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Friday, December 28, 2012

Sasuke Rising (28) Spoilerific Review

We have a new Sasuke opening!


Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 28.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D (Just remember.. the USA Broadcast of this.. will be.. well never possibly.  I don't know if we will ever see it.. Yes.. you read that right.. Now with the death of G4 official and NBC not giving a damn about Sasuke Japan.. we may never see Sasuke Rising on US television (or any overseas country for that matter unless everyone buys the original 3 1/2 hour broadcast from TBS). For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE Rising (28) NAVI a 1 hour review of Sasuke Rising with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke and even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast!

(Massive thanks to TBS for posting the names of all 100 competitors!  Thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English!!)

Here we go!  Sasuke One. A project spin off from Kinniku Banzuke back in 1997.  One could argue that Sasuke became a lot more famous than it's parent show Banzuke.

Still showing history of the course over the years (no I didn't post all clips).  This is Shingo.

Rare time they actually have different Akiyama clips.  This from Stage 2!

And Nagano in from way back when he had his original teeth and non-dyed hair!

Now Sasuke has spread all over the world like MISSILES! mwahahahah j/k  It's in 157 countries and territories and probably counting all 50 states but hey :p

For us here in the USA.. there's American Ninja Warrior which now seems the only show left Standing now that G4 is dead..

Sasuke Singapore is up and running!

As was Sasuke Malaysia of last year

Hey it's Cat!
 Farid Isham モハメド・パリド・イシャム (Sasuke Malaysia Winner)

And TBS reminding us that meeting the Prime Minister makes Nagano a Superstar!

And we are back in present day SASUKE RISING!

Where Ninja Warrior Europe producer has something in his eye..

LOL I want that flag.. 

(Left to right) Sasuke All Stars Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦, Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩, Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟, (Mr. Sasuke) Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 and Makoto Nagano 長野誠

Here TBS inserted the awesome 2 minute All-Star promo set to the music of Dark Knight Rises (Batman) that I already blogged on so I'll spare the duplication.

Whoa!  New starting graphic!

Very fast moving CG of some floating iron fortress in the sky

Heh Inui (the director) has been working on this for a while

It's going so fast it's hard to screencap

Seems to be the stages all exploding into action

I think I saw part of this latter in the broadcast but you get the idea

And this is where the title graphic came in

And just like that.. we got to commercials!  Gotta  pay the bills!

Oh .. yay.. the ceremony room.. I don't like this part personally.

Ms. Pouty Lips and Mr. Car Salesman....
Nana Katase 片瀬那奈 and Jay Kabira 川平慈英

I see Mika Izumi (wow it's been a while) and Kinnikun

LOL and as I mentioned in Navi.. the All-stars STILL look bored out of their keister!

Okay.. overreacting tart that bothered me in Navi is back.. so I have to do my homework. I'm told her name is Fukiishi Kazue  吹石一恵

And she's an actress who's hawking a show!

Katsunori Takahashi  高橋克典

Also an actor that is hawking a show

Takejo Aki あき竹城 - Actress

Asako Ito いとうあさこ - Comedian

And 4 of the 6 All-stars in attendance actually found her joke funny

Shingo particularly!

Okay!  Onwards to 1st Stage with the new graphics!

Is is bad when I see that phrase and I hear it pronounced in Japanese?

Okay!  ① Godantobi 五段跳び
Also known as the Quintuple Steps on Ninja Warrior
That hasn't been used since Sasuke 11!

Rolling Escargot ローリングエスカルゴ 
Making it's 3rd straight appearance

Spin Bridge スピンブリッジ 
Making it's 2nd straight appearance although I STILL consider this the Cannonball Run from Viking

Using the same trampoline as the Jump Hang..

^Jump Hang Kai ジャンプハング改 
Making it's debut - a variation of the old Jump Hang

But wait there's more!  This is the first of the Two walls.. (this is the shorter wall folks)

*Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe 2連そり立つ壁 
What I call the Double Warped Wall making it's debut.
It is the same height as before.. just the previous wall is shorter making this look bigger.

Tarzan Rope ターザンロープ 
Lost track how many times they used this specific rope (Sasukepedia says 20)

Rope Ladder ロープラダー 
And what I STILL incorrectly call the Rope Wall is considered it's own obstacle. (Sasukepedia not yet updated but 11 times used in a row)

The entire first stage is timed at 105 seconds which is a full 20 seconds off Sasuke 27's time.

Well hello there Sasuke announcing Rookie!
Tomohiro Ishii 石井大裕

And here we go!  Sasuke 28.. er.. Sasuke Rising!

Our first victim contestant!  Yuuya Fukuda 福田裕矢

Past the steps so that's progress!

Whoa..foot is already coming off the snail!

Yuuya Fukuda 福田裕矢 - Death by Rolling Escargot

And just like that we are at #3!
Comedian Yoshio Kojima 小島よしお

Okay he's past the steps!

Oops.. he didn't put his foot in right.. and RIGHT off the bat he's out!

Dammit.. they will be cutting back to the studio audience.. this is going to be torturing for me..

See how he put his left foot on TOP of the foot hold?

And just like that his foot had nothing to grasp onto

Comedian Yoshio Kojima 小島よしお - Death by Rolling Escargot

Oh hey we know who this is! Torisawa! I wonder what painful mishap he has in store for us right now..

Well I already see a problem.. he's strapping his hand to the bar..

and he one hands it!

LMFAO  he almost fell over .. he well.. he strapped his hand TO the bar he just threw down.. LOL  Well what did he expect with that weight going down?

Katsuhide Torisawa 鳥澤 克秀 ready for his run with a silly grin on his face. At least it's not bleeding like last time!

Yay! He passed the steps!

