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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What can you do in 3 minutes? - Spoilerific review - 3-04-09

What can you do in 3 minutes? (Title picture for this week's show)

Okay as ya'll might have noticed I'm still going squeeeeeeee about the new Nagano baby in the oven news :p And just like Holly said, I hope it's a girl! A really really cute doll baby! I mean.. he has 2 boys already.. he needs a girl dangit.. and we want pictures.. LOL ehem.. ooooooh there's a show on today.. okay... let's see what fluffmania disaster is waiting for us today. Okay.. this one is called.. What can you do in 3 Minutes?

Just showing you the previous program I was watching while waiting for this.. Notice a few things.. Right is KeyHole running exactly ontime to my computer clock (-14 hours of course :p) The top left you can't see - that's TV Ants working (but I can't screencap it through the program itself with Clipper) and bottom left is VLC running the TV Ants feed. What you don't see is that TV Ants is running 2 minutes slow while the VLC doing the same feed is a minute behind that.. Just a thought. Still.. it was a clean feed and no interruptions on TVAnts so at least for now - Test has passed! :D

Commercial for 3 minutes! We are doing.. freethrows..

So.. I went to TBS and checked both their channel lineup and their show description on their website:

Incoming bablefish disaster..

3 minute challenge only 3minutes! ! 3 How do you do in a minute!
Cast: Yuta Tabuse, Kameda, Xing Yi, Yi亀田大, Kazu Takashi Kameda, Gal Sone, Giant Shirota, Knights, walking hiking, Makoto Nagano
Only 3 minutes Challenge "3minutes" "Can you do three minutes?" ▽ 1 three minutes with a beautiful waist slimming exercise for three weeks km Kameda ▽ Yi Xing 3 balloons falling or breaking in the 160-minute piece? ▽ 3 minutes superb sweets Gal Sone 3 minutes 30 perfoliate & Sushi eating a live octopus pet ▽ defocusing Knights 3 minutes.

Whoot! Nagano sighting.. Yes yes.. at 6:55 pm local time is this show.. got it.. Okay Nagano is crossing the ocean on a rope.. so they have him reliving Viking .. oy..

Okay.. wtf.. eating live octopus??? hey.. I'm only here for Nagano.. anyone think I'm here for Yamada has to be smoking something reaaaaaally powerful.. Funny how Yamada didn't get top billing on the TV description line up.. Nagano did :p LOL

Oh wait it gets better..

▼ Challenger
亀田興毅 Kameda, Yi Xing (Previous WBA light flyweight world champion)
亀田大毅 Yi亀田大 (浪速乃弁慶 亀田三兄弟次男) (Second son, 3 brothers Kameda Naniwa Benkay乃)
田臥勇太 Yuta Tabuse (The first Japanese NBA player)
麒麟 Kylin
ナイツ Knights
ハイキングウォーキング Walking hiking
原幹恵 Stem Megumi Hara
ギャル曽根 Gal Sone
ジャイアント白田 Giant Shirota
辻口博啓 Hiroshi Takashi Tsuji mouth
枝元なほみ Motoe Nahomi
山田勝己 Yamada Katsumi
長野誠 Nagano Makoto

▼ Staff
Narrator: 小林清志・平野義和堀井美香(TBSアナウンサー) Kazu Tadashi Kobayashi Kiyoshi Horii Mika Hirano (TBS announcer)

実況: Live:
田 中雄望小笠原亘・駒田健吾・藤森祥平伊藤隆佑(TBSアナウンサー) Takashi Yuu Itou Huzimori Shiyouhei Komada Kengo Ogasawara Wataru Tanaka Takeshi Nozomi (TBS announcer)

モ エヤン・八代じゅん土井敏之・高野貴裕・新井麻希青木裕子・加藤シルビア Silvia Yuuko Katou Takahiro Arai Maki Aoki Jun Yashiro Doi Toshiyuki Takano MOEYAN (TBS announcer)

▼ Attractions
No more than 3 minutes, 3 minutes SAREDO
Humans are "three minutes of valuable time" will enable one to use?
Sure, three minutes if the person can be amazing.
Excellent memory skills of mental intelligence body
In diverse ways, the human race, "3-minute limit"挑MIMASU.

