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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sasuke 29 Navi - Part 2

And we are back!  Off to Stage 1 of Sasuke 29!!!  Yes!  We are going to show runs that will be cut from the broadcast! LOL

 And now a pan of the first stage with the loooooong run up

 Looks daunting LOL
 This is the ^Long Jump ロングジャンプ
Side view of the Long Jump.  It's distance is 4.5 meters which is about 14.8 feet (for male competitors) and 3.5 meters which is about 11.4 feet (for female) competitors.
 and.. we have a modified *Log Grip ロググリップ
 and a side view of the slope
 In the past the log only had holes
 and even with friggin' BARS.. this dude decides he doesn't need them...
 and is thrown off for his stupidity..
 Now it's Sonic the Hedgehog Time!
 This is called the ^Hedgehog ヘッジホッグ
 This obstacle rotates as you try to run across
 and pray you don't get hung up on the poles and throw you off
like this guy...
 so now they do a montage of thrill of victory
 and agony of defeat
 missed with a "PSYCHE" moment where this guy thought he cleared...
 only to fall off the side and into the water..
 Awww they are going to cut her?  Oh well..
 Mika Izumi er.. Mika Watanabe 渡邉美香
 Hey.. Mom.. pat me on the head too?
 Anywho for those who didn't remember her, back in 2003 she was in Kunoichi's final!
and off she goes runnin'
 Yes!  Clear on the Long Jump!
 oh.. making love to Sasuke Spray..
 taking a long time to set up..
 clear though so that's good
 Full stop on this too..
 working her way through finally..
 leaaaaaning but made it through!
 complete stop on this too..
 She got it!
 nooooooo.. lets go..  and foot hits the water..
 Mika Watanabe 渡邉美香 - Death by Jump Hang Kai
 Oh.. I don't know the daughter's name but they finally showed it!
 Her son is so cute too!  She's got adorable kids!
 Another female
 she's.. massaging her breasts on television.. yeah lady.. only the Kanto region is seeing this.. on a Sunday afternoon.. probably after church..
 so boob lady clears the Long Jump
 and is carefully eyeballing the hedgehog
 but going a little too slow...
 LOL but she's hanging on to dear life!!
 omg is she going to try to ride it back up the other side?  I have to give her props for trying!
 but she falls in.  Rika Kawamura 川村りか- Death by Hedgehog
 aww are they showing ALL of the ladies during navi??
Lovely karate fighter 美人空手家
Hikaru Nakajima 中島ひかる
 wow they fast forwarded her so she got to the Jump Hang Kai too! That's cool!
 Aww but she couldn't hang on.
 Hikaru Nakajima 中島ひかる - Death by Jump Hang Kai
 oh .. a dude oh wow I didn't recognize him at first! He hasn't been in Sasuke in 12 tournaments!
Masaaki Kobayashi 小林 正明
 K they started him on the hedgehog
 Oh he jumped on the left!
 but couldn't hang on..
 Masaaki Kobayashi 小林 正明 - Death by Jump Hang Kai
 and now we pause to stare at Mr. Sasuke's ass..
 Hellooooooo Kitty..
 and we are back from commercial.. as we contemplated at the meaning of his buttocks.. Mister Sasuke All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己
 as we relive the failure in Sasuke 28
 and relived his speech where he retired officially (again)
 we see that he came to Sasuke anyway!
 but what's this? he's training people! (channeling Ube.. that can't be good)..
 So Yamada is training 4 guys.. guess this is the next set of assassins?
 wait no.. didn't he obliterate his course after Sasuke 28????
 oh you liiiiiied...
 one of these things is not like the other..
 I'm sure the diehard Ninja Warrior fans are freaking out that 3/4 are consuming alcohol right now.. I'm cackling.
 weird moment but smart to show how the position of the rolling escargot is ... flat against it.. however.. it's not in this tournament!
Yamada's group, btw, is called "黒虎," or "Black Tiger."

