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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sasuke 29 Navi - Part 1

Title for Navi - Sasuke Rising: 放送直前スペシャル
(housou chokuzen special) {Chokuzen is "immediately before"}

It's that time again! This is Sasuke Navi 「SASUKE」ナビ- which this time is a half hour special promoting Sasuke Rising (better known to us as Sasuke 29!).  For those who continue to be confused by the new name, the name delineates the rise from the Monster 9 Bankruptcy.  Anything past that point is considered to be "Rising" but continues in the same numbering as before. So this tournament is the 29th tournament.  Previous Sasuke Navi's can always be found on my site (Sasuke Navi 28, Sasuke Navi 27, Sasuke Navi 26, Sasuke Navi 25, Sasuke Navi 24, Sasuke Navi 23, Sasuke Navi 22 and Sasuke Navi 21). Massive thanks to several people from SMF for helping us with the paid service (WIST) and to anshinritsumei and blt (from SMF) for hosting a stream for the community.  Everyone watching online at that time is what makes this experience so fun! Btw.. mental note I'm going to take my time with these blogs.. I don't want to get sick. LOL Luckily there is a 4 day break between Navi and the tournament itself.

As you can tell of late that THERE IS A TOURNAMENT COMING!  This is the special everyone was waiting for and it's finally here!  The tournament preview show starts By repeating most of the events that happened in Sasuke 28. In fact it was a little alarming that the show was cut from 50 minutes in the past to 30 minutes this time and spent 8 minutes of it rehashing Sasuke 28.  I chose to heavily edit down what was shown in the beginning because it was also covered in the commercial and of course over the course of my Sasuke 28 blogs in great detail.

A reminder that Sasuke 29 also doubled as the Japan qualifier for the in Sasuke Asean Open Cup later this year in Malaysia.  Seems they had a special section where they reran a few people with the Japan flag? or is that different? or just an addition to the end of the regular course?  We will find out during the broadcast I guess.

Okay, we see a fail on the new hedgehog by a numbered person. I'm sure the kids on SMF will be compariting the footage and posting abotu that later. I'm just going to run through unless they name them at the beginning. I don't have the brain power today LOL

Wait.. someone FAILING the Backstream? You hear the klaxon blaring.. I shudder.. I can't swim. I'm (almost) relieved that someone else has the same issues.  Shame though. I wish there wasn't a swimming event in Sasuke.  But I don't fault them for trying different things.

And there's that clear on the Crazy Cliffhanger that has everyone abuzz.. is it a tester.. is it a competitor.. who could it be? He has orange pants!  I'll wait until Thursday to find out.

Ouch.. someone passing the Hedgehog only to "Yamada" off the side..

That's right.. he's baaaaaaaack.. Sasuke Veteran Shunsuke Nagasaki 長崎峻侑

New Generation Star Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志

Someone who did swimming lessons! Judging by the high pitch breathing.. that has to be Yuuji.. besides.. his hair is not flaming orange so that automatically takes Ryo out of the running.

Dramatic running alongside a river. Then they cued up the title (that I placed on top of this entry) after this shot.

Wait.. you can BUY a Yukata at the local 711 in Japan?

And we are back! Let's go back to Sasuke 1 to show the history of this event.

This is the 16th year of the event.

A bunch of clips of the Thrill of Victory..

And the agony of defeat... God TBS loves this shot of Mr. Sasuke crying..

Now let's go back to Sasuke 28.

And this is the part where I omit a lot since it was all stock footage already covered in this blog.

Where we relive the failures of the Sasuke All Stars starting with Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦

and Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 (as a graphic showing all 5 that competed failed stage 1)

and (Mr. Sasuke) Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己

And reliving Yamada's final speech that TBS put on their website translated into English.

and finally Akiyama's speech that brought him to tears.

So TBS reminding us that 3 officially retired from Sasuke (even if they didn't initiate themselves but I'm digressing right?).  From left to right it's Yamada, Shingo and Akiyama's names being retired. Notice that Takeda did a defiant speech that he's not done and Nagano's speech was outright cut from the broadcast.

Then they cut to the list of the Sasuke Shin Sedai (新世代) literally "New Generation" stars and their defeat of the 1st stage.

Now a synopsis of the 2nd stage of Sasuke 28

Backstream バックストリーム

2-Time Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (Cliffer #3)

They had a small fluff piece on him and reminded us that he wasn't a strong swimmer.

LOL and they relive when Yuuji was complaining about the freezing coming out of the water.

Yuuji says he hates the water. "That's why I don't fall at Sasuke. Can't stand being in the water..."

Hmm seems to disclose location but I can't read kanji off a jpeg LOL

So yep.. that was him going for swimming lessons.

Smooth stroke under water

Seems he has trained to stay underwater for 25 meters (which is more than twice the distance of the backstream)

Hopefully that helps him tackle the obstacle faster this time.

meanwhile.. they are showing utterly going BACKWARDS in the backstream.

They might have increased the current in the water?

Whoever this poor soul is.. he's hearing the klaxon and stops...

Now to the 3rd stage (yes... still rehashing Sasuke 28)

Crazy Cliffhanger クレイジークリフハンガー

They had a montage of fails off the old versions of the Cliffhangers - with Shingo

Taiwan's Lee En Chi リー・エンチ

Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行

and in Sasuke28 we saw Yuuji fail

and Kanno

and Asa

Time for the Kazuma Asa 朝一眞 fluff piece.

Nice not seeing box girl interrupt the shot right?