The shortest of your life in three minutes long and will show you 3 minutes to the show.
▼ 3-minute game
3 minutes, free throws ○ ○ decide whether this be?
3 minutes, I could eat a whole raw DAKO?
3 minutes, or to continue burning stunt?
3 minutes, or can shed all the Nine-ball pool?
3 minutes, or flags of the world's 192 countries can all言I当TE?
3 minutes, or comedians will be defocusing ○ ○ times?

Including the human in a game of "three-minute limit"挑MIMASU.
▼ 3-minute information
Patissier Hiroshi Takashi Tsuji of the mouth of three of the world's expert in home cooking Motoe Nahomi sweets can be made for three minutes of back charismatic Italian beauty can SHINO minutes of exercise three-minute diet

And of humanity "of the three potential" show.

Yamada sighting doing the Quick Muscle just like Muscle Park blog said

Oooooooh the humanity.. LMFAO.. okay okay.. I'm here for Nagano I keep telling myself.. wow this is going to be a short blog.. no way I'm going to blog on this useless stuff.. so yeah.. like 4 thousand pictures in 3 minutes? I can do that :D

Word of warning.. I won't be posting every picture.. and Ube is working so for now this will have to do :p It's a fluff show.. please.. Okay. here we go!

Kouki Kameda doing .. balloon boxing..

Errr.. basketball pwnage it looks like :p

So help me I'm totally not watching someone eat a live octopus.. you have to be stark raging mad..

.. passing popcorn... Nagano flexing across the ocean in Kagoshima.. wait.. did he shave his pits? LMFAO.. okay okay it's the angle.. that's my story and I'm sticking to it..

Hmm haven't decided if I'm going to use this picture for 3 minutes or the one with the people.. might stick with the people. I'm told it will be a recurring show so that should change every week

Kameda brothers are up first. Hey the bald one was in Sasuke before. Okay.. they are popping balloons in a ring.. I feel bad for the commentators.. LOL Everyone is all laughing.. Ube had to work so when he got back he wrote this message "I can tell you that the two guys at the beginning are two of the Kameda brothers, a family of boxers"

LOL Kameda with hair (Daiki Kameda) is up first while Kameda with no hair (Kouki Kameda - the one that was on Sasuke before.. I think) laughs.

Okay.. He's only halfway through and he's running out of steam.. LMAO.. Damn 3 minutes is loooooooooong ROFL.. okay he's slowing down again..

This is what happens when I see something on Keyhole and then 2 minutes later is shows up on VLC.. I can go 'oooh I'll get a better shot later..'

Okay Daiki got 159 balloons in 3 minutes. Bald Kameda won't be outdone..

See? They all dramatic :p This is .. wait.. you can read :p

Bald Kameda starts off fast.. let's see how this goes.. I can't believe I'm blogging on this.. then again Ube blogged on pretty girls crying last year.. I can cope with fluff.. LOL TBS being TBS.. they are not showing the amount of balloons just as they cut to commercial :p

We are back from commercial.. and he's getting really sloppy and fell a few times on the floor.. will hair prevail? They cut off the numbers again.. let's see who wins..

Bro wants to know if he won... no one knows how much his brother did

LMAO 158.. he lost by 1! he's not happy..

Meanwhile the winner of the sibling rivalry is enjoying the 1 point win :D

NOW he's looking at the balloons he missed.. just.. 2 more and I could have beaten you..

Okay they are showing pretty ladies doing exercise.. people cooking.. someone doing hula? Okay they are going to some Chocolate place. Pastry Chef.. something.. hang on... not sure what his name is but the chick is having orgasms eating chocolate.. okay what is his 3 minute challenge? list of ingredients.. okay some Iron Chef thing? LOL he's going to cook chocolate in 3 minutes? Oooooh boy.. geez the high pitch soft chick voice of this announcer is giving me a sugar rush.. Speak like a woman damn you.. okay he's still cooking.. does he make it?