Yousuke Watanabe 渡辺陽介
Koshige Yamamoto 山本浩茂
Satoma Okada 岡田知磨
 Keishi Mizukawa 水川圭史
 Yamada's group "黒虎," or "Black Tiger."
 Former K-1 fighter and Muay Thai champion - Kouzou Takeda 武田幸三
 Pro Wrestler - Minowaman ミノワマン
Swimmer (4th place at the Sydney Olympics) - Tomoko Hagiwara 萩原智子
 Pro Boxer - Ryo Miyazaki 宮崎亮(24)
 reminder that before Sasuke 28 TBS sold Ninja Warrior to 157 countries.. now.. not so sure since there isn't a Ninja Warrior version anymore now that Comcast abandoned it..
 Japan picks it's team for the Sasuke Asean Open Cup later this year in Malaysia
 Press conference from back in the spring
 flash back to Nagano going up the mast of his ship
 and training... I wonder if they will send him too?
 now cue the painful looking training shots.. Kannnnnnnnooooooo
 4 musketeers!
 Oh that's Masashi Hioki 日置 将士 with his wife and child
 aww one of the kids made daddy on top of the final stage tower
 Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次
 Aww his daugher Ain 愛夢 is getting so big!
Oh snap.. Friggin' Star Blazers reboot is on?  Screw that I'm keeping the channel on!


Unknown said...

Hey Arsenette, its been a while:)
Can't wait to see Sasuke 29 cant believe its this Thursday, I'm a little bummed they took out the rolling escargot and the nards of doom, those were the best stage one obstacles, and I think Shingo will pass stage one this time the new obstacles seem simple but not easy what do you think?

jenn said...

Re: the Star Blazer/Yamato reboot: after watching the Navi when I got home from work, I really wish that the full opening for that was included, even if it isn't Sasuke (of course, seeing that, and the Hello Kitty anniversary thing, makes me feel old when I'm not, since I'm as old as both of those).

Thoughts on both parts:

1. TBS, thanks for the Yuuji fanservice again, even if he hates why that is happening. (g)

2. You knew they had to show off Shingo's butt after that interview went up. They had to.

3. Black Tiger... Yamada, are you a Tiger & Bunny fan? If so, remember that the H-01 was only getting ready for mass production, and was beaten by the heroes. (Sorry, big Taibani fan here.)

Not in Navi: I'm surprised not to see any mention that Ryo got a job. That's big news. (g) I'm also psyched, when I looked over the competitor list again, to notice a Japan Action Enterprise stuntman is running the course, which tickles me since I watch way too many shows using JAE for suit work (Rider should know who they are, although the guy running isn't one of the big name members).

Unknown said...

(Rod): well, at least they showed Mika here. Good for her to get through a few obstacles.

Arsenette said...

You know I really ought to be paying more attention to comment moderation. My apologies!

Hello Nicholas! I know people were unhappy with a few of the obstacle changes. We'll have to see from here on out how it goes. Just finished tourney. Will be working on blog for the next week or so.

Hey Jen :)
LOL We are getting old Jen! I used to run home from school to see Star Blazers..

1. LOL
2. Shingo makes it sooooo easy for them...
3. LOL I didn't think of that. Haven't seen the full series.

I honestly didn't notice about the job for Ryo. My brain glossed over that.

Hey Rod. Agreed! I was happy she did well!

jenn said...

The sad thing is that I'm the same age as Shingo, and we're not old, but when they do anniversary stuff like that... (sighs)

Ironically, I grabbed all of the Yamato reboot episodes floating around and managed to watch the first one the other night, and Black Tigers could have been a reference to that as well. That wouldn't shock me at all, although the Taibani one is funnier. (Finish the series - and for fun, watch the stage show with Morita and Hirata playing their characters out-of-hero suits - the aforementioned JAE supplied the suit actors for them, plus some of the other actors, which is what finally got me to get around to watching the anime.)

When I saw the competitor list, Ryo's job jumped out at me, solely because he was employed. This made me very happy - maybe he mentally felt everyone wanting him to not follow in Yamada's path. (g)

Arsenette said...

Oh I understand about the feeling old.. the kids in SMF did a thread on "the last time Shunsuke Nagasaki competed" and a lot of them posted they were still in grade school.. and that was just 6 years ago. I wanted to crawl in a ball somewhere and cry.. if we go back to when SHINGO first appeared.. they weren't even born!!!!!!!!!!

Aahahhahaha that's funny! I admit I haven't seen the shows you watched. I'm only light mecha and almost none in the power rangers. Mine is quite selective.

I have to watch that again after I finish the blog for 29. What was his job?

jenn said...

Re: that thread on SMF: I lurk over there (usually have no time to post), and I saw the beginning of that thread, before folks started mentioning that stuff. Yeah, I think I'll stay away from it, to keep from feeling dusty and decrepit.

Ryo's a plumber now, according to the official competitor list. Maybe I can somehow convince County to import him to fix the stupid handle on the urinal in the public men's room at my library that keeps getting stuck leading to floods... nah, they're too cheap. (g)

Arsenette said...


Ah I didn't notice that about him being a plumber. Thanks!