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Monday, March 2, 2009

Nagano Baby Watch 2009 - Sasuke related events

Sasuke 22 - Monday, March 20, 2009
(3 hours and 24 minutes long!)

Sasuke 22 is right around the corner! And just like last year I'm doing what I can to find Sasuke related information. A friend of mine was checking Japanese TV Guides for the month of March, 2009 and came up with a synopsis for this year's Sasuke 22. Here is a synopsis of what was read:
  • They mentioned "An array of Olympiads to be showcased. Swimmer! Wrestler! Gymnast!"
  • Miyazaki Daisuke fluff.
  • Then Nagano News - "And what kind of action will Japan's strongest fisherman Makoto Nagano show to his new wife and the baby in her belly!!!!"
Makoto and Asami Nagano ©Pittsburgher, 2008

Also there is 90 minutes of news before (Sasuke 22) and a 90 min TBA slot that could well be for Sasuke Navi. I figure LOL still can't believe friggin' TV guide is all excited about Nagano's baby. I expect that Nagano fluff video of his wedding and wife would be in Sasuke Navi in detail. THAT I look forward to. I do expect Navi to be about 1 1/2 hours if they devote a LOT of time on Nagano's section. Last year was 1 hour. As I find out more I'll do my best to post.


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Friggin AWESOME!

SuperNOVA MANIAC said...

uh is it just me or was nagano married before?

because in sasuke 8/9, after beating 1st stage for the first time, they showed 2 kids and i think it said first son and second son...

Anonymous said...

wow that's awesome!

btw, i need a little favour. i can't watch the 3 minutes show today cos my grandmother is gravely ill in the ICU at the moment. just spent last night in the hospital :( i'm feeling uber-down at the moment. will someone record it? or maybe do a review on it?

thank you so much.

Arsenette said...

It's no secret Nagano's been divorced before and has 2 boys from that marriage.

Oh and Kat I'm not recording it - check later on the boards to see if anyone is recording it. I know one person will and refer to that link that was given to you before. I don't post anything here. As for reviewing it.. I plan to :D Hope your Grandmother recovers :( Hang in there!

merimask said...

Yay Nagano-san! I really think this is going to be an awesome year for him...I have a good feeling about Sasuke too. He has so much to motivate him to get to the top now! *keeping fingers crossed*

I wonder if the Olympic wrestler at Sasuke will be Henry Cejudo? I hope so! I spent a lot of time with him; he's a natural athlete and a great guy and VERY competetive...made for Sasuke. D.U. said that they wanted him back for Sasuke I do hope we'll see him again. Now that he knows what to expect (he was a Sasuke noob first time around) I think he'll do much better.

Rufus said...

Expecting already? Dang.
I smell a shotgun wedding! j/k

I CAN'T BELIEVE OUR BABY IS HAVING A BABY! Congrats to them both :)

MG (KSx4) said...

Congrats to Nagano for having kid on the way! Someday, that baby will become King of Sasuke! :)

Arsenette said...

Shh... don't mention the smell of gunpowder Rufus!! :) Still they looked very happy in both Sasuke 21 and Chibipa and their wedding picture so that's all good :D

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I'm hoping for a Queen of Sasuke, thank you very much! :)

Arsenette said...

ME TOO!!!!!!! He has 2 boys.. a little girl would be.. oh my.. just too kawaaaaiiiiiiiiiii.. I want to see a little girl!!