Hmm.. almost 2 minutes and he's doing some sort of custard with nuts and peaches and caramelized sugar.. he's got 30 seconds left.. okay he's done :p

Here are the ingredients :p Totally Iron Chef presentation LOL

Okay looks like 2 comedians now.. oh wait hang on.. Is this .. Audrey? If so they are coming for Sasuke 22. Lemme check while they go on commercial..

Doesn't seem like them.. I could be wrong.. just checking out the website and it doesn't look like them.. okay moving on.. are they counting puns? Asking someone else that's watching.. 42 puns I assume.

I'm sure they practiced the living crap out of that..

Qh! They were aiming for 30 and beat it with 42?

Okay some chick with a massive eating habit? (Ube message "The girl trying to eat all the sushi was Gal Sone.") (Yes I cut her.. trying to cut down on pictures.. I know I'm going to go insane on Nagano.. bear with me..) ooooooookay.. okay it seems like she's aiming for 30? 30.. er.. different foods? or 30 bites? oh geez.. this is weird.. okay some sushi bar.. LOL she's panicking.. will she be able to eat 30 pieces of sushi? LOL she likes the first piece.. she's chowing down.. camera keeps coming close to get a look at her mouth and she keeps covering it. K not going to make it.. she's at 1:34 and she's not done the top row of sushi (there are 2 rows). She's laughing and staring at the clock. She's chowing down now and not even chewing.. 20 seconds left and 5 to go.. and she's done it.. she ate all 30! She's crying lol... oh my..

NEXT.. we are now in Hong Kong and show Bruce Lee statue and Jackie Chan. movie clips. oh hello it's the comedy team of Moeyen. They were in Sasuke 21 - Ikebe Ai 池辺愛 (Red Moeyen) competed and was shown in a Sasuke Maniac show.

They are checking out acrobats in front of a McDonalds... Okay nvm they are stuntmen. They ask if one of them wants to be on fire for 3 minutes.. LMFAO.. okay.. this is crazy.. they agree.

The brave s.o.b. that was put on FIRE!

Eek that's scary.. okay they are prepping this guy with all kinds of stuff and puddy and even a timer so he knows when to shut down. he's doused and ready to go. They look all stressed.. they should be! There he goes.. and commercial..

Moeyen are having hysterics as they see this guy walking around engulfed in flames.. someone is shouting out in succession marching orders.. could be time left dunno.. sucks not knowing .. he's now runing.. he must be really really hot.. 2 minutes in ... everyone chasing him and he's going around in a circle.. he's tripping.. but still going.. 20 secs to go.. yep he made it.. geeeeez..

One of the girls is crying.. nvm they both are. They take out the first layer of crap on him.. he has to be taken to sit down..

he's .. hurting..

..but still happy it's over .. Geez what people would do for television..

Before picture of Shino

NEXT! aww geez.. ladies doing circular movement with their hips.. this has to be for the guys.. okay her name is Shino...

After picture of Shino

..and she lost a lot of weight.. and 30 cm's around her waist it seems?

now they are showing some other girl.. I assume actress? She gets weighed and measured.. Okay.. slightly squating exercises while tucking tummy and buttocks.. yeah.. /sigh this is going to be a long 3 minutes.. snore.. okay I went to check on other things.. I think they are done? Yay.. wtf.. did she lose a few milimeters? 8 milimeters.. .8 centimeters :p Riiiiiiight.. NEXT! crap they are still on the same girl.. she apparently did more exercise and is eating healthy.. /sigh.. I' can't believe I'm still watching this.. LOL Lost another 3 centimeters to her waist and 2 kilograms in weight.. she's.. freaking out...

NEXT! 2 guys in basketball uniforms.. okay they go into a gym and find Yuta Tabuse there practicing. I assume these guys are comedians?

Another Ube message - "Yuta Tabuse was the basketball player. He is the first Japanese player to make it to the NBA. He was on the cover of NBA Live in Japan when he played for the Suns even though he was a bench-warmer."

Okay I think this is a free throw contest in 3 minutes. Okay I think his goal is 60? Guy in yellow is up first. He got .. 17.. Guy in white is trash talking.. let's see how he does.. no wait the pro is up next. He's in a nice rhythm so far. LOL the ball handlers are having issues keeping up with him. at 32 at the halfway mark. 60 at under 30 seconds left. He's now grinning.

