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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sasuke Navi - One hour preview of Sasuke 22

Title for Sasuke Navi for this tournament

(P.S. A gazillion thanks to Ube for the massive help on names and general Japanese translations :D)

Ehem.. if everyone remembers from last year.. I really really enjoyed Sasuke Navi from last year in anticipation for Sasuke 21! So I was stoked for this year since we've been in Sasuke drought with Sasuke Maniac gone. The only Sasuke related thing on TBS was 3 Minutes and that was only Nagano. This time around we have a LOT more people watching so the experience was very very enjoyable. For the record.. KeyHole was working but under heavy load (use as last resort), TVAnts was working as intended and we have heard that LiveStation is BACK! So for tomorrow morning.. feel free to use LiveStation and TVAnts to free up the bandwith on KeyHole.

We have swimmers! - Junichi Miyashita 宮下純一, Beijing Olympic Bronze medal winning swimmer (4x4 relay) (wait.. Ube's right.. that's not Miyashita.. it's Kosuke Kitajima the gold medal winner.. slick TBS.. very slick..)

Mental note I will be taking my time doing the blogs this year.. I got soooo sick from staying up way too late trying to get everything done.. one bonus is that I didn't have to do Sasuke Maniac on top of these 2 events so that helps a great deal. Also having Navi and Sasuke 22 a day apart helped BIG time in terms of recovery rate.

We have fishermen and freerunners! Makoto Nagano schools Levi Meeuwenberg in the harsh life of a professional fisherman

Okay I was up in chat with a dozen people from the Proboards.. it was a lot of fun actually :D I might not do that for 22 because I'd be too distracted with the pace moving a heck of a lot quicker in a competition rather than a fluff piece filled hour. Besides.. I like having my kittens in private :D .. squeal...

We have fire fighters! Toshihiro Takeda shows Levi Meeuwenberg what he does to his building on his spare time.. LOL

First off they start off the show by showing the very first new obstacle.. (more on that later..) and I'm already going "aww crap...." I already know that every good TBS show has ridiculous spoilers and wild goose chases (like showing testers) in the first 30 seconds of the show to get you hooked. (yeah.. like that's any problem for me.. :p )


Opening montage has the usual suspects dispersed with new people I have never seen (though Ube say are established people). I'm uber pumped! I'm also happy they will show Sasuke Trials! As all you know I followed last year's Trials and have loved how they made you care for each one. I see ones I remembered that didn't make it the last time so that's a good sign that they are back!

We have Asa Kazuma 朝一眞 and his pants and war paint (he was from Sasuke Trials 2008 and Sasuke 21)

Right off the bat as well with Sasuke Trials I see that it's a LOT different than last year.. I know it was put together at the last minute so I see how the production value dropped. Nonetheless.. it was a competition and that's what I wanted to see!

Oh.. this can't be good.. damn spoiler.. gaaaaaaaah

Though this picture is certainly not giving me any confidence.. /cry... okay okay.. now that the opening montage is still.. wait.. it's still going... LOL it's pretty long this time around... it seems.. I'm not complaining :D

Sasuke Trials Registration line

Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 - Firefighter from Gifu, Japan

Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦- Yeah baby Yeah! ehem.. former crab fisherman from Hokkaido, Japan

Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟- Gas station .. er.. regional or district manager by now :p

Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己- I don't know if he's even working.. anyway.. they call him Mr. Sasuke ...

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 - Everyone's favorite Fishing Captain Bada$$ of the Millenium

Daisuke Miyazaki 宮﨑大輔 - Man of balls.. er.. he's a handball player and 3 time Sportsman #1 winner

Iwanaga Sho 岩永生 (left) Daisuke Miyazaki 宮﨑大輔 (center) and Masakatsu Izuma 猪妻正活- men of balls :D (I love you Ube...)

Tomohiro Matsunaga 松永共広 - Japan's Silver Medalist in men's wrestling at the Beijing Olympics (also competed in Sportsman #1) and also competed in the second stage of Sasuke 21.

Junichi Miyashita 宮下純一, Beijing Olympic Bronze medal winning swimmer

Sato Hiromichi 佐藤弘道 - TV host and his grin..

Actor Akiyoshi Nakao 中尾明慶 from drama Rookies (he was in SASUKE 20)

Bobby Olugan - boxer I think?

