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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sasuke in Las Vegas - Nagano Special in America

SASUKE in ラスベガス (Las Vegas)
長野誠 (Makoto Nagano) 完全密着(Complete and total Coverage)

As I mentioned before there was supposed to be a special airing over the weekend on TBS in Japan. The original program was to be called "SASUKE海外進出" or "Sasuke Overseas" but when we went to double check the TBS Schedule for the 16th.. it turned into SASUKEアメリカ  長野誠VSラスベガス which literally meant Sasuke America / Nagano Makoto vs Las Vegas... then I look at the title in the actual show.. and it's different again..  They replace America with Las Vegas in the title, kept Nagano's name then added Kanzen Micchaku 完全密着(Complete and total Coverage) (thanks Bret again for the help with the kanji). I just work here.. never heard of people constantly changing titles literally the day before the broadcast.. Lord knows it's been done before though so I honestly shouldn't be shocked.. but luckily this ran at the exact time (and duration) as I was told previously.  With ample notice I was able to see this!  Thank you Sasuke Rising website for the heads up!

TBS Announcer Ayumi Akaogi 赤荻 歩

Anyway, the program starts with someone I don't remember ever seeing before in the context of Sasuke.  Get used to him though.. he's not only narrating, he's a part of this show.. a lot.  The program was edited like a documentary type thing.  It felt like a Sasuke Mania episode actually now that I think about it. Akaogi seems to have been with TBS for a while though I never saw him before (or if I did, I don't remember)..

Right off the bat they start with visuals of Sasuke's past tournaments.

Sasuke All-Star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩

Mental note I didn't screencap a lot of this as there's a lot of repeated images from past tourneys.  I mean, I had to include the "takeda'ing" up the wall with his usual short run up that made it famous.. but there were a lot of thrill of victory/agony of defeat moments shown.

Nagano getting to one of his 5 finals.

We know this all started back 15 years ago in Sasuke 1 in 1997.

All Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

Gosh.. that was back when Shingo was a baby.. friggin' 23 years old.. and well before he even got the title of Sasuke All-Star.  Heh.. maybe we should petition Shingo to wear those short shorts again now that he's 38 years old? LOL!

Anyway we are now in 2012 and this is what the entire special is about!

We're going to VEGAS BABY!!

Home of American Ninja Warrior (ANW4)

And because this is a vs show (whatever that means LOL) here is Sasuke All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 riding around in stock footage of his old ship

Where Nagano returns to the place where his son was concei.. er.. where he visited once before in 2008 with his then girlfrie.. yeah he's been here before and recognizes the streets!

Speaking of recognition, it was nice Nagano was stalked at his hotel! Mwahahhahaha Good job guys!

Where Nagano fanboys in California.. hey.. I know this backyard..

And we visit Miyazaki 宮崎 for the launch ceremony of his new ship!  Were they throwing candy to the attendees?

And this is where the actual title showed up in the program

And now we officially start the show...

Hmm.. seems we have a roving reporter.. I kinda hate these set ups..

Oh.. I see something in the horizon!

ANW4 Final Stage Tower is visible on the right!

Where they show the course being maintained by someone with a chinese hat..

And test run (hello Mike Bernardo!)

Dude there's totally a goofy guy coming up.. you see him?

Oh!  Nagano-san! (what's with the pose..)

Yeah.. not sure about that pose.. just saying..okay okay.. Akaogi's just bending because Nagano is so damn short.. LOL

Anyway they sit.. er.. stand and talk about the American course

For most people, Nagano is known as the Captain of the Konpiramaru 28

Where 300 days a year he slaves away fishing (27 days out at sea with 5 days off for 12 straight months)

And for the love of everything holy he's not a whaler.. we've established he fishes for horse mackerel or what they call Aji アジ

just to prove how f'ing hard his nuts are.. LOL

Hey there's his famous fanclub with his ex-wife, kids and employer!

Because we know that this was his 2nd tournament (but first televised appearance) in Sasuke

And his first failed final

And his second..

But the 4th one stood!

And there was much rejoicing from the All-Stars

and since we don't get tired of watching him win we'll hear his speech again

While the All-Stars strike a pose (Shingo with the Nike shirt, Takeda with his usual aversion to sleeves but doesn't man up and just wear wifebeaters™ all the time and Akiyama whom I wonder if he just sees one big dark blur..

Nagano being sincere about how much he loves his friends

Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦 probably giving up looking at him because he can't see jack anyway

All-Star Bunpei Shiratori 白鳥文平 man.. I totally miss him!!!

(Mr. Sasuke) Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 looking... pensive (hey I'm being reaaally good now)

Oh I know.. let's dump the bastard in the water because he managed to avoid it all 4 stages

Because THIS was the only reason you were supposed to be thrown in.. (I'm digressing aren't I? :p )

TBS reminding us that 153 countries receive Ninja Warrior.. but now that G4 is gone.. 153 countries won't see Sasuke Rising.. just.. sayin'..

