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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sasuke Rising (28) Navi - Part 3

Thus ends the tale of the Sasuke All-Stars

  Here is the new lineup for the 新世代.
Shin Sedai (新世代) literally "New Generation"
(some call them the "New Stars" deriving from the Allstars)
2-Time Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (Cliffer #3),  Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2) 又地諒, Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 and Kazuma Asa 朝一眞

This is Kanno whom we've seen a couple times in Stage 3

Asa in stage 2 in Sasuke 27

Ryo rocking the chain see saw in Sasuke 27

And Yuuji who by now needs zero introduction! If he does.. you don't watch the show.

Yuuji to me will always be Cliffer #3 to me. (Cough.. notice the UNCLI shirt! cough)

2-Time Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (Cliffer #3)
The Sasuke King 王様  or Sasuke Ōsama
(remember Nagano is called the Legend)

Yuuji legitimately (again) demolishing the Final Stage Tower in Sasuke 27

Making him the only Two-Time Champion of Sasuke earning his title the Sasuke King

He's been the leader of the New Generation for quite a while now. Glad to see TBS finally giving him his due and giving him a better title.  Sasuke King.

A row of polished high end shoes should be a good idea of what his occupation is by now.

We all know he's a shoe salesman for Haruta Shoes in Tokyo

Ever since losing his first final Yuuji relentlessly trains on ropes.

And uses his environment to do balance training.

He's one of the rare ones that doesn't own a backyard course.

He uses playgrounds, etc. wowing kids.

Man he talks so fast..

Sasuke 24 Finalist Kouji Hashimoto 橋本亘司 gets ready for his run..  yeah.. there's a lot of people wondering why TBS hates him. He used to be part of the New Generation but seem to have been demoted again despite his Stage 3 appearance in Sasuke 27.

Being the outright leader of the new generation without the All-stars to cushion the blow will be interesting.

I wonder how the new title will sit with him? We know he runs on the prestigious #88 saddlecloth.

LMFAO.. they brought this title back!  This metaphor was used in Sasuke 27.  "Tatami" 畳 so it's basically "From a 4 tatami room (meaning the size of the room) to KANZENSEIHA 完全制覇"

Sasuke 27 Final along with fellow Cliffer friend Yuuji for an all UNCLI final.

This is how close he's gotten to the top of the tower.

Ryo is a house painter.

And by far the baby of the group at only 23 years old.

It's amazing how much time flies. I remember following him waaaaaaaaay back from Sasuke 21 (his first appearance) in 2008 the first year I started blogging.  And to become part of the replacement team after the All-Stars is just.. amazing.

Folks who have read my blog before.. know how small a 4 tatami room really is..

Yep.. that's it.. it's a closet filled with real obstacles in them..

YES he sleeps here!

He trains in this room so much..

That he has the calloused hands to prove it.

What's with the magically disappearing eyebrows today?

Will he make it to the final again?  Tune in and find out!

Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 - Former Gymnast 

Most remember him as a Finalist in Sasuke 23

He's a former gymnast who was part of the STQ (Sasuke Trial Qualifiers) group that finally broke through.

A reminder that he said he refuses to get a real job.. until he wins.. so he's a janitor

at a Pachinko bar..

I follow him on twitter as well (along with Ryo and Yuuji) and have seen him do this as a hobby.

Seems all the skull jewelry and what not he makes himself.

...and he's 9% body fat

He's a weights nut that's constantly working out (I cut out a lot of training video on him)

and a lot of interviews I know nothing about..

and wtf with the eyebrows.. do they all have a fear of eyebrows in Japan?

Anyway he's set to go on Sasuke Rising!

This is Kazuma Asa 朝一眞 whom I always refer to just as "Asa" simply because I just got used to it.

Way up this tree....

He looks so quiet and peaceful trimming branches.. LOL

Ah it seems he was a baseball player

No idea how old he was but he has a sports background

There we go. The interviews he was so subdued.. I'm used to seeing him a lot.. spazzier!

The first time anyone ever even heard of him was waaaaaay back in 2008 during Sasuke Maniac's programs showing the Summer Sasuke Trials.  This was him timing out at the Warped Wall in Sasuke 21.

This is him at home (hey.. this looks like 4 tatami wtf..) watching his 2nd stage fail in Sasuke 27.

魂:meaning spirit or soul, so his back is meant to read "The spirit of Sasuke or the soul of Sasuke"

After his demise in Sasuke 21 it took him 3 years for another chance at Sasuke.  After a few tense fails on the wall he finally passed it!

