Poor Kanno.. Good kid.

Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 with the sucky interview that comes afterwards.. I'd like to crawl in a hole and die right now.. :(

Must have rushed it to do that. So much must rush in someone's mind being that close to the final only to miss it.. again...

Nagano going through the motions.. getting bloodflow up to his arm muscles..

Incoming fluff piece! Nagano's wife and son

So much has changed in a year.. it's ridiculous to even fathom

Kaiou is adorable! Asami and Makoto must be so happy :)

Geez.. Nagano already got himself into position and Takeda hadn't even arrived yet!!!

Takeda trying to get him to relax..

Talking to him to get him yelling back.. he does this like 4-5 times..

Finally slaps him but not with the same gusto.. Takeda seems like he's trying to get Nagano out of the funk he's in...

Half smile...

TBS Pwnchart™ 5 pwned 1 bastard survived and last victim next!

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 finally smiling...

Correction.. LOL

Maybe TBS will come up with some epic one liner of "seeing his friend just defeated he carries the weight of his dream on his chest.." or something ridiculous.. you know they are going to milk this Takeda shirt on Nagano for as much as they can.. uhm.. I would :D

Oh yeah.. Arm rings done.. wow Nagano is trying to get with it..

Poor Nagano's wife Asami trying to watch this rollercoaster while holding their son. Oh cute! A baby pouch!

There is the little clump of earth .. er.. (I hate the kanji).. Kaiou :)

Nagano pwning the Lamp Grasper..

Is he finally snapping out of it? They guys sure are trying!

Devil Steps.. LOL he's going so fast they didn't even have time for an overhead shot!

Getting his fix...

Takeda feeling withdrawals.. Shingo motioning he wants some..

LOL Takeda trying to get the septic sludge out of his ears...

Shin-Cliffhanger.. UP AND...

OVER! That's the 3rd person to 2-time defeat it!

He's proud of himself :)


Poor Asami...

Nagano being reminded how short he is...

I swear.. will they stop moving this thing???

Back in the day I used to just reach out and GRAB the thing.. geeeeeeeeeez...

Now of course he has to JUMP to get to the first Jumping Bar

Making the transition to the Hang Climb look like a piece of cake...

.. he's not human..

he should have this memorized by now.. Once in Viking, Twice in Sasuke...

Here we go.. he's up and over with no issues..

Sorry if I made this look easy...

It's still hard damn you!!

*cough* Nagano rule *cough*

And he jumps.. see the straight line I was referring to?

and of course making the rest of this look easy as well..

Asami and Eikio looking on

Poor woman lives and dies with every movement..

At least she has the harness to keep the baby close!

Time to suck some wind!!!!!!!!!

*cough* Nagano rule *cough* he's going to order Satellite TV and just chill up there.. he's comfy! I see Shingo and Takeda at the bottom there with their non-red towels :D

Getting pissed at the Director telling him to MOVE IT!

After a latte (j/k..) he tries to glide.. and .. he does!

Not taking ANY chances.. and JUMPS at the end to make sure that sucker is ON the farking notch!

WWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. swinging higher each time..


Right at the edge!!!!

YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Make that TWO going into the final!!!

He's quite pleased with himself :)


All-Star reaction (they are not relegated to behind the tape .. they can roam freeeeeeeeee)

and he JUMPS...


I want Takeda's towel dangit..

Let the semi-nekkid celebration BEGIN!!

All-Stars representin'..

... another innie...

And .. Wifecam™

Poor wife..

Kanno's sooooo happy! He's got a Nagano mancrush!

Geez this guy's ripped...

Hello family!!!

Hello!!! (Wife to the left / Boss on the right)

Kanno's got his wish to be alongside Nagano at the final

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 is finally back at the final since Sasuke 17 (Bada I got that right now.. was thinking too far ahead..)

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 beaming with happiness!

Friggin' final has eluded him for this long..

Not sure what was said but that's a cackle!

Kanno waving back. I assume it's related :p

Replay of Nagano pwning the Hang Climb

TBS reminding us.. this is what SHOULD have happened with Nagano in Sasuke 21...

And the jump...

Not a problem this time!

Yeah baby yeah!

Kanno is ecstatic at going at the final as well!!

And of course.. time for commercials..

When we come back.. FINAL STAGE BABY!!! x2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


VenusHeadTrap said...

I wish my Takeda Spider Flip video was linked included in your blog somehow :) I can't even watch his run or read this blog without having flashbacks to my gimmicky video. It jus belongs.

Arsenette said...

LOL it can stay in the comments section since I wasn't thinking of that at the time I watched it. Though it is funny just a different kind of humor and having grown up with RoadRunner/Wile E. Coyote.. it was certainly a funny take on it.