Going for stock footage!  Back in 2010 TBS sent 3 Japanese stars to the USA!

And of course since this is a Nagano special I'll note that the other 2 that went were (now 2-Time) Current Sasuke Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (white shirt on the right) and Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行 (Black shirt far right)

And although the chyron says 2010 this was 2011 where only his clothes were deemed worthy of going to the USA by G4...

Anyway back to 2010.. where he failed the prelims course.. LOL
The TBS announcer says he was a "Super Hero" in America

And the following year he went to Malaysia

And was interviewed by the press as Nagano was representin

And meeting the Prime Minister made him a "Super Star"

Now in 2012 - April to be exact

He's again instantly recognized by fans in the USA

Signing autographs wherever he goes

And because TBS likes slumming it.. they made him take public trans..

"Ninja Warrior"?

Thaaaaaaat's.. riiiiiiight

LOL he's happy he's recognized in public trans in the US

I told you!!! (LOL)

Seems he was instantly recognized even in the lobby of the hotel

And everywhere he went

and the lobby again (this was the 2nd part from the beginning with the hotel stalkers.. LOL)

Meanwhile back at the ANW4 course Nagano stares into the distance

You see that?  THAT'S IT.. that's all the testing he does.. take a picture man.. take a picture!

Okay sign.  Nagano approves of this obstacle

meanwhile he's asked if he's going to be running the course

and of course he says he won't because NBC found some legal reason to deny him the opportunity (yes.. that's the official reason folks.. sad isn't it)

But YOU should try! (meaning the announcer)

So.. in a cool night in Las Vegas.. the lone Japanese representative..

Uhm.. er.. ..

Dude.. what goes on in Vegas.. stays in Vegas..

Ooooooh they are doing the mini caning ritual.. wasn't.. sure..

Anyway.. doing the typical TBS sky crane shot while doing long introductions..

TBS Announcer Ayumi Akaogi 赤荻 歩 does his own long-winded and over-blown introduction about saving the reputation of Japan or some nonsense

Nagano giggles at the absurdity of it all

to the packed crowd of about a dozen people who have no bloody clue what the hell he's saying anyway..

And we're off!

But first.. daaaaaaaaaaaaamn.. Sasuke Rising.. YEAY BABY!!!! I mean it still looks awesome.  This is just a quick teaser with images from the 2 minute Trailer

Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦 on the Rolling Escargot ローリングエスカルゴ in the upcoming Sasuke Rising tournament!!!!!

Anyway as if to break the spell of the awesomeness of the 2 minute trailer.. Nagano is back laughing and cheering on the TBS announcer

I'm sorry.. were you expecting differently?

Nagano yells, bends over and starts cackling

TBS Announcer Ayumi Akaogi 赤荻 歩 - Death by Step Slider

Meanwhile because you know they milk that crane shot rental for every last penny...

Rare photo of Master control

ANW4's top 100 competitors from 6 regions across the USA

Akaogi's totally pumped as we bring you the highlights

First stage.. there were a lot of fails


But who the hell cares? We only care about 2 people!
Brent Steffensen ブレント・ステフェンセン
David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル

Here's his entry video you might remember

Reminding us that in Sasuke 26 he passed to the 3rd stage where he was fast-forwarded through most of the tourney.. LOL

Nagano wishing Brent Good luck

LOL and TBS just about says "yeah enough about him bring on David"

Because we know TBS loves him

And covet his back yard.. well technically it's not his.. and it's no longer there.. but who cares it's on this special!

TBS reminding us of how close David got to clearing the UCH from last year

David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル the 2-Time 3rd stage competitor

Okay now we explain why we are here again as we saw him already in Vegas.. where can he be going to then?

Ohhhh I see it.  This is Death Sasuke! (Santa Cruz, California) (btw David he called it cool)

Dude.. you know what I could totally do with all of this friggin' acreage?

TBS freaking out about the size of the course LOL

Nagano trying out the double Salmon Ladder

And the ultimate cliffhanger he failed in Sasuke 27....

And the Warped wa.. wait.. wtf.. this sucker goes HIGHER?

And a moment of silence to the now dead Death Sasuke as it was dismantled shortly after this visit (the land was sold)

Because I can.. ehem.. sorry back to the course and the real tournament


David Good luck! (yes he said it in English)

David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル
America Number 1

Nagano's name and face are announced to the viewing public on NBC as he giggles..

TBS showing David running the course

Watching intently

Jumping Spider

Nagano watching and talking to the announcer

Sorry that wall looks so damn weird with the flat bottom..

And we ... nooooooooooo!  David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル Death by Spinning Bridge (I say spinning bridge because this one was weird.. it .. bounced.. and that's what the announcers said :p

Nagano can't believe what he's watching

.. just like Shingo..

But Nagano loves him anyway

And so does TBS

Nagano saying "next time good luck"
Shame NBC had never had any intention of sending David to Sasuke Rising... but I'm digressing aren't I?

Need I remind you that TBS doesn't like Brent? He's being fast forwarded AGAIN! ROFL

We still get reaction shots though after his clear

And just like that we are onto the 2nd stage!