Toshiaki Kasuga 春日 俊彰 from Comedy duo Audrey オードリー - Profile from wiki

Wakky ワッキー - Comedian and former Sportsman #1 Winner (on the right)

Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹 - Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル

Takahiro Yamamoto 山本高広 (impersonator)

Kishi Manabu 岸学

Nochi ノッチ (on the right) of Dangerous デンジャラス He's best known as the guy who does the Barack Obama impersonation on Japanese TV.

Kato 加藤 歩 from Zambugle ザブングル

Cherry Pie チェリー☆パイ - Comedy Duo... I think.. I'm sure they are here to show their boobs..

Ninja Warrior - previous ANC winners Luci Romberg and Levi Meeuwenberg with ANC4 winner David Campbell

Levi Meeuwenberg from Sasuke 20 and 21 - "I'm feeling really good about this one"

Taiwan's Lee Yen Chi リー・エンチ (Sasuke 17-18 and 21)

Pakuten? Dunno I think that is what Ube's blog has..

Okay we have officially entered the show part where they start to crack out the fluff pieces. Up first is .. hang on lost track.. a lot going on.. okay they start by saying that in October 11, 2006 we had our second winner in Makoto Nagano. Since then there has been complete decimation of the field (cue all the wipe outs..).. then comes a Daisuke Miyazaki handball fluff piece complete with Sportsman #1 competition in January, 2009 which I never did blog about but saw.. LOL Oh well I was really sick that month and finishing with Sasuke 21's stage 3 exit...

Junichi Miyashita swimming in the Olympics

Next is a fluff piece about the swimmer Miyashita in the Beijing Olympics and then followed by a fluff piece with the Audrey guy. Apparently the Audrey guy played American football in a team somewhere some time ago.

The guy from Audrey (getting a lot of face time)

Okay next is the kid from the Rookies TV show (and apparently upcoming movie). For some reason.. this popped up in the middle of his fluff piece.. but not before I recognized something I shouldn't.. some one's front lawn.. if you can call it one..

Aww crap.. it's Yamada selling hotdogs again..

Poor guy.. he didn't get the memo from last year's Mr. Assasin.. he's going to train with Yamada.. oy.. poor guy... Yes Ube.. this guarantees he's not going to make it past the first stage.. again.. But before we do.. let's see Mr. Sasuke's failures.. because TBS people are sadists.. like Ube and me...

September, 2002.. Sasuke 10.. the most heavily used footage on the planet.. well.. second..

THIS is the first and most used TBS Sasuke footage on the planet.. even more so than Nagano winning.. Mr. Sasuke Crying..

Okay.. go see Rookies the movie.. May 30th.

Sasuke 20's epic demise - death by Jumping Spider.. and.. you went to Mr. Sasuke because he can help you? I assume he doesn't watch the show that much...

Akiyoshi Nakao using Yamada's totally expensive mini trampoline and wiffing..

Ube wrote something on his blog that was so true.. "You know, ever since I looked up how much those mini-trampolines cost, I wonder how much building that set has put Mr. SASUKE in the hole and how many hot dogs he had to sell to make up for it." Dude.. we do know where he has been spending his Monster 9 appearance fee money.. that's my story and I'm sticking to it :p

I swear TBS loves the butt shot.. They even have little girls in skirts with that shot.. okay okay.. he got the jumping spider :p

"I'm surprised Yamada is wearing a shirt during all this" Ube writes.. uhm.. well.. you think he's has pudgy manboobs from Sasuke 20 and is trying to hide them?

Okay from one media diva to another.. oy.. love the transition TBS.. LOL Sato Hiromichi fluff piece.. help me.... oh wait.. why does this place look familiar..

Sato Hiromichi out in the styx.. he must be fuming he doesn't have a limo and has to hoof it..

Duuuuuuuude.. way to milk the camera.. you went to the Shiratori Shrine.. gaaaaaaaaaaah.. Sucks Bunpei Shiratori will not be at Sasuke 22 :( Anyway.. off to check out every Sasuke geeks dream back yard..

Bunpei Shiratori 白鳥文平 hosts Sato... to I'm sure a fun filled afternoon..

Well Sato has never made it past the first stage.. and I still don't know why the.. f.. he gets such a high number.. dang celeb.. but the last time in Sasuke 21 he got pwned by the warped wall .. Even Sasuke 20 he had issues with it and it cost him dearly at the end of the stage. .. so he figured he'd get tips from an All-star with his own sweet set up. I guess I can give him kudos for using Yamada's..

