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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sasuke Rising (29) Spoilerific Review

Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 29.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D (Just remember.. the USA Broadcast of this.. will be.. well probably never honestly. Yes.. you read that right.. Now with the death of G4 official and NBC not giving a damn about Sasuke Japan (especially after boycotting Sasuke 28 AND Sasuke 29..).. we may never see Sasuke Rising on US television (or any overseas country for that matter unless everyone buys the original 3 hour broadcast from TBS). For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE Rising (29) NAVI a half hour review of Sasuke Rising with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke and even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast!
(Massive thanks to TBS for posting the names of all 100 competitors!  Thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English!!)

Here we go!  Sasuke One... now almost a full 16 years ago.. A project spin off from Kinniku Banzuke back in 1997.  One could argue that Sasuke became a lot more famous than it's parent show Banzuke.

Now in 157 country.. wait.. there USED to be in 157 countries. You can count USA out of that.. and without "Ninja Warrior" edited we are down to just 1 showing Sasuke now.. and that's Japan.

As stated.. NBC has never shown Sasuke.. only believes ANW is the only show worth airing..
Sasuke Singapore debuted last year and hasn't been heard from since..
Sasuke Malaysia a full 2 years ago and nothing since...
No wait we have heard from them.. now they run a huge event (Sasuke Asean Open Cup) in Malaysia scheduled for November, 2013
In anticipation, Japan held a 2 day audition/trials ..
back in April, 2013
at the Midoriyama Studios
which happens to be a television studio lot...
which is flat as an ironing board.. not a damn mountain...
like the morons in G4 thought..
because they don't know how to read...
but it's funny now because the Japanese make fun of them...
which is probably why we will never see Ninja Warrior again.. oh wait that was Shingo!
So now that the list of all the competitors who ran the Sasuke Trials course was read (even though we haven't seen the competition.. C'mon official Youtube Channel!)
now we get the gag reel featuring this tournament's worst
and awesome feats...
Cue dramatic music!!
Oh HOT Damn.....
what the.. wait.. huh?
wow.. nekkid procession...
to think.. this majesty of topless men are all shorter than me...
sorry.. broke the mystique there didn't I? giggles..
See????  Thanks to Gigarator for that :)
Plenty of popcorn ya'll!
Ooooooooh revamped graphic.. Inui threw a flag behind it! mwahahahahha
and then shattered glass with the Japan flag under there...
Okay I like that!
Oh and again:  For those who continue to be confused by the new name, the name delineates the rise from the Monster 9 Bankruptcy.  Anything past that point is considered to be "Rising" but continues in the same numbering as before. So this tournament is the 29th tournament.
Time to pay the bills while we do a fly by!
.. we have a room... but it has less people.. grumble.. I want a flag though..
Returning from Sasuke 28's "room"
Ms. Pouty Lips and Mr. Car Salesman....
Nana Katase 片瀬那奈 and Jay Kabira 川平慈英 
This time she doesn't have that fugly frilled disaster around her neck.
Returning also is the older woman on the left: Takejo Aki あき竹城 - Actress
With new people (to me of course): Teruyuki Tsuchida 土田晃之 - Actor and Karen Michibata 道端カレン - Actress
Oooooh the guy mentioned Chie Tanabe 田邊 智恵 (which most people know her by her married name Chie Nishimura 西村 智恵 from Kunoichi) who still stands as the ONLY woman ever to to clear Sasuke's first stage (back in Sasuke 2).
aaaaaand we are off!  First stage everyone!
Fly by of first stage!  No snail!
and the addition of the Japanese Flag at the end of the Stage to signify the connection with Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup.
Returning Sasuke "Don't call me a Rookie" Announcer - Tomohiro Ishii 石井大裕
And because #1 sucked.. Here's #2!
Comedian Hamaka-n 芸人(ハマカーン)
Kenji Hamatani 浜谷健司
 This is the ^Long Jump ロングジャンプ
and the modified *Log Grip ロググリップ
This is called the ^Hedgehog ヘッジホッグ
which he clears barely..
aaaand he takes a step back before going into the Jump Hang Kai ジャンプハング改
and noooooooooo
Comedian Kenji Hamatani 浜谷健司 - Death by Jump Hang Kai