And promptly had a kittens after clearing the First Stage for the first time.

No idea.. I assume father. I'll find out later.

Asa is better known for his body paint AND HIS PANTS!

I never did figure out wtf they say..

Hey the kanji is the same as last year so this makes it easy!
魂:meaning spirit or soul, so his back is meant to read "The spirit of Sasuke or the soul of Sasuke"

I guess if the Soul of Sasuke got him to the 2nd stage maybe it will work again!

TBS reminding foreigners that this is MIDORIYAMA.. not Mount Midoriyama.. It already means Green Mountain you dopes.. it's redundant to call it Mount Green Mount.. besides.. I doubt anyone says "Mount Paramount"..

The irony is that just like Paramount.. Midoriyama is a TBS recording studio and is flat.. anyway.. here's the registration line for Sasuke Rising!

Thanks to TBS updating it's Sasuke Rising page.. we know the names of ALL 100 competitors!
Tomoko Hagiwara 萩原 智子
2000年シドニー五輪4位入賞 水泳選手
4th place in the 200 meter Backstroke in the Sydney Olympics

Kouki Sakamoto 坂本 功貴
北京オリンピック体操男子団体 銀メダリスト
Member of the Silver medal gymnastics team in the Beijing Olympics

Comedian Kinnikun Nakayama なかやまきんに君

.. LOL No one seems to be laughing at his schtick..

Most people watching earlier episodes of Sasuke might remember him.

After a looong absence he showed up in Sasuke 27 wearing inappropriate Daisy Dukes..

Wakky ワッキー who we keep saying is the current champion of Genoijin Sportsman #1 since another Celebrity tourney hasn't been made!

During Sasuke 27 we FINALLY saw him pass Stage 1!

Comedian Yoshio Kojima 小島よしお

You should know this by now!

Oh look!  A chia pet! No wait.. Model Nana Suzuki 鈴木奈々

And wtf.. is.. yeah.. Seems the group's name is ゴールデンボンバー (Golden Bomber)

Kenji Darvish 樽美酒研二 is the drummer from the group ゴールデンボンバー ドラム

Taiwan's sole representative.. and has been for years.. Lee En Chi リー・エンチ

His best result is a finalist in Sasuke 24

Then had a mental lapse in Sasuke 27 and failed the first obstacle by letting his long legs splash into the water.

I'm happy to see him again!

Back in October there were some auditions EVERYONE had to participate in.. (excluding All-stars) that took place in Osaka, Japan and in Tokyo, Japan.

Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行  WHY???????? WHY?? WHY IS HE NOT HERE?!?!?!
Oh btw.. there's TWO people.. see Keita Tomino 富野恵太 (Cliffer #4) to his left? (right on the picture).. sigh.. I'll never see all 5 UNCLI compete in Sasuke..

They had to pass an audition part where they represented themselves..

And had to do this rhythmic push up routine

Of which most failed miserably

We are meeting one of the survivors of the process

mmmmmm.. waffles..

Number 13 - Hiroshi Miyamoto 宮本啓史

Oh.. this doesn't look good!

Yeah.. once the foot completely comes off.. the rest of the body follows.. 
Hiroshi Miyamoto 宮本啓史 - Death by Rolling Escargot

Now going to some high end club

Oh! I know her!   Hiroyo Shimada 島田裕代 - Those of you might remember she was part of Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル (which is gone thanks to Monster 9 Bankrupting)  She's now a waiter here!

Well we know she's going to be cut from the broadcast. I want to see how far she got considering she's made it in the past all the way to the Half-Pipe attack!

Okay she passed the Rolling escargot

Awwww  Hiroyo Shimada 島田裕代 - Death by Spin Bridge

We see a group of kids..

Takuma Oyamada 小山田卓馬

HA!  I'm 13 years old!  SUCK IT!

easily hung on to the Rolling escargot

OUCH.. but the Spin bridge however... ate him..

Takuma Oyamada 小山田卓馬 - Death by Spin Bridge

Taiga Hoshikawa 星川大我

okay HE made it past the spin bridge!

Oh.. our first look at the Jump Hang Kai ジャンプハング改 in action

OH!  HE got it!!!!!

Okay he's going through the inside of the right cargo net

Wow this is a time sink..

FINALLY touching the mat on the other side

Here it is.. the Double Warped Wall..