Final count was 75 in 3 minutes. 92 balls so 81% success rate.

Okie dokie... crushed the challenge..

NEXT!.. ooooooooh I hear Nagano music! Dangit WHAT IS THIS MUSIC? GRRRRRRRR..

Yep.. had to wait about an hour to see it but hey.. I'm awake.. So.. they have him in Kagoshima it seems.

LOL what is TBS's fascination for videotaping up his schnozz? LOL I guess they are trying to put an impending figure.. Dude.. he's friggin' 5 foot 3.. get over it.. LMAO.. the drama.. that's okay.. passing popcorn..

They go into a big introduction of videos of Sasuke (LMAO They showed Aoki Yasuo 青木保夫 getting pwned.. again.. ).. a few wipe outs, etc. then they get to the prerequisite videos of his (him fishing, his boat.. oh and the nards ...)

I adore this .. "One thing I dig about this guy is how every time they mention on the show that Nagano was a fishing boat captain the producers cut to some home grainy video of him climbing up to the crow's nest of his ship, doing a handstand and then hanging upside down on a rope or some sh*t just to prove how f***ing hard his nuts are.."

OH! They must have used the raw footage for this because you actually heard some guy in the background laughing when he did this. According Pitts' interview with him he did that as a joke just for the video (he has never done it on the boat nor has he done it since.. it was just for his entry video for Sasuke 6).

Takasui Corp in Kagoshima where Captain Nagano is based

Okay .. this is FRIGGIN WINDY! Omg that flag is blowing hard..

Daily operations in Takasui Corp (No.. Nagano doesn't do this)

Oooooooooooh cute videos of his... 3 weddings? Okay.. 3 ceremonies.. Shinto (is that Shinto or Buddhist? I don't know the difference - was corrected.. They do Shinto weddings and Buddhist funerals.. gotcha..)... (The "1" is for January, 2009)

LOL the cake cutter was blowing.. bubbles.. Not even Ricans do that.. dang.. they one upped us on sheer cheesiness.. ahahahah okay okay that's cute.. cake looks cute!

Western reception (BEAUTIFUL DRESS!) (the 6 is announcing a June birth for Nagano baby :D) - Okay got a translation from friend. "Baby is due in June"

..and again Western but meathead had his Sasuke clothes on.. damn black pants.. I swear I want to meet him so i can have those damn things burned..

Prerequisite interview..

Okay this is in Kagoshima I can assume in the Takasui Corporation where he docks (they have several docks but he's based out of this one I think.. I'm sure I'll get corrected on that if I understood wrong). His crew is there.. and so is his new wife Asami (far right) :)

She looks great! Pitts and Reenie would be proud :D

LMFAO.. check out the animation of what is going to happen..

Can he traverse 50 meters of rope.. over the ocean? Paraphrasing here.. I might as well be looking into the human brain when I see Kanji.. I see 3.. that's for minutes.. and 50 meters.. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to infer the meaning :p

Okay.. whole production about the rope (50 meters) between boats.. geez that's precarious..

K one side on a boat.. in the ocean.. the other on the dock.. that's.. it??

K while they are tightening they show a red marker to show the 25 meter mark

Say hi to the main ship in the fleet (the big blue one)

Okay.. I'm all excited :p That's.. quite a distance.. The chase boat looks so small.. (the blob in the middle of the screen)

Okay rope is going tighter..

VLC/TVAnts picture while I'm waiting..

They keep showing Asami in the sidelines there.

K one of his 3 black wifebeater™ shirts.. The first one (no M. Nagano in the back and worn in)

Back to the boats. A bunch of set up.. it's windy.. and as my darling husband says "there goes his hairline.... " yeah yeah.. at least he has hair and won't go bald.. shuddap.. Men.. why do they pick on other men? Wait.. women do that too.. nvm.. carry on..

Okay this is freaking me out.. the rope is all going up and down..

