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Friday, March 6, 2009

There WILL be a Sasuke Trials in Japan - Sasuke 22 related news

Okie dokie! I wrote Monster 9 back in late January to see if there was going to be a Sasuke Trials this year. Last year if you remember we had a lot of fun watching the show when Sasuke Maniac showed it starting from July, 2008-September, 2008. Obviously with the show canceled it's more likely that we will not see it on TV this year if there was one. They actually answered back and said that at that time they were still planning the details for this season's Sasuke Trials. A month has passed or so.. and I emailed them again yesterday to see if there was going to be a Sasuke Trials considering that taping for the show is March 16th.. and I got an email today!

We are not sure if there is the next “3 minutes” on air.

The news about 3 minutes was not expected. I didn't know if they were going to do more than one but I asked since they cut Katsumi Yamada's tape of his Quick Muscle (which was also featured as part of the opening credits) what seems to be last minute. The original time was up to 52 past the hour I think (18:55 to 20:54) and it finished around 20:30 or something like that in favor of a Boxing special up to the 20:54 mark. Thinks like that happen in TV all the time so I figured it was last minute shuffling. I also thought there would be another show but at this point we don't know if there will be one or not. I'm happy at least I got to see Nagano's part :)

The 22nd SASUKE trial will be held on 8th this month.

Thank you

Second part of the email was the interesting one! So it will be this Sunday! That's quick. I didn't see an update at all in the Muscle Park blog which I go to daily and nothing on the Monster 9 site either. They might have contacted the people who did the Trial last year and/or contacted people who did a straight application for the show. Who knows at this point. I wrote them back to see if we know where it will be. Last year it was in Mount Midoriyama while in the past it has been in Muscle Park (usually in the winter time). If I get an answer back I'll let you know!

P.S. Will this be the year of "Moody" Makoto Yahagi? "Perfect" Tomino Keita? Will the previous winners like Kawaguchi Tomohiro and Matachi Ryo be invited back?


Pittsburgher said...

That's great that they got back to you. Thanks for the info.

Arsenette said...

Whoops didn't see this until now.. LOL

Yeah! Ube found the rest of the information (6 qualified from 60 entries - which were taken from over 2000 applications to the trials).