His first attempt was in Sasuke 21

He got back in Sasuke 27 and passed the first stage.

In 28 he finally made it to the 3rd stage for the first time.

Where the Crazy Cliffhanger took him out

Interview about what happened in the 3rd stage

Showing him training on the backwards jump

and misses..

Gets up and tries again..

and misses again..

Goes to Shizuoka Prefecture to try at Shinya Kishimoto 岸本 真弥's home..

and fails there too..

Next to .. I think this is Sky park in Tokyo? (Nagasawa's house)

and finally succeeds.

Then.. not sure.. looks like he is balancing his body under a table and going back and forth

More cliffhanger training in a rock climbing place

And he's back for Sasuke 29 with the same kanji from last year that got him to the 3rd stage:
魂:meaning spirit or soul, so his back is meant to read "The spirit of Sasuke" or "The soul of Sasuke"

Now to Sasuke 23 Finalist Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志

Who still doesn't really have a job.. he cleans floors at a pachinko bar

and as a hobby designs silver jewelry

Kanno's girlfriend Shoko Emiko (笑子)

Kanno also failed the Crazy Cliffhanger

Dude did he say that he won't marry her or get a job until he wins?
Edit: YES!  He wants to propose at the top of the Final Stage tower..

please say that I heard that wrong..
Edit: No.. I didn't..

oh good Lord I think he did.. someone please correct me.. and wtf that girl is a chameleon as well.

And now that the drama is over we head forward in time or back depending on your perspective.. to Sasuke Trials which occurred over a weekend in April.

yes.. the same weekend of Maguro Festival but I'm not bitter or anything..

At the site of the original Sasuke (Midoriyama Studios) there was a 2 day qualifying event  comprised of Interview and running of a course.  There were 200 people chosen to be part of this event (out of at least a couple thousand as it usually is with every application process).

They showed a couple clears (no names though)

Not sure how many cleared the course over all

One seems awfully familiar though..

Oh I know him!

Yusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介

I see he has an official Sasuke All-stars shirt (cough.. hanging on the left)

Okay he trains at a rock climbing facility

Scratch that.. he works at a Rock climbing facility

Incoming fluff piece

Not quite sure what it is they are talking about

Oh yeah.. I remember now.. he's the Yamada fanboy

Oh did you see the picture above his door frame?  All-star baby!

And TBS using the sepia tint to simulate watching Nagano win Sasuke 17..

Seems he has a mock set up in his back yard

We first met him in Sasuke 18 when he was 15 (as the thousands of 15 year olds send hate mail to Comcast for the age limit on ANW..)

There he failed on the Jumping Spider

Sasuke 19 he returned

And failed on the pretty sweet lookin' Half Pipe Attack

TBS is ignoring the fact that he competed 3 more times after that and they cut 2 of his runs.. LOL

Oh yeah and in Sasuke 27 he actually made it to the 2nd stage but we won't rehash that either LOL

So.. they just highlighted him.. he's going to clear dammit!

Oh yeah back to the start-line for Trials

And we know who that was during trials..

Yep that's Sasuke  All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

Who has been in every single Sasuke ever made.  Here's him rocking the short shorts in Sasuke 1 waaaaaay back in 1997

And because they showed it twice already let's see that again from last tourney

And TBS reminding you that you said you were retiring (even though he was forced..)

But goofy Shingo saying he wanted to come back and try again

So here he is in qualifying!

a few hours before he went to fly out to Maguro Festival LOL

Hey it makes it all more dramatic for TBS so good job Shingo!

That's the balance bridge I think

And he clears it

Fast forward to his clearing!

His time was 1 minute and 3 seconds

He hopes that's good enough because he's going on a plane in like 2 hours.. LOL

So we all know he retired from the gas station shop so why are we in an auto repair shop?

That's because he can't sit still.. LOL Actually he's doing a side job waiting for his gym to open he started working as a mechanic.

So if you remember him training his buttocks.. here is a close up!

and because this is Shingo we are talking about.. LOL he collapses on the floor
But wait there's more.. he's doing more exercise..

Push harder!  CLOSER!  CLOSER!!


Seriously you guys need to stop with that..

Ya'll have some serious issues.. you know that right?


TigerOfHaughton said...

Thanks, Elsie! Can't wait for part two! Btw, Shingo working on cars is not just a side job. He told me (via Facebook) that he's going to be opening a car shop, as well as the gym. In fact, the car shop was/is supposed to open sometime this month.

Arsenette said...

Oh cool! Thanks for the correction on that I'll go fix it :)

Philip Scott said...

Great blog! 2 things: I believe that the place where Yuuji is swimming is called the Konami Sports Club, and Kanno's GF's name is Emiko, not Shoko. Anyways, excited for part 2!

Arsenette said...

Thanks :)
1. I'll add that later. I'm working on part 2 and will edit stuff in.
2. I got from a Japanese person that it was the correct name. I don't rely on Google translation for names anymore :D

Unknown said...

(Rod): Looks like Kanno is trying to take over the role of Mr. Sasuke unfortunately in more ways than one. Don't know how long girlfriend's going to stick around if he doesn't win/has his present job (but I shouldn't judge).

Arsenette said...

You know I really ought to be paying more attention to comment moderation. My apologies!

Agreed Rod.. personally I would have dumped the deadbeat by now :p

Arsenette said...

Philip you were right! Just doubled checked. Seems the kanji can be said the other way as well I was told.

Unknown said...

What were the obstacles in SASUKE RISING 2013 Trials?