So.. who' s idea was this? WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME? You're the crazy one..

okay here we go.. wait.. commercials.. gaaaaaaaah

Okay back.. they start up again.. LOL Check out the chyron.. bottom is him dangling on the rope.. the start boat in the far right and where he is going on the far right.. with an arrow showing his body.. ahahahaha ehem.. and the chase boat right near him in case he falls.

I see they have the Wifecam™ set up :p

he gets to the 25 meter mark really fast just under a minute.. but he looks tired.. geeeeeez.. rope is bobbing like crazy he's laughing..

wait.. he stops..

going backwards?? wtf..

okay he's resting his arms.. but geez that can't be good for bloodflow to the head..

Okay this shot is creeping me out.. Dude's insane...


okay.. he did this.. twice.. I don't think he's going to make it.. he looks precarious..

Aww man I'm getting a headrush just looking at this..

A minute to go..

Oh crap he fell! Gaaaaaaaaaa..

Glub glub glub..

Asami in shock as is his crew

Kinda reminds me of Sasuke 20 coming out of the water.. man his arms must be tired..

Back to Wifecam™ - Asami still in shock (cute baby in the back :) Guy looks like he's going to honk up something

Wow they have to pull him to the boat..

he's .. giggling again.. /sigh..

Wow .. too tired for girly giggle.. he's wasted..

Prerequisite interview

Hmm something about the 25 meter mark..

LOL He's motioning with his hands on the up and down motion..

yeah.. it was too lax.. the rope I mean.

Okay got a translation from friend. - "He said that it got difficult in the middle because the rope was really bouncy (it wasn't tight like at the ends, too much give...) Rule was he is allowed to rest in that bat position. He seemed kind of annoyed with them overplaying the "What are you going to show your new wife and unborn baby?" Kind of went "Yeah, yeah. I'll show them my best." Classic."

LOL he did look perturbed.. ahahahahahhaha I'm sure at this point he's regreting going public with them about it.. Still.. it's cuuuuuuuuute.. I want a baby girl and I hope it's on Tricia's birthday :) C'mon June 12! Sasuke 22 is going to be overplaying that daddy and husband thing.. poor Makoto.. go Asami!

This has to be a major first for Makoto Nagano.. he never showed his family or even acknowledged them.. well.. sorta.. his previous wife was mentioned before in earlier Sasukes when he was saying that he hoped she'd let him continue competing even though he has failed since she did not approve of him being there. Then as he got better he thought his wife would continue letting him.. and his 2 boys were briefly shown in Sasuke 9 when he cleared for the first time. He was divorced by the time Sasuke 17 came about. That's about it. This time around it's completely different. She's front and center, they showed their wedding and announced they are having a baby.

Update.. "fail" (I guess :p They are all dramatic about it)

NEXT! Some guy trying to keep a live eel in his pants.. er.. no it came out.. he failed too.. then some guy identifying birds he got 100 birds in less than 3 minutes.. sorry.. was too busy chatting with a friend to find out what Nagano said to be paying attention.. LMAO..

Sasuke 22 commercial!

Whoot! They are confirming Bunpei Shiratori is scheduled to appear.

Ditto for Daisuke Miyazaki

And Toshihiro Takeda

And Makoto Nagano - TBS on his birthday! March 30 be there or be square..

Cooking again.. not paying attention.. was checking out the Sasuke commercial.. okay Bunpei (yay), Daisuke Miyazaki, Toshihiro Takeda and Makoto Nagano. okay.. she just made it..

Ingredients ala Iron Chef..

NEXT.. more cooking.. back to blogging.. LOL oh wait.. I think this is the live Octopus.. ew.. definately avoiding this one.. ew.. okay .. that's.. just gross.. ew.. commercials.. K it looks like he couldn't eat it.. or was it legs? Oh hell I don't care that was GROSS!!!!! Ube message "The guy trying to eat the squid was Giant Shirota (named because of his resemblance to pro wrestler Giant Baba)."

NEXT.. some kid.. something about 192.. ah she's identifying flags? She's good :) Okay commercial.. she didn't make her goal (she got to 146 at the 3 minute mark) but did all 192 past the timer. I'm totally not paying attention.. I'm still busy chatting on boards :p

NEXT! Pool?

