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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sasuke 29 Spoilerific Review - Part 5

Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 29.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D (Just remember.. the USA Broadcast of this.. will be.. well probably never honestly. Yes.. you read that right.. Now with the death of G4 official and NBC not giving a damn about Sasuke Japan (especially after boycotting Sasuke 28 AND Sasuke 29..).. we may never see Sasuke Rising on US television (or any overseas country for that matter unless everyone buys the original 3 hour broadcast from TBS). For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE Rising (29) NAVI a half hour review of Sasuke Rising with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke and even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast!
(Massive thanks to TBS for posting the names of all 100 competitors!  Thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English!!)

 Dammit... Oh well he did clear the First stage though..
 I always find his runs very entertaining! ( > . < )
 Deliveryman 運送業
Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次 - FIRST STAGE CLEAR!
 Awwww him too???
 A very quiet demeanor but still KICKING ASS at his age.. I mean really. .he's SUPER consistently good!!
 Sports gym trainer スポーツジムトレーナー
Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行 - FIRST STAGE CLEAR!
 Sports gym trainer スポーツジムトレーナー
Yuuya Kadono 上遠野裕也 - FIRST STAGE CLEAR!
 OH!!!!!!! Another UNCLI cleared!!!!!!! Most don't recognize him with hair and without glasses! LOL
 YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For the record folks.. we had 4/5 UNCLI members today! OMG he's 21 now?? When did that happen? I'm getting old...
 University student (Keio University) 大学生(慶応義塾大学)
Keitaro Yamamoto 山本桂太朗 (Cliffer #5) - FIRST STAGE CLEAR!

SIX YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Serious Wtf.. That's okay sweetie we are VERY happy to see you return AND clear even if TBS is less than impressed!
Gymnastics club coach体操クラブ コーチ
Shunsuke Nagasaki 長崎峻侑
SEE YAMADA?  He's a COACH and he cleared!  Coach +1 vs. Master -5
OH for the love of everything holy.. you Fastforwarded Kongo and Shun to see this joke?  Who's he sleeping with to get so much airtime?
Oh wait he sleeps with her.. LMFAO on the Takeda faces waiting for his turn after Sato.. Hmm.. the fact that he's already at the start line ready means Takeda doesn't have confidence in him either.. ahahahahhaha
Yeah.. we are going to see his full run.. after digesting fan favorites.. oh yeah.. 93 down with 17 clears...
and here for your combo-breaking pleasure.. it's the plastic smile that makes my skin crawl..
Talento タレント
Hiromichi Sato 佐藤弘道
I actually spit my water onto the keyboard when I saw this....
Seriously.. you actually fast forwarded.. to see.. this.. /facepalm
Sato's wife (whom I giggle they never show her age) is Kumiko 久美子 with younger son Yuya 友哉
when the heck did he turn 12 years old?  Omg time is flying by too fast..
Okay I take it all back. Inui is evil.  He showed his run so we can see Evil Takeda™ cheesing at Sato totally whiffing..
Dude that quick screenshot was worth it's weight in GOLD!
Son is stunned that cheesing Takeda is getting in his way of seeing his dad kissing sand.
Seriously.. this is why we call him Combo breaker.. we had a string of clears... then.. this..
Hiromichi Sato 佐藤弘道 - Death by karma Long Jump
Meanwhile while they fish Sato's plastic smile out of the sandpit we got All-stars!
Strange seeing him not in orange pants these days but happy he's back!
LOL the cheesing has started.. is he still laughing at Sato? I mean.. I am.. just saying..
LOL No Shingo making snide remarks again :)
Dude.. I totally passed the First stage and like.. half the country did too you know..
Nagano loved that comment too. Btw that's the chart for who's left in the tournament's first stage. New Generation book-ended by the All-stars remain.
and because we have no new footage of what he's doing these days let's crack out the video tape!  When he was a firefighter!
Then most recently a helicopter rescue squad.. of which he's not doing these days either!
The man that still holds the 3rd stage appearance record
but as TBS painfully reminds us...
The only All-star never to have competed in the final stage....
And after a 2 year absence he returned only to fluke the Rolling Escargot landing..
Yes.. it was just.. painful to watch..
Though it was THIS defiant comment that sparked the return of the All-stars! mwahahahhahaha
TBS showing the Final stage out of reach.. those bastards.. :p
looong intro
Well he's still wearing his Fire fighting shirt that you can buy off a website.. if you live in Japan..
ah.. the smell of freshly waxed eyebrows in the morning..
Once and All-star.. always an All-Star..
Sasuke All-Star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩
.. because I can
Dude can run....
And an easy clear on the Long Jump
What on Earth is the log on his pants?? From this screenshot, quality and bend.. it looks like a Llama wearing a sombrero... Ole?
sorry got distracted by the tattoo on Takeda's ass to notice he's on the Log Grip.. with an iron grip.. LOL
Yep.. easy clear on the Log Grip
Taking his time between silly grins to eye up the hedgehog
too slow..
almost there...
Why the HELL are you channeling Shingo for???
Dude broke the Hedgehog!
Nagano is totally going through my emotions right now...
Shingo.. I'm watching Shingo!
Oh damn it's Takeda..  (LOL on Kanno trying not to smile.. BITE THAT LIP!)
Meanwhile all the women are feeling it internally.. Check out the chick holding her chest and Kanno's girlfriend using a towel. LOL ooooooooooooh Nagano's shirt is a special edition Descente Sasuke shirt? ME WANTS IT PRECIOUS...
Shingo Takeda feeling sheepish right now .. he knows he's going to get ridiculed by Shingo.. LOL
Please forgive me? I was being cocky again...
okay.. let's see that again.. wow.. waaaaaaaay right from the start..
which gave him zero room for error..
and moving a bit slow did not allow him to get out of the way fast enough..
the lunge trying to get out of the way caused waaaaay too much momentum
and threw him right off the platform
he tried valiantly to stay up there..
groans.... /bangsheadonwall

