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Friday, June 28, 2013

Sasuke 29 Spoilerific Review - Part 2

Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 29.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D (Just remember.. the USA Broadcast of this.. will be.. well probably never honestly. Yes.. you read that right.. Now with the death of G4 official and NBC not giving a damn about Sasuke Japan (especially after boycotting Sasuke 28 AND Sasuke 29..).. we may never see Sasuke Rising on US television (or any overseas country for that matter unless everyone buys the original 3 hour broadcast from TBS). For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE Rising (29) NAVI a half hour review of Sasuke Rising with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke and even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast!
(Part 1)
(Massive thanks to TBS for posting the names of all 100 competitors!  Thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English!!)
 Yay our first All-star of the day!
Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟
 Shingo rocking the apathetic look™ even 16 years ago!
 TBS reminding us that he is a TWO time Finalist! (this one being in Sasuke 3)
 and his last one back in Sasuke 7 where he dislocated his shoulder.. oooooouch..
 His last appearance was supposed to be his LAST appearance..
 and because he OPENLY said he was retiring, TBS has to go through the shenanigans on camera to get him back into the show.  Nevermind that it was THEIR idea to force retire them anyway.. Devil's in the details here..
 We know he retired from the gasoline industry so he's now working here! (as thousands of fans search Google maps for this location...)
 He's working here in addition to waiting for his gym to open.  The man can't keep still!
 So here he is.. a few hours before he went to fly out to Maguro Festival LOL
 Competing again in Sasuke Trials to correct the mistake of saying on camera that he retired (even though he didn't want to...)
 TBS wants you to go through PAIN boy... PAIN!  CAN YOU FEEL IT!??!
 while he shows us HOW he was training his buttocks..
 but of course this is still Shingo so we have to have a goofy crack up during a serious training session. LOL
 So while I'm still royally pissed he had to do the dog and pony show to get back here...
 I'm elated that he not only showed up..
 but he can legitimately tell TBS to go eff themselves.. he earned his way back.
 Once and All-star.. always an All-Star..
Sasuke All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟
 .. you know I would have screamed if he failed here...
 strong grip on the Log Grip!
 Not a problem.. phew..
 You know.. I'm not so confident about this...
 FARK!!!!!!!  I don't want a commercial in the middle of his run.. (I should know better though..)
 Okay THIS is how you do commercial bumps.. they are showing PAST information.. not spoiling new information.  THANK YOU INUI!
 through the power of television Shingo went back in time...
 Okay.. I'm taking a deep breath.. you KNOW he's going to screw this up in the most epic way..
 OMG HE CLEARED.. I can breathe now..
 wait no I can't.. he's going to kill me you know..
 YES!  High and dry.. okay.. breathing...
 YES! He didn't screw this up!!
 Okay I'm confident now.. he hasn't failed the wall in ages... Oh yeah.. this is the.. Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe 2連そり立つ壁 
What I call the Double Warped Wall making it's return
 Shingo pole dancing to the 2nd wall
 Not a problem!  Oh btw hubby demanded to know if he had a hat on...
 and I had to tell him.. "New era.. new rules babe!" He wasn't happy. Now he has to come up with another Shingo Rule..
 Tarzan Rope ターザンロープ  (yes.. it's its own obstacle..)
Geez.. he has HERDS of time!
 And he's going to need it.. he's pretty low..
 Rope Ladder ロープラダー  Yes.. I STILL incorrectly call the Rope Wall
 Feet getting tangled but he still has plenty of time!!!
 and slowly walking across and gently hitting the red button!!
 That's right baby I'm back!
 And because the crowd doesn't trust Shingo until the smoke is visible...
 Ryo, Yuuji and Kouji all approve of this message!
 Arashida who's soon to run, Hioki who has the best expressions, Kenji rocking the Akiyama red, Shinya thinking he won the guns contest, Kanno who has a fangirl, Ryo who wishes he had muscles, Yuuji who wishes he had a lower register of voice and Kouji who is shocked TBS hasn't cut him out of this picture yet..
 Shingo celebrating like it's 1999!!
 36 people down and ONE CLEAR BABY!
 LOL he's still doing fist pumps!
 and waving hands!
 Meanwhile we finally see the appearance of the other 2 All-Stars today relegated to the crowd now since they are trying to keep them a bit more lowkey. I'm okay with that so long as they are still there.
 Some fist pump action from Takeda
 Meanwhile Nagano is cackling at the Shingo celebration
 Oh Takeda better not go there.. he better not complain about the celebration..