and we get reaction shots from the comedians in the front row (Wakky on the left)
Rikishaw driver 人力車の車夫
Yuusuke Kosugi 小杉雄介
dooooooh faceplant..
Just as it was explained in Navi,  It's distance is 4.5 meters which is about 14.8 feet (for male competitors) and 3.5 3.3 meters which is about 11.4 feet (for female) competitors. (edited from Navi numbers)
Yuusuke Kosugi 小杉雄介 - Death by Long Jump
Pro double dutch player プロダブルダッチプレーヤー
MASA (I'll get full kanji later.. this wasn't on the list in TBS)
clears Long Jump with ease
has a private moment with Sasuke Spray
no issues with the Log Grip
oooooooh Sonic the Hedgehog ate him..
Shinya and Kanno trying to out-buff each other.. who can stretch their sleeves more?
Yeah.. you're taller but I win.. totally..
Yep and this was totally in the commercial..
MASA - Death by Hedgehog
and what painful stunt does he have planned for us this time?
It's Katsuhide Torisawa 鳥澤 克 breaking a bat with his neck!
At least he isn't bleeding this time!
aaaaaaand faceplant! (We've seen the commercials on this)
Wakky having way too much fun with it LOL
that's gotta hurt!
Katsuhide Torisawa 鳥澤 克 - Death by Long Jump
Comedian (King Kong) 芸人(キングコング)
Yuuta Kajiwara 梶原雄太
Sorry lunched.. clear on the first 3 obstacles.. LOL
aaaaand he got the cargo neeeeeeeeeeeet...
Nooooo let go..
I see he has fans! LOL Asa, Kouji, Yuuji, Shingo and Hioki
LOL the epic head throwback is just funny
Did they actually expect better? LOL
Yuuta Kajiwara 梶原雄太 - Death by Jump Hang Kai
Former K-1 fighter and Muay Thai champion 元K-1ファイター、元ムエタイ王者
Kouzou Takeda 武田幸三
doooooooh foot came down..
awwww he's depressed...
Kouji, Yuuji and Hioki
They follow him across the runway..
LOL Yuuji's expression is priceless.. bleh..
meanwhile Kouji is impersonating a fish!
oh.. oh.. Yuuji's going to smile...
wait.. no camera is on him.. he has to do something..
Ahahahahhahahaahh nice save!!
Kouzou Takeda 武田幸三 - Death by Long Jump
Pro Bodyboarder プロボディーボーダー
Hayato Enokido 榎戸崇人
.. is that a girl?
I can't tell .. distance seems ... short?..
but the long poles are up on the log grip..
so it's a guy?
Hayato Enokido 榎戸崇人 - Death by Log Grip
The first Mr. Japan 初代ミスタージャパン
Takayuki Suzuki 鈴木貴之
Announcer is having waaaaaay too much fun with him LOL
clear.. so I guess the other person was  dude after all.. LOL
Sorry.. back to the model..
Clear on the log grip
Clear on the Hedgehog!
whooooooooah bessy.. stops on the trampoline..
and he backs up..
Takayuki Suzuki 鈴木貴之 - Death by Jump Hang Kai
Prepare to Fast forward!
Former model and female boxer 現役モデル女子プロボクサー
Tomomi Takano 高野人母美- Death by Jump Hang Kai
Dancer, Actor ダンサー、俳優
Yusuke Onuki 大貫勇輔
... is he trying to mate with it?  Yusuke Onuki 大貫勇輔 - Death by Hedgehog
.. another person trying to mate with it..
Male synchronized swimmer 男子シンクロ
Naoki Sakamoto 坂本直紀 - Death by Hedgehog
LOL he takes time to pose!
Singing group SOLIDEMO member 歌手 SOLIDEMOメンバー
Keiichi Sawaki 佐脇慧一
Keiichi Sawaki 佐脇慧一 - Death by Time up on the Double Warped Wall
Acrobat アクロバットパフォーマー
Kazutaka Yoshino 吉野和剛
Kazutaka Yoshino 吉野和剛 - Death by Hedgehog
Buddhist altar shop worker 仏壇屋
Kazunari Ookubo 大久保和也
Kazunari Ookubo 大久保和也 - Death by Hedgehog
He lost his shoe!!!!!
Spin-tart is back..
Pro Figure Skater プロフィギュアスケーター
Rina Sayama 澤山璃奈
Good.. she's not an embarrassment by failing in the first obstacle.
Yes they adjust the Log Grip for women as well
which apparently didn't help..
there.. a side view..
I'm told real boobs float...
I'm doing reaaally well not captioning all my thoughts...
Rina Sayama 澤山璃奈 - Death by Log Grip
Pro Wrestler プロレスラー
Minowaman ミノワマン
oooooh leaning back..
yeah.. too much momentum kicking in that it pushed him backwards..
Minowaman ミノワマン - Death by Long Jump
Oh they are not happy.. seems he's up next
Replaying it a lot but you get a good look at the run up and how they moved the audience to the right of the camera now.
epic splash back
Comedian (Dangan Jackie) 芸人(弾丸ジャッキー)
Orakio オラキオ
cleared Long Jump!
Onwards to Log Grip at it's proper length
onwards to the Hedgehog.. with trepidation
Yep.. saw that in slow motion..
LOL he knew he was going to fall so he corkscrewed his exit
His partner laughs at the corkscrew
Orakio オラキオ - Death by Hedgehog
Mainichi Newspaper worker毎日新聞
Motohiro Mizoo 溝尾元洋 - Death by Long Jump
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Permit Personnel 厚生労働省認可団体職員
Seiichi Endo 遠藤清一
Seiichi Endo 遠藤清一 - Death by Hedgehog
Oh hello there Shingo..