Hot damn this wall is high...

Even so.. he's going up and down this thing.. and STILL can't catch the top.. Bunpei just laughs.. oh.. time for a commercial.. SWEET! Sasuke 22 commercial!

Sasuke 22 commercial.. God I hope that wasn't Akiyama..

Back to Sato Sucking.. I mean.. he has done no progress.. Bunpei tries in vain to help him. It's getting dark now...

Bunpei patiently watches..

Looks like he's going ot show him how it's done.. but he stops..

oh. he's showing his knee. Hmm.. I guess he's sitting out Sasuke 22 because of his knee? Either way.. he's injured :(

Wakky and whoever is the other guy.. wow.. this looks.. wow.... moving on..

Time to meet the new Stage One pwnage apparatus :) mwahahhahahahahahhaha

Hmm.. Looks like a version of the metal spin.. It's called the Circle Hammer サークルハンマー

Slider Jump.. hmm a marriage of the Pipe Slider with the bar from the new Salmon Ladder with the drops from the Log Grip.. into a net so you get your feet and body parts tangled... wait.. it's the top of the friggin JUMP HANG.. oy vey.. this is going to suck..

... popcorn time.. Nagano fluff piece incoming!!

Dude's totally gotta chill with the eyebrow grooming.. he's going to end up like Whoopie Goldberg and have none..

They do the Sasuke 17 win fluff part then.. Aww more wedding pics from January 10, 2009! (P.S. Baby due in June).. Wow that was a HUGE reception.. dude.. I dont' even want to know how expensive it was.. beautiful though.. and yes.. they did change 4 times during the whole thing... LOL Asami must have been in girl heaven :)

Possibly the most beautifully romantic picture ever.. Though I can do without the wig and stuff.. this is possibly the most sentimental look Nagano has ever been photographed in. They are both positively glowing!

Omg.. THAT is the top of the wedding cake? ROFL! Wow that has to be heavy..

REALLY Love her dress.. he looks awkward in his suit.

Okay so the set up to look like Muscle Park was actually in the reception

Geez .. that's one big cake... Still love the dress ya'll

Wtf.. LMAO!!!!!! Takeda is at the head of the line with a whistle calling out commands.. followed by Yamamoto sporting a wolfing do then Akiyama, Shiratori and Yamada at the end.. all wearing what they would if competing Sasuke.
LOL Akiyama with a silly grin on his face :D Loks like the crowd is finding this funny too!

LOL Asami is cracking up! Nice dress..... love the fact it's strapless..

This is a little hard to see.. but it seems the Allstars and Asami are all lighting some candle on top of somewhere.. I assume the top of the wedding cake? (Love the exchange between Nagano and Shiratori)

Shingo, Toshihiro and Katsumi all get reflections to show they are there

Oh that's better! Someone snapped a flashbulb! (Shingo, Kazuhiko, Makoto, Asami, Takeda, Bunpei (hidden) and Katsumi)

Awwww walking along the beach.. but even if married.. Japanese people never show PDA like holding hands like they do in the USA.. still a tender moment :P .. damn.. black track pants..

Crack that whip girl! Nagano hoofing it around a field somewhere while wife looks on

K.. it's a soccer field.. LOL Makoto is all out of breath while his wife smiles an evil grin (Glad it isn't me sucker...) counting the pull ups while all you hear is wheezing in the background

HOLY CRAP.. OUT OF.. SHAPE.. Gaaah.. he drops off and starts cackling!

LOL he's sucking air.. Dude lay off the cigs.. you'd get better lung capacity! :p

Sadistic wife hasn't had enough.. SIT UPS.. NOW!! Mwahahahah I love Asami :)

.. what have I gotten myself into.. LOL Okay this is the most pathetic I've seen him in a long time.. it's priceless :)

Sasuke Trials time! Okie dokie. They waited to the last minute but they got it done! Over 2 thousand entries were sent to Monster 9. They chose 60 for this competition.

LOL check out the colorful entries! Everything from postcards to video packages and everything in between!

Here are some entries that people sent in..

Another video entry

and another video entry

.. and another entry..

Sasuke Trials committee meeting.. hmm how do we f them up this year?? Anyone want to volunteer?

Okay.. this is our eville plan..

