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Friday, December 21, 2012

Sasuke Related News - Preview Videos

After a huge more than year long void of no Sasuke news.. Sasuke Rising is making up for lost time! We are less than a day away (airs tonight) from the highly anticipated Sasuke Navi (Preview Show) and less a week until the actual Sasuke 28 tourney airing in Japan (airs on Thursday) and we already have 2 videos to talk about!  That is in addition to the 2 minute All-Star Farewell Trailer and the Nagano visits Las Vegas half hour special!

We have 2 new trailer/videos... er. Make that THREE (as I was about to hit the publish button LOL!!)  anyway.. THREE new trailer/videos to talk about!  First up is a 3 minute international trailer that was posted on the official TBS promotions YouTube Page. It is a subtitled (in English) promotional video for Sasuke Rising with the participation of the foreign countries currently involved.

It shows Shingo, Yamada and Nagano clips from Sasuke past to explain that 2700 attempts (NOT PEOPLE G4.. oh wait.. they are gone so need to shout anymore..) were made on the course over the past 15 years.

And they acknowledge that we will be watching! mwahahahahahhaha ehem.. yes.. I'm waking up at 2 am tonight to watch Sasuke Navi!  Damn skippy! Oh yeah at 4:30 am next week!  I'll be watching with plenty of popcorn!

They go in a small bit explaining about how US has a spin off named American Ninja Warrior that did their 4th season (technically 8th if you include the ANC competitions but who's counting anyway.. ) and even though this happened NBC still made the American representatives pay their own way to Japan.. /facepalm AND didn't invite the current ANW Stars to compete.. but yeah I'm not raging about that or anything.. nah.. nothing to read here..

Sasuke Singapore debuted this year and sent 2 athletes from that competition to Sasuke Rising (airing next week).

Sasuke Malaysia finally aired this year though it was taped last year. They sent 1 athlete to Sasuke Rising.

Farid whom we met last year conquering what I call the "Nagano" final with the spider walk. Well.. a mini version but who cares that's my favorite final!

Same competition from last year that had Nagano visit and became a superstar by meeting the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

And finally they talk about Ninja Warrior Europe that is currently in the works.

Seems the producer had mud in his eye for this pic LOL  They were present during Sasuke Rising's taping (from November) to get a feel for how it runs in one day.

Now they cut to the part I like. Spoilers for this tourney! Mwahahahahhaha

I totally am loving this new camera on the Rolling Escargot.  It's showing this poor soul's futile attempt to stay on the snail. Yep you guessed it.. he's going for a drink of the septic sludge!

And the Cannonball Run from Viking... er... er.. sorry.. Spin bridge is still one of my favorite if not THE favorite obstacle of Viking.. er.. Sasuke!

Ooh another WHHHHHHIFF of that new jump Hang sideways with poles thingamajig that they have for this new tourney.  Looks evil..

I see a string of hairy crab!  That can only mean one thing!

Yeah!  That's All-Star Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦

And All-Star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩

and.. wow are they crying?? All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

And All-Star (Mr. Sasuke) Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 who's doing mental steps of how to defeat this course.. one.. last .. time.  There.  They confirmed already this is the LAST tournament with the Sasuke All-Stars.

The reminder of the full tourney airing next week!  But don't forget Navi is tonight!  We'll be watching! Worldwide! Mwahahhahaha

TBS promotional video in full

And there is the link above to the first video I just screen-capped.  The 2nd video came from a website that we couldn't watch called Dogcatch.  The video was region blocked. Luckily, both the TBS international sales and the new Sasuke Rising Facebooks posted the video on their site.

This was a dogcatch produced 12 minute interview with the producer and director of Sasuke and showed a lot of the course.. in the rain.. (presumably from the day before since the Saturday before was pouring and the Sunday taping was clear of rain). View from the startline of the First Stage.

What's cool is that even though most of this is covered in rain and only clips of it the kids on SMF went crazy over the obstacles. LOL but that's nothing new.  This is presumably the 2nd stage (oh I'm sure I'll get messages correcting me if I'm wrong)

This is the 3rd stage and all the wild speculation begins about the new Cliffhanger! and that bar.. and what could it possibly mean? omg omg that's totally yada yada.. wait for the tourney folks..

And the final tower with no one on it.  Because they taped it the day before and the sky is filled with rain clouds!

And because this is all Japanese.. I have no idea wtf is on the screen. Either way it's there so we see the first obstacle and of course that exploding sign start line.

And we get a nice glimpse of the first stage.. and the 3rd behind that.. oh I can hear the hardcore kids squealing and circling blocks..

Seems they had 3 rookies show up to test the course (presumably of that website that posted the video).  TBS' site had this write up:
What happens when average 20-something or 30-something man-or-woman-in-the-street takes on SASUKE? You can guess, right?
Well, now you don’t have to. Check it out, and keep watching as the producers and creators talk about the new SASUKE RISING.

LOL first guy slips on the first step.. badly..

The girl ALMOST makes it.. then slides backwards..

And .. ewwwwwww.. that's a lot of mud..