ah okay he only broke the hedgehog by dislodging the outer case.. so it's a metal rod underneath.
Dude you totally have to pay for that... you broke it.. you own it..
Sasuke All-Star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 - Death by Hedgehog
Meanwhile Asa found the hidden stash of Mexican jumping beans..
hopefully Asa didn't use all of his energy before his run...
The same kanji from last year that got him to the 3rd stage (hey if it ain't broke..): :meaning spirit or soul, so his back is meant to read "The spirit of Sasuke" or "The soul of Sasuke"
Tree Trimmer (technically tree craftsman) 植木職人
Kazuma Asa 朝一眞
Sasuke 27 marked the first time he FINALLY cleared the First Stage
In the previous Sasuke, Sasuke 28 he made it to the Crazy Cliffhanger in the 3rd stage
LOL on the Camera crew taking the pics/video (see mirror)
He worked on strengthening his body and fingers
and more fingers...
It didn't work Asa.. you need both hands to hide nipples.. even boys have two..
Shin Sedai (新世代) literally "New Generation"
Kazuma Asa 朝一眞
Still plenty left in the tank!
Wasting no time on the Log Grip
very little wait on the Hedgehog
flies through it!
almost no set up for the Jump Hang Kai either!
did I explain how fast he is through this?
Didn't even slow down for the first wall at all!
Jumps the pole
flies up the wall!
bah.. very low.. but seriously.. he can take a nap on the wall ...
ahahahah he was totally gunning for it.. look at him look at the clock..
runs across to make it with 30 seconds left!!!!
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! no one is even CLOSE to that time!
An EMPHATIC Rebel Yell!
Yay! It's nice to see Spazzy back!  He was quite subdued in 28. Oh yeah.. 96 competed and 18 clears!!!
looking at the time
probably staring at Takeda right now
aaaaaaaaah to be 10 years younger again...
Nagano approves of this message
Asa fanclub™
of which Ryo is a part of as well LOL
TBS trying to get him to do more as he exits stage left.. LOL wow look at that time..
yeah.. no more emphatic celebration LOL