LOL it's hard to see on screenshots but he's flopping all over the place!

and almost falls on his face off the snail!!

Okay! Props for paying attention!  He is placing his foot inside the foot holds!


AHahahhahahahah Torisawa is AMAZED he survived it!

Kinnukun can't believe that old man just beat him (Kinnukun fell on it last tourney) while the crowd is absolutely jacked!

But wait.. we've got a set of commercials..

LOL Torisawa is friggin' amazed he's this far into the course!!

Still trying to catch his breath as he stares down cannonball run er.. the Spin bridge

Oooooooooh spectacular fail!!!!!!

ahahahahahah he's chuckling in the water.  THAT WAS A GREAT RUN!

TBS doing the slow motion of how he started to lose his footing almost from the get-go!

Barely got to the 2nd ball when he reaaaally lost his footing.

Then the full body drop on the 3rd ball!

Katsuhide Torisawa 鳥澤 克秀 - Death by Spin Bridge

Next up is Masashi Toyoda 豊田将士 who uses his oar like a baseball bat! LOL

Canoer? Oh. Sasuke Rising page has him listed as a Rafting guide

survives the snail!

Doooooooh.. but got eated by .. whoa did he totally face plant that? Ooooooouch

Masashi Toyoda 豊田将士 - Death by Spin Bridge

Okay.. reading the rising page.. Atsugi Middle School Health and Physical Education Teacher

And he loves canoes and is a lifesaver er.. guard.. we eat lifesavers in this country..  Yuusuke Suzuki 鈴木祐輔

Jumps to safety on the snail

And he stares down the nards of doom...

Aaaaaaaaaaand..  He tried to jump off the last ball too early... LOL can he hang on???

But first.. yeah.. something is in the water folks.. convinced..

and we are back from commercials where Suzuki Sensei is hanging on to dear life!

and noooooooooooooooo he's down..

LOL Everyone losing their marbles

Yay we got All-stars having kittens!

Damn.. that lobotomy on Yamada has been working wonders! He's got a pulse!

LOL Nagano feeling pain on that run

And I'm sure Shingo (who's trying to be a real man by not wearing a coat when everyone else is) has some wisecracking comment LOL

Even Akiyama is having fun with the epic fail

And the middle school cheering squad is utterly disappointed!

LOL as he thrashes in disgust

If you reaaaaally want to get technical he was DQ'ed right here.. you don't use the support structure of the obstacle to get back into the course

Yuusuke Suzuki 鈴木祐輔 - Death by Spin Bridge

Oh look!  A chia pet! No wait.. Model Nana Suzuki 鈴木奈々

TBS reminding us that if you were part of the sub 30 crowd you are being cut from the program!

Kenji Darvish 樽美酒研二

Okay since we had time from Navi to sort this out.. Kenji is in the back row (not hard to miss with the face-paint) and is the "drummer" (as in air drummer not real drummer) for a group named ゴールデンボンバー (Golden Bomber) and WTF we are doing picture in picture with the irritating overacting lady?  Now do you get why the SMF boards have a thread on "box girl"?

Yep you guessed it.. COMMERCIALS..

Unfortunately it's par for the course if you start at 18:30 local time..

K we are back with the Harlequin who's doing sad face now

Oooooooh that didn't last long..

LOL the next competitor is .. oh wait I see Shinya Kishimoto 岸本 真弥 on the left (black shirt with red jacket tucked)

And the harlequin is roaring a frustrated yell

LOL he flipped nicely in the air though!

Kenji Darvish 樽美酒研二 from ゴールデンボンバー (Golden Bomber) - Death by Rolling Escargot

I see a Power Ranger!  (I suspect fierce protectors of the genre will correct me)..
Edit: Right on cue Rider!:  Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Kazuki Shimizu 清水一希 - Actor

Doooooh same place as the Air drummer! ahahhahaha

and they are not happy to see him drop like that..

Kazuki Shimizu 清水一希 - Death by Rolling Escargot

Ch-ch-ch-chia..  sorry... Model Nana Suzuki 鈴木奈々

ahahahahah she's hanging on by her finger nails!

Yeah.. but that didn't save her from the snail..

Eew.. never go in the septic sludge with your mouth open...

LOL take a drink.. Descente Gear in PINK!

Yeah.. I didn't have high hopes for her..

LOL commenting about the disgusting water as she continues to inadvertently smear mud all over her face
Model Nana Suzuki 鈴木奈々 - Death by Rolling Escargot


RiderLeangle said...

"I see a Power Ranger! (I suspect fierce protectors of the genre will correct me).." Why yes you will :P

Unknown said...

Hey Arsenette:)
Long time reader/follower of your awesome blog, and well first time commenting:)

Sasuke 28 in my opinion was one one word different in a good and bad way, mainly due to what you said about the STUPID dinner party during the show

Arsenette said...

Thanks Rider for the correction :) I knew I could count on you when it came to power rangers :p

Hello Nicholas! Thanks for the kind comments. I'm happy the tournament was back but could do with less of that element too.. seems a lot of people did not like that part of the show. I know they were trying new things. Some things worked.. and some didn't. I think this would qualify on the "didn't" part :)

pjwasz said...

Masashi Toyoda -- Winner of the Kenny Blankenship Most Painful Elimination of the Day award! Ouchie.

Arsenette said...

LOL!!! Btw no need to post twice. I have comment moderation. I allow when I get a chance. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Can you tell me how we can buy the original 3 1/2 hour broadcast from TBS? My google skills have failed me on this and I want them this.

Arsenette said...

You cannot buy the broadcast. TBS only sells broadcasts to new markets and that's on their international page. It is not for sale for regular consumers which is why I've been asking for years for TBS to release DVD/Bluray. There aren't any.