jenn said...

1. Speaking from experience, yes, real big boobs are in-built flotation devices, as well as in-built shelving units. That said, I don't think hers are really big enough for that to matter - I'll have to wait until I get home tonight to watch this and see, but I think they're just big enough for TBS to give the guys some fanservice from that camera angle (since we get more of that from them).

2. Again, TBS, thank you for the Yuuji (and Nagano this time) fanservice. (Kanno and Asa are always nice enough to provide this on their own, so TBS gets no extra props for that).

3. Shinya and Kanno's posing contest: Shinya, the Triple Rangers beat you, so I give the edge to Kanno.

4. Thank you some more, TBS, for giving us many STQer reaction shots, showing us that they have learned well from their All-Stars sempai.

Arsenette said...

LOL You crack me up Jenn :)

1. It was funny.. I asked hubby "real one float right?" He got up to see my computer.. I just glared at him and he glared back going "IT WAS AN INVITATION".. chuckles but I agree.. hers weren't exactly huge.. but since she was there for that purpose they had to milk it for all it was worth.

2. LOL ahahhahahahaha

3. LMFAO :) Glad you enjoyed that.

4. YES!! I was cackling on that and they really do need to show more of that. This way this generation gets the attention from the fans that the All-stars got in the last generation. It's about damn time though..

jenn said...

1. Hers were too small to truly demonstrate that property, so I would say it is still too hard to tell if they were real or not. TBS just got lucky.

3. I think I have you to thank for posting the link to the Triple Rangers video a while back. That said... Shinya, I love you man, but even Ryoma beat you, so your guns can't win.

4. Man, the epic head back poses, patented by the All Stars, now well represented by the STQers. Those really got me.

Arsenette said...

1. Yeah.. though they couldn't get away with trying Mika's since she wasn't whorish doing it LOL

3. Giggles on the Triple Rangers :) I wonder if they will do more videos in the future!

4. I love it! One thing about that group even before they were named a group was that they have always been passionate about Sasuke in their body language.

Gamer_2k4 said...

1. I'm confused about what you found so offensive. A sports bra and shorts are very practical clothes for doing athletic activities (like running obstacle courses), and neither were particularly revealing for what they were. Perhaps she was a fanservice entry, but how is that any different from the comedians and other competitors who were only there for popular appeal?

Arsenette said...

Hello Gamer_2k4!

LOL What I found offensive is that we know why she was invited twice. Last time TBS zoomed up to her boobs during her run in the rolling Escargot and this time she tussled her hair and kept pushing her arms to make them look bigger. It's the "tart" entry that's in every Sasuke. There's always at least 1 and has been like this for the 16 years this show has been on the air. ;) I just like pointing out the obvious.