K how about 60 lucky souls we turture? Yeah.. this person right here.. I want to pwn him..

Returning from last year's final 8. 7 From the final 8 + the guy that pwned Yamada in Bug in Miki!

Asa Kazuma 朝一眞

Tomohiro Kawaguchi 川口朋広 /

The whole gang ya'll!

Okay.. the sadistic bastards have 30 against 30 competition.. what????

Love the commercial showing Akiyama.. 0.1% of success but these bastards still come back for more.. Welcome to Sasuke!

Okay... 30 against 30.. in a 50 Meter race.. then something else.. I can't figure out.. starting to see familiar people!!

Matachi Ryo 又地諒

Here we go! (30 seconds are counting down)

Wow.. tug of rope? Omg.. will they eliminate 30 right off the bat???

Wow a lot of people I know.. hey there's Casey Cummings with clothes on!

The thrill of Victory..

And the agony of defeat.. NOoooooooo he's eliminated?? wait.. his name is not in red..

Oh there's Keita Yamamoto from last year's trials with Matachi Ryo

Takuya Miyagi 宮城拓也 (Mr. Sasuke's Assasin from last year)

Murkami Akinori 村上明範 also from the top 8 last year

The prize for the ones in the losing end of the tug of war.. holy crap.. 800 meter race.. (only top 10 advance..)

Wow they look tired..

I think he won.. Ube says Mori .. something..

Asa is relieved to be part of the top 10 winners of the 800 meters

So is Miyagi!

Murakami is eliminated!!!! Red letters!

Omg.. so is Matachi!! Aww I'm heartbroken!!

And just like that we are down to 6 from last year..

Part 2 of the trials..

Climb this wall.. Looks like a 50 meter run up? in 30 seconds?

Hashimoto Koji 橋本亘司 easily makes it :)

Dunno who he is but he's gone :(
Asa's turn.. he missed the first pass!!!

Runs up again!!

OMG NO!!.. he's got 10 seconds for a last try!!

5 seconds now.. c'mon Asa!!

Nooooooooooooooo! He's gone :(

Part 3.. Looks like 37.5 meters of balancing on mini balance beams.. (shades of Kunoichi ya'll)

Kawaguchi is up.. tall guy.. c'mon!!

And.. he's at the end! He makes it?
Casey watching from the sidelines along with a few others watching intently

Koji is celebrating for his friend! (Hiroki Nomura sighting! To his right.. left on the picture) Kawaguchi is through!

Doh.. Kenny Blankenchip's painful elimination of the day...

Goes to this guy.. because THAT has got to hurt..

This guy starts to lean to his left...

.. and right off the course!!!!! awwww

Kubota Takayuki 久保田崇之 from last year.. he gets to the end...

What? Is it timed? Why is his name in red??

Miyagi's turn..

Omg.. also in red.. wtf..

OMG they ARE eliminated! It must have been timed! (Ube said they had to run it in 15 seconds)

Next section.. 2 meter jump? with trampoline.. Oh. this looks awfully familiar..

Sorry sweetie don't know your name..

Aww first final elimination!
This is so heartbreaking to watch :(

Kawaguchi next.. (Ube said he just got married)

Wife I assume.. hmm .. she looks different .. must be the hair and glasses

This was her during Sasuke 21
Okay.. up and over......
and YES! He made it!!!!

Awww tender moment :)

Painful defeat follows from someone else :(

OMG.. that's Tomino Keita 富野恵太!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Omg omg.. I wanted him to go.. sooo badly.. gaaaaaaaah.. for those who don't remember him.. he was in last year's Sasuke Trials and has the possibly evilist backyard on the planet.. and PWNS Sasuke Park on a regular basis!!

Koji's turn..


Yeah baby YEAH!

Sato Hiroki clears (thanks Ube!)

YAY FINALLY Nomura clears!

Not sure who you are but I will when Sasuke 22 rolls around :) (P.S. NO kidding.. geez.. this is Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志)

Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 - Shoe salesman who qualified for Sasuke 21 via BUG-IN-MIKI win against the All-Stars

He met his defeat at the Flying Chute in Sasuke 21

And.. UP AND OVER!!!!!! (okay I knew he would make it.. LOL)

Solidarity! Sasuke Trials.. 7 clears

Sasuke 22 BRING IT ON!

Nagano fishing with Levi! Incoming second Nagano fluffpiece!