 Then again he could just retaliate for Shingo's remark about the Kanzenseiha celebration from a couple of years ago.. buuuut he didn't.. opportunity lost.. it was right there man..
 I mean Takeda would have been justified...
 Sasuke All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 - FIRST STAGE CLEAR!
 Wait.. the clear music for Shingo is STILL GOING.. but we get to hear that Sasuke 24 Finalist Kouji Hashimoto 橋本亘司 has been reinstated into the Shin Sedai (announced on the start line).. after much bitching from yours truly.. however, he wasn't promoted in any of the run up to Sasuke.. so he must have failed again..
 wait.. what? He PASSED but got Fast Forwarded?
Hamada City, Shimane prefecture Sports Instructor 島根県浜田市体育協会 体操指導員
Sasuke 24 Finalist Kouji Hashimoto 橋本亘司 - FIRST STAGE CLEAR
 Okay.. it's official.. TBS HATES Kouji Hashimoto.. this is what.. the 2nd or 3rd time he's had a Fast forwarded clear?  I wonder who's cornflakes he pissed on..
 Okay.. pretty lady that can literally kick your face in if you say anything bad about her..
 actually I think she's quite pretty. I guess he hits more than gets hit back!
Shootboxer シュートボクシング
Rena レーナ
 See?  This is a perfect opportunity to openly campaign (again) about bringing back KUNOICHI
 provided she doesn't fail here..
 Noe she didn't!  See??
 okay hang on hold that thought..
 See?  She's good!  BRING BACK KUNOICHI!!!!!!!!
 I like her outfit a lot!  Proving that you can still be pretty and not have to dress like a slut for TBS to show you on television. GO GIRL!
 Awww but still.. she did good!  She at least got her hand on the cargo net!
 Rena レーナ - Death by Jump Hang Kai
 Prepare to fast forward!
 Security Guard 警備員
Sumito Namba 難波澄人 - Death by Long Jump
 Comedian (Twintell) 芸人(ツインテル)
Takeo Seto 勢登健雄 - Death by Long Jump
 his comic partner is upset
 This is about as close as you get to seeing Ayako Miyake back on Sasuke for now.. from the same troupe she's in.. and back for his 8th trip to Sasuke after a long absence.
 Actor, performer 俳優、パフォーマー
Tomoyuki 知幸 - Death by Time up on the Double Warped Wall
Mister Sasuke All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己
Oh boy here we go. For those who missed Navi (Shame on you I blogged on it) Yamada is back arrogantly declaring himself to be a Master since "Coach" is just "someone who just talks".. yeah.. you read that right. I'm face-palming along with you..
 Here are his chosen disciples!  All 4 of them...
 wait.. Takeda was there?
 LOL Takeda WAS there wondering if those words of encouragement were for him! Yay his collar isn't up (see white shirt)!  GO TAKEDA!
 (Mister Sasuke) ミスター SASUKE
Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己  .. Gundam?
 As was seen in Navi you had a group of 4 guys who were trained Wimp Lo Style..
 wait.. they REBUILT it?
 No.. it's not rebuilt.. I see rust everywhere..
 They made additions to the front lawn.. TBS LIED.. I call FRAUD... he didn't take it down.. just tore down some already falling parts but left the rest intact.. Bulldozer was a lie...
 So yeah.. Yamada's.... Gundam.. So they assemble into a giant robot?? (LOL Ube agrees) No wait wait.. Gundams are robots.. so they have no souls and you have to crawl inside them to pilot them? Ew...
Yamada's group, btw, is called "黒虎," or "Black Tiger."
 So.. anyone wanna place bets? Nah me neither.. no wait I'd win this one.. dammit..
 actually this is going to be painful to watch.. I call refrigerator break™
 SEGA Attendant SEGAの接客
Hiroshige Yamamoto 山本浩茂
 Yeah.. Hiroshige Yamamoto 山本浩茂 - Death by Jump Hang Kai
 Hey he gets to run along the course...
 going to be a long (or short depending on your point of view) day at the office dojo
 and he walks back muttering to himself to see if his next assassin can do the job..
 Nope.. well it got a little better.. but he was trained.. in the same wall that hasn't gotten Katsumi up either..
Wholesale market employee 卸売市場従業員
Yousuke Watanabe 渡辺陽介 - Death by Time up on Double Warped Wall
 Cheering him on..
 Yeah let's hold that in.. NEXT!
 yeah.. things got a whole lot worse for Yamada..
 Mover 引越し業
Satoma Okada 岡田知磨 - Death by Long Jump.. yes.. the first obstacle
 Dude that was epic.. not even I did that.. like.. ever..
 Surely the last dude can do it? 
 Er.. nope.. 
Architect 住宅設計士
Keishi Mizukawa 水川圭史 - Death by Long Jump
 yeah.. never declare yourself capable of teaching others master.. COACHES also were experienced.. so there you go for defaming the "Coach" name.
 and.. doing what a coach does.. talking to them..
 how about making them go through trials.. you know.. like everyone else was forced to? Yeah.. my point exactly. What a waste riding on Yamada's name alone. Go back to where you came from and earn your way back.
 Preparing to fast forward again!
Gekitetsu member バンドマン 撃鉄
Joji Amano 天野ジョージ - Death by Jump Hang Kai
 Taxi driver タクシードライバー
Hiroki Shimoda 下田大気
 Entertainer 芸人
Yutaka Onedari おねだり豊
Wait.. his claim to fame is racing against a woman?
Yutaka Onedari おねだり豊 - Death by Hedgehog
 So after all that.. 55 people down and 2 clears!
 Yay!  Lee!!!