Got an update from my friend - "It seems to be a new series. The billiard guy at the end is a preview for the next show. They are probably showing a Sasuke participant each week to promote the show... The kids in pajamas didn't make it this time either... Don't know whether the show will last..."

So.. Katsumi Yamada was cut from the show even though he was featuered in the opening.. LMFAO


merimask said...

"So.. who' s idea was this? WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME? You're the crazy one.."

This made me laugh until coffee came out of my nose. Perfect way to start the morning. ^_^

Seriously...SO HAPPY for Nagano san and his wife. Like I was telling you, it's a beautiful thing, the way his life has changed in a year. This time last year he was weak & in the hospital. Now, he's married to a really sweet person, expecting a baby. He's been to America & he even came really darn close to beating Sasuke in September. Like I said...I think this is his year!

Even if he couldn't cross the bobbing rope...

Arsenette said...

Teheheheheh was bored this morning and had a bit more fun with the captions :p Glad it brought a smile to your face :) I enjoy blogging to bring a smile :D Though you have to be careful with coffee.. that sucker burns through your nose.. soda isn't bad either.. gaaaaaaaaah

YES I was happy to see the videos as well! They looked great! Except for those stupid pants in a wedding picture.. LOL!!! He looks a lot healthier this year.. no hospital either.. wow so much has changed in 1 year! I'm sure he didn't think his life would be like this just a year later I can tell you that!

So.. a girl or boy? Ooooooh I want to see a little girl! I mean I won't be crying if it was a boy.. okay.. I know.. fraternal twins one of each.. mwahahahhahaha :D

Oh.. that rope gave me the heebie jeebies..

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

What a blog, Elsie! Great job. I slept thru the entire thing. Should not have taken that nap. That is so funny about Yamada being cut. Makes you wonder, eh? Maybe they will show his part next week or next show or whatever.... Maybe he passed out and couldn't do it so they cut him to spare his ego? Nagano and Asami looked great. Except for the one pic of him in his Sasuke pants. That made me giggle.

Arsenette said...

Poor thing you needed that nap. Glad you got it though!

Btw.. I'm still SQUEEEEEEE over that white western wedding dress.. the one where they cut the cake.. omg.. that's to die for!!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

You are right. It was gorgeous! And you were also right about that hat. I hope that when Sasuke rolls around that they show a better picture of that! :) She looked beautiful, and he looked like a shmuck in those Sasuke clothes. I hope she smacked him. Well, maybe not that, but perhaps a light little tap on the back of his head. I can't believe he did that!

Arsenette said...

I have a strong suspicion that Sasuke Navi will be a lovefest for Nagano. Whether or not this will all end up in the G4 broadcast in like 10 months.. is anyone's guess.

MG (KSx4) said...

Thanks for the post! I really appreciated it a lot. I hope his new wife is very understanding about his career and Sasuke thingy, unlike his previous wife. But dang, I can't imagine doing 50 meters rope from dock to the boat and that I used to work for Navy (wasn't in service, just a contractor). But Nagano sure has hard nuts, that's for sure.

Chaki said...

There is that one close-up of Asami that I swear looks exactly like Akiyama!! They both have fair skin, small eyes and go to the same eyebrow artist. LOL

Arsenette said...

LOL Chaki I didn't think about that. have to go back and check again :) Was too busy gawking at the dresses like a giddy schoolgirl window shopping.

MG I'm glad you enjoyed it :D It was a fluff show but we all know we watched it for Nagano.. LOL

MG (KSx4) said...

Nagano is so watchable in anything, even fluff show! :)

Even if he appears on Jeopardy, I'd watch it for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

awesome review arsenette! ^_^
you really got me laughing on the show haha... very nice!

thank you!

btw, my grandma is getting better now... PHEW! ^_^

Arsenette said...

Oh that's good to hear about your grandmother :)

The show was cute! Granted I only really paid attention when Nagano came on but there were a few things that kept my interest while I waited.. and others.. well.. other's I was chatting with someone else to pass the time :p

LOL MG I totally missed your comment as well. /sigh. and yes.. wow.. Nagano on Jeopardy.. that would be humiliating.. LOL Hmm.. which All-star would suck the most?