Sister Sayuri さゆり
Kazuma Asa 朝一眞 - FIRST STAGE CLEAR!
Shin Sedai (新世代) literally "New Generation"
Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 - FIRST STAGE CLEAR!
LOL Ryo's super saiyan hair finally toned down to a burnt orange.
Though I am really surprised they aren't doing more for them.. aren't they the new replacements?
Shin Sedai (新世代) literally "New Generation"
k so that's 3/5 cliffers and they are 2/4 so far in Sasuke 29
Geez.. I guess being 2-time champion means nothing these days to TBS.
Shin Sedai (新世代) literally "New Generation"
 2-Time Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (Cliffer #3)
so that's 4/5 of UNCLI competed and 3/4 today. Not bad!
 Okay.. that was #99.. just one more.. we got Nagano next..



sasukefan said...

Heey! I'm a little new in here,but it's never too late to like Shin Sedai or All-Stars! Really liked the show,but it was very painful to watch fast-forwarded Shin Sedai... or Kouji...
3. Glad that Asa's back in the Second Stage!
4. Love your blog,good pictures,good comments LOL.

Arsenette said...

Plenty of popcorn to go around :) tehhehehehehehe welcome to the party!

1. LOL You should have seen what his hair looked like before.. it was BRIGHT Blond! LOL
2. yeah /cries
3. Agreed!
5. Thank you for the kind comments :) I paid you well! LOL

Unknown said...

Hey Arsenette
1. I share your anger about Nagasaki, six freaking years, 10 long tournaments and they fast forward him, I didn't even recognize him until stage two and I was like wtf did I miss his run
2. Cutting out Kongo, Okuyama, Kanno & Yujji!!? This was a great Sasuke but it was edited horribly
3. Takeda needs his orange pants back they were the secret to his success, the two tournaments he doesn't wear them and he makes stupid Shingo like mistakes
4. Keep up the great work you are Sasukes # 1 fan :)

Unknown said...

(Rod) Personally, I'd like to see Okuyama trying to team up/encourage/whatever Kongo Express or vice versa. Putting their 2 runs consecutively, I'm not sure they could have picked more divergent personalities.
I agree Nicholas , it would be better to see more runs of the top people. Oh well.
You don't suppose there's some sort of "well someone has to do a Shingo if Shingo doesn't" agreement, no? It's either that, or Takeda's confidence may be getting the better of him.
Thanks for continuing to post these blogs.

Arsenette said...

Hey Nicholas!
1. I've been somewhat keeping up with him so I was prepared for his transformation. But yeah considering how big of a star he was when he left and how little we saw of him even though he did well was very disconcerting.
2. Agreed about the poor choice of editing. We could have scaled back on some of the fails and gotten rid of the room entirely. Though granted I'm happy it wasn't there often. Still though, for every minute of the room we could have had a clear run shown.
3. LOL Had a discussion about that.. he does need those pants!
4. Thanks for the kind words :) Despite some of the frustrations they are still keeping the Sasuke I love alive!

Hello Rod!
LOL on how different Kongo and Okuyama are. And over years they became real life friends who train together. That's the beauty of Sasuke. That's what they have in common.
LMFAO on the Shingo theory.. I think it just happened to be going in the Hedgehog too far to the right to begin with. Those who passed were far left and worked their way straight and slightly right by the end. He had nowhere to go but down..
You're welcome :) So long as it continues to be the Sasuke I know I'll continue. Besides.. All-stars are here still!

Unknown said...

(Rod)Surprised by Okuyama and Kongo Express training together. Shocked? No. Neat to know, though.

Arsenette said...

Yeah they all know each other and seek each other out. That's why I love Sasuke :)

jenn said...

Quick comment, as I'm logged in to my second job now, but... don't tell Asa to use both hands! He was being very nice to us. (g)

Arsenette said...

Giggle snort..