snowy said...

"...Kouji who is shocked TBS hasn't cut him out of this picture yet.."

Best.Line.Ever. C'mon Inui, time to shoe Kouji some love.

Arsenette said...


Someone read it! :) Seriously though right?

jenn said...

1. Well, it looks like TBS isn't abandoning all of the old music, between the clear music after Shingo's clear and his Chicken Run music. Yay! (Mental note: make that Sasuke playlist for my .mp3 player in part so I can have that on it.)

2. At least TBS did reinstate Kouji as a Shin Sedai member, and we did get the interview on the YT channel. Small steps are better than nothing.

3. Re: that pic of the STQ crew happy for Shingo: LMAO. So, who's the Kanno fangirl, his girlfriend, me, or Asa who looks like he's looking at Kanno? Also, it's okay, Yuuji, to have such a high pitched voice. At least no one will ever know it isn't you when you're talking. (g)

4. Oh geez, I hadn't caught that Yamada Gundan (we can't call them Gundam, that would just sully the legendary franchise) hadn't gone through trials. (shakes head) Seriously, though, they didn't do their research, or they would have known having him teach them never equals good results.

Arsenette said...

LOL Jenn :)

1. Yeah in fact I did it a point to look for the music (supposedly 12 pieces) and I couldn't even tell. I'm not sure if I should be happy that it didn't kill the Sasuke mood.. or be depressed that they paid for it..

2. That is true.. baby steps is good. I don't expect them to be a fanboy overnight..

3. Yes :)

4. LOL At first I thought it was a funny joke Ube came up with then I heard it come out of his mouth.. and I was shocked. I spent some time trying to figure out what the word meant but only got references to the show(s) so I gave up. Personally I just think they are neighborhood people trying to ride on his fame. That doesn't sound too good. they should be ashamed of themselves using him like that and I'm not even a fan. Just.. wrong really.

Unknown said...

(Rod) ANY word of Kunoichi coming back? During the show? On the internet? If they're going to do it, I realize they'll have to try to cater to their audience for ratings, but I would hope they go back to the older format.

jenn said...

1. I think there may have been some new music in between stages and maybe for at least one clear in the 1st Stage (offhand, I didn't recognize what they played after Hioki - I don't see a music thread up yet for 29 on SMF, so I couldn't check there to be sure).

3. I would say Kanno needs all three fangirl candidates, but that might just reinforce his decision to not get a real job.

4. I almost wonder if Yamada picked them himself from his fanboys. If they're locals using him... why not pick a better veteran who might actually bring you success?

Arsenette said...

Hey Rod! Nah I haven't heard anything but I'm openly petitioning it! (The 1-7.. not that 8 disaster..)

1. I was happy they had some of the music we are accustomed to in addition to the unremarkable music they paid for...

3. Or get married.. LOL

4. Could be a conspiracy to make sure that HE comes back? Being devil's advocate here LOL

Unknown said...

Felt like TBS used Yamada's new gang as a comical element. They showed all of them failing. I wonder if his proteges had to even qualify.

ArtemisFowljr said...

LMAO @ guns, fangirls and high-pitched voices...I had your same reaction to Shingo approaching the Hedgehog (and his run in general). A friend was watching with me and I was just trying to explain him how awesome Shingo is - mid-sentence I saw the obstacle and went "OH NO HE'S GONNA DIE."Friend confused, me embarrassed, at least Shingo cleared.

Arsenette said...

Hello Tyson! Trying to double check if they even were on that list of the people in trials that ran the course. My understanding is that they didn't especially since they made no mention of them during the trials portion like they did with the others.

LOL Artemis :) I seriously kept going "wow he's still in it!".. I felt bad for doing it.. though your description of your viewing is hysterical!