But commercials first.. Dude.. there's someone going UP THE TOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Levi.. I still want to slap you.. it's SAS KE.. You do NOT pronounce the "U".. /sigh.. I should be happy? He's not saying Ninja Warrior? Bangs head on wall..

Long fluff piece on the Levi Apology tour (blame hubby he came up with that... LOL).. he didn't like the flips either :p Speaking of .. they showed the flips in the fluff piece just to piss me off :p Anywho it looks like Levi did a trip with G4 to Japan to visit Nagano in Kagoshima.

Looks like they took a bus to get there

Yep that's Takasui where Nagano works out of in Kagoshima, Japan

Levi is greeted by a smiling Makoto

Looks like Nagano is showing him how he trains on his boat and having him try out the "course" if you will. Levi's climb is not bad considering he's touching that thing for the first time while out at sea and the thing is moving..

Nagano laughing at Levi struggling with the anchor thingie.. Makoto is just swinging it with ease and Levi has a wtf face but does manage with it.

Creaps me ooooooooout.. dude is balancing off the edge of the boat while in transit in open water with the wind blowing..

Nagano going "check out that noise.. he's nuts.. just like I was at his age..."

Nagano's view of Levi balancing on the side of the boat..

Levi now understands how Nagano got his strength from just training on the boat. "It's definately very effective.. so I can see how he gets his strength"

Looks like Levi and Makoto are riding the offloading bucket for when they transfer fish

Now from Kagoshima we go under a tunnel and WAY up in the mountains.. (I hear Takeda music)

Ah! It's Takeda's turn! Gifu, Japan folks (Ibi District)

Levi Mewburger.. slapping you again.. it's NOT Ta "kay" dah".. it's TAH.. Keh.. Dah...

Levi posing with a firefighter jacket

Toshihiro shows him how he trains. Putting weights around his waist as a belt and going up ropes in the garage of the firehouse

.. like.. so..

Levi's turn

"Thank you".. "Thank you''.. :D The extent of Takeda's English.. LOL

ANC in da house! Levi, Luci and David arrive by bus to Sasuke 22

More on Luci Romberg - btw.. going to be doing a blog about this experience send in your questions while you have the chance!

Looks like David Campbell hit Venice Beach?

More on David Campbell's entry video


Taiwan's Lee Yen Chi リー・エンチ

More on Lee's video

Ayako Inada - Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル

Tatsumi (bottom) and Takayuki Kawashima (top) from Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル (not sure how many entries they have total this time)

Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル

Crap.. more Katsumi Yamada? Well he looks strong going up the rope! Looks like his injury from Sasuke 21 healed up.

Oh crap.. a letter.. who wrote it.. Insert dramatic music..

God this man loves drama..

Aww this little boy is CUTE! Why would he be nuts to write to Yamada?

(Omfg Ube.. I love you) - "His (dying?) message is to see Yamada make the 2nd Stage. Well, that's just going to make me feel like a d*ck. Note that the he doesn't want Yamada to make the Final Stage. Just the 2nd Stage. He may be dying but he's not stupid."

Aww he's in Sasuke 22 :) Check out the lineup! Yamamoto with his wolfing do.. Yamada, Takeda, Akiyama and Nagano

Takeda is the first to drop to his level (like he doesn't have a son that age .. hint hint).. Akiyama is silly grinning and droping down too :)

Nagano doesn't have to go down that far. LOL j/k..

Awww nice to see Akiyama grinning from ear to ear - the 3 guys actually!

Shingo finally goes all the way down and Yamada is still thinking about it... LOL

Awww this is so cute!

K we are wrapping up the show by showing the following people to watch for in Sasuke 22! WHOOT I"m totally pumped!

Tomohiro Matsunaga 松永共広 - Japan's Silver Medalist in men's wrestling at the Beijing Olympics

Rugby player Tomoki Kitagawa 北川智規 - He placed 4th in the 2009 Sportsman No. 1.

Paul ANTHONY Terek - Olympic Decathlete - Former Sportsman #1 Champion

Let's go back and see the beast in action.... THIS is the reason why Monster 9 took out the Jump hang.. when it's so ridiculously ridiculed that he ONE HANDS it .. yeah.. they took that out after 17 ...

Dude is friggin' massive.. again he got to the 3rd stage in Sasuke 17

And here he met his doom.. Paul.. death by Cliffhanger (regular