Easily past the first wall

electing to not use the fireman pole and just hopping down

and.. not even close on the "normal" sized Warped Wall

Taiga Hoshikawa 星川大我 - Time up on the Double Warped Wall

Now we see a house being utterly demolished..

So does that make him a home wrecker?  :p

Hisashi Kashima 加島久士

Easily past the Spin Bridge

Buuut.. NOOOOOOOOO.. Hisashi Kashima 加島久士 - Death by Jump Hang Kai

And.. wait.. we have a ceremony!

Ms. Pouty Lips and Mr. Car Salesman....


LOL Sorry.. Akiyama biting his lip to stay conscious, Shingo looking for anything to keep his attention, Yamada also looking bored but doing his best and Nagano lamenting the loss of his wallet and cell phone at the airport (yes that story is real.. long story)!

Ryo and Kanno doing their best while Yuuji looks COMPLETELY asleep! LMFAO!

Oh hey I see the Leader of the Dynamic Trio of Death, Mr. Octopus (Tako Tencho) - Minoru Kuramochi 倉持稔  Though it will take some getting used to not seeing the other two compete..

Asa in his own table with another set of STQ'ers that look familiar

I assume he's important.. I'll add the names later.

Do they have to look that engrossed? Seriously..

She seems to be the only one "cheering"

They.. wait I KNOW who they are.. The guy on the left is Masumi Yagi 八木真澄 from the comedy duo Savanna サバンナ while the guy on the right is Ayumu Kato 加藤 歩 from Zambugle ザブングル - both of which were in Sasuke previously

And whoever is this overreacting tart.. okay okay I'll be gentle..

Apparently she's saying a joke

Of which Shingo, who's desperate to find something to laugh at, gets a small chuckle

BUY OUR SHIRTS!  Sasuke All-Stars Approve!
As I mentioned before TBS has a Sasuke merchandise section!
No idea if they sell overseas...

And that's it!  SEE YOU ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!  Remember to use the hashtag #SasukeRising if you are on twitter!


RiderLeangle said...

Couple of derps needing fixed (Which I'm trying to keep here and not in the thread :P )

1: During the Nakayama Escargot clip, I think you just meant inappropriate, not inappropriately, the latter doesn't make sense there.

2: The band's name isn't "Golden Bomber Drum", it's just "Golden Bomber" (ゴールデンボンバー ), the "Drum" part is just saying that Darvish Kenji is the drummer of the band.

3: During the shot of Kuramochi in the celeb room you said "Though it will get some used to ", were you trying to say "Though it will take some getting used to" there?

4: Very minor detail that I doubt is even cared about, I could kinda understand most of that one (I'm guessing some kind of) celeb near the end, I'm sure it was probably some form of joke but the general gist of it was how excited she was watching Sasuke and that little joke part at the end was something like it was making her hungry. But yeah I think just the first 3 notes are the important ones :P

Brian said...

Really!? Kazuma Asa?? Why not Kouji, Kenji Takahashi, or even Terukazu Ishikawa??? I mean Asa is athletic but there were so many other people to choose from that made it just as far or farther in 27. Li would have even been a great fit IMO--TBS could market him to a whole new dimension. They must really like Asa's background or body paint or something, I guess.

And Kanno 9% body fat? I doubt that. I measured myself as 7.5% and he's way more jacked than I am.

Anyways, thanks again for the blog! Merry Christmas!

VenusHeadTrap said...

I will always read your blogs, Elsie! (This is going to be one emotional tournament)

I predict no one passes the Crazy Cliffhanger. And in the following tournament, they will shorten the distance of the jump.

Arsenette said...

Thanks Rider :) Fixed!

Hey Brian :) Kenji is near the same age as the All-stars (and competed for teh same length of time as Takeda) so that would not have worked as a "new generation". Ishikawa? I'm not even sure where to start with that one though. Glad he's one of your favorites but that kinda makes no sense to me. As for Kouji I already noted about that. As for who belongs there.. I mean so many people didn't understand what it was to be an All-star and their role in this "group". They are ambassadors and Asa fits that role exactly. What they plan for them they need the variety and Asa fits that perfectly. Sorry but Lee is not Japanese so that would not fit at all to be an ambassador to a Japanese show. Lee already has his own title that he wears perfectly.

LOL Body fat discussions also take into account age, size and a few other factors. Theeheh but that's a discussion for the experts in that field :D

Theehhe Merry Christmas!

Thanks Venus! I'm anxious about the tournament but dreading the blogging.. LOL