2nd guy makes it past the steps and he celebrates! LOL

And has trouble mounting the .. ooh check out where they have the camera..

And.. LOL off he goes head first into the septic sludge!

No idea what he's saying but taking the time here to show the rest of the First stage

Man that flying cargo net thingie looks pretty epic..

And we see the first of TWO walls..

Yep.. here is the 2nd wall..

Now they go into the main interview section. (which is long btw and entirely in Japanese)

Sasuke's new Producer is Hiroki Kikuno 菊野浩樹

As he's talking they are showing parts of the course.

Hmm the course seems shorter to me? Nothing wrong with that actually.

Yep that's where the camera is. LOL they provide epic vids of the wipe outs!

Cargo net flying thing into the first of the walls

and right into the 2nd wall (note the fireman poll (left) where you jump down to the 2nd wall)

and the view of the walls from that cargo thingie.. so.. jumping to one of the sides.. wow..

Masato Inui 乾雅人 is the Director.

Inui was the Sasuke Director from Sasuke 1-13. After an 8 year absence he's back! Oh and you can see the whole video here. Facebook wouldn't allow me to embed this particular video for some odd reason..

Next is actually links to Sasuke Rising's new Facebook page.  Between this one and the TBS prosales page (the ones responsible for international sales of TBS produced shows) we've been kept up to date with all things Sasuke!  A nice departure of the last 4 years of pulling teeth!

Next is a link to the tbs merchandising sales website.. seems they now have a Sasuke merchandise section!  NO idea if they have overseas shipping so don't ask me.... They have towels and shirts from the current tournament Sasuke Rising!

The shirts are being modeled by the 2 American representatives that paid their way to Japan!  Will Dodd and Joseph Lobeck! Glad TBS used their likeness to pimp the new shirts that fit American bodies! mwahahahahha I want a shirt or towel.. just saying..

I was surprised when I went to publish this blog. I was about to hit the button when I decided to check my twitter (which had a few messages waiting for me).  Lo and behold a THIRD video link showed up!  I was very surprised of the content.  P.S. I just noticed that when I screencapped this directly from the page... check out who liked the videos.. just saying :)  This message is approved by Yuuji himself! mwahahahahahha
You have NO IDEA how much this makes me VERY happy to see TBS finally promoting their 2-Time and Defending Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治.  What makes this video so great is that not only is it a beautifully recorded video .. but it's SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH!!!!!!!!  I mean I completely understand that the tournament will not be subtitled, nor Navi.. but I'm so happy we get small clips (one above promoting the tournament and this one promoting Yuuji) further heightening excitement for this tournament AND acknowledging the international crowd that is faithfully watching their show live as it airs in Japan.  So THANK YOU TBS for promoting your show. I pray to God that translates to very high ratings.  I know as a foreign viewer I'm eagerly awaiting the tournament. I hope Japan is just as excited.

(Left to right) Sasuke All Stars Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦, Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩, Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟, (Mr. Sasuke) Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 and Makoto Nagano 長野誠
Finally, As a daily reminder from TBS to watch Sasuke Rising on their Facebook page they put up a couple of pictures.  This one was from today and it had the 5 All-Stars who attended this tourney!  (Bunpei was not present).  I'm happy to see my boy Shingo still has what it takes to mess up a picture.. LMFAO!!!!! LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!!!  he said he was cold because they made him take off his shirt when it was freezing.. I'm sorry but I LOVE that picture.  Anyone else super excited for the Sasuke Rising!??


Unknown said...

I definitely am! :) I just can't wait to see how the all-stars do, and I really hope all of them get past at least the first stage.

Unknown said...

I'm definitely excited about Sasuke Rising! :) I hope to see all the all-stars, even Katsumi Yamada pass the first stage.

Arsenette said...

Sorry Irvin I have comment moderation so they didn't show up until I logged on and allowed it :)

I'm super stoked!

Unknown said...

Big long time sasuke fan and fan of this blog. I love it. Are you having any problems with keyhole tv? this is the first i've had issues with it i've used it for years. missed sasuke navi :( so sad last with the all stars at least i'll get to read your blog about it. so i dont miss sasuke can you help me? is there any other way or stream to watch it on. keyhole won't let me watch withoult an update, after the update it won't let me register or put in a access code. i don't know what to do it just wont work and i cant find how to register on their website. any tips?

Arsenette said...

SMF is streaming it (just finished about half hour ago). We haven't used Keyhole in a few years now actually. when too many people are on it's literally a powerpoint presentation if it doesn't downright crash. check the stream SMF puts up and it's been pretty reliable so far. Links to SMF (Sasuke Maniac Forums) are referenced a few times already on my blog and on the links section. :) Hope you get to enjoy Sasuke on Thursday!

Mel Dawn said...

Thank you so much :) you're a life-saver! can't miss the all-stars final runs! silly me, I didn't realized that's what smf was! enjoy your holidays

Arsenette said...

No worries :) I'm just hoping more people can see the broadcast! So excited! So excited! THREE DAYS TO GO!