Where 18 failed..

And Brent still showboats to his homies before he starts..

LOL and fast-forwarded again..

as Nagano is intently watching

As we see him waste ridiculous time..

and barely passes the Metal Spin

As Nagano hops up and down like a kid

And NBC fabrica.. okay I'm being good okay?

Brent Steffensen ブレント・ステフェンセン being told he passed Stage 2 by NBC

And the confusion of everyone else there who saw him fail..

wow they passed him didn't they?

LOL even his own posse knew this wasn't legit as there's confusion even among some of the faithful LOL

Nagano doesn't care as he congratulates the one passed by NBC

LOL Nagano said he didn't think he would pass

LOL and Brent acknowledges he didn't know he would either

So.. anyone going to pass stage 3?

But forget that crap.. HOLY MOSES SASUKE RISING IS COMING!!!

Where people are speculating wtf this thing is called..

and there's a SWIMMING obstacle in Sasuke...

Oh yeah Stage 3 and we are TBS and this is Brent so we are fast-forwarding him AGAIN

And .. there goes his shirt

That's okay Ayumi.. we're in America... it's almost expected

You sure?
Yeah you get used to it.. besides.. I've done once before!

Brent rocking the UCH

Thaaaaaaat's right homies I did that!

Nagano having kittens! while the Akaogi looks like he has to pee

btw we are still fast-forwarding btw.. because the wait between the obstacles was epic

so we just go to the Takeda-style fail


Brent Steffensen ブレント・ステフェンセン - Death by (checks SMF to see what they called it) Hang Climbing (same as TBS I think)

And TBS showing the celebration of the UCH as the first American to pass the obstacle

And TBS having to explain to those at home why there's a celebration after he failed the 3rd stage.. Because only Americans celebrate defeat.. it literally was told that it was because he passed the UCH..  At least he wasn't thrown in the water...

And the final interviews about the event
Mental note about Brent.. he wasn't even invited either to Sasuke Rising.. just sayin'.. that's messed up NBC...

okay this is .. weird.. a jump cut making Nagano look shorter than he already is..

LOL Jump cut again.. who the hell edited this?

Speaking of assault on the senses

We go to Miyazaki (where he had to quickly fly back from the USA to go to the Maguro Festival and THEN this event all in a span of a couple weeks..)

K old footage again.  Everyone knows the 28th Konpiramaru

and what it looked like in that little boat

Well check out the new wheelhouse of the 50th Konpiramaru


Footage from the Launch Ceremony

Mr. Takasu doing the honors of naming him the ship Captain of the 50th Konpiramaru

And Nagano accepting the honor

I forget what number the big blue ship is.. either way this is the docks in Nobeoka where the ceremony is taking place

Nagano cruising around for the cameras and the attendees

if ya'll are paying attention during past geography lessons that's the island of Kyushu (bottom island) they are on the middle right of that island on the East side.

Maneuvers at sea

Nagano throwing what looks like a bike seat..

LOL and like a Puerto Rican wedding they almost fist fight for the seat!

Damn.. it was just my seat..

Because I can..

Sasuke Rising commercial!

LOL it does look like his seat from the 28th Konpiramaru

I feel gipped I thought I'd see a bloody lip or something considering how hard fought that was

May you enjoy my used butt rest..

So strange not seeing M9 in the credits anymore... Seems DEX did this show.  And no they are not the ones producing Sasuke Rising.

And.. because we were just talking about Sasuke Rising.. the last 10 seconds are dedicated to it!

LOL the new Rolling Escargo camera looks sweet!

as this poor bastard's demise looks epically funny!

And there goes the nards of doom.. er.. sorry.. Cannonball run.. er.. sorry Spin bridge taking out yet another person.

and because Nagano tearing up is news in my book..

and.. wow that water tank is deep.. I'd totally fail this thing. I CAN'T SWIM

btw.. doesn't this totally look like Asa??

And Nagano taking his final steps in Sasuke


Thanks soooooooooo much for Jason who provided my WIST Feed.  Thanks to SMF's blt and scnoi for streaming it to those who stayed up to watch this.  Thanks to jams for providing my copy so I can blog this (sorry it's a day late..) and thanks to TBS for actually letting us know this was even coming!  Usually in the past I'm bitching because we don't know when things are coming and we had ample notice for this!  I'm super stoked for Sasuke Rising.  Make sure you come and see Sasuke Navi first this Friday night!

1 comment:

VenusHeadTrap said...

Thank you for blogging this. It always helps me see the same program I saw, but through different eyes (which opens up all sorts of new doors and things I never really noticed.)

Soooo... If you weren't being really good, what would you say Yamada looked like when Nagano won in 17?

Excellent use of the "NBC telling him that he passed" which implies the obvious... Oh well, I like that they passed him otherwise we would have no Stage 3. What bugs me is his celebration after the Metal Spin BEFORE he even reaches the goal. *face palm*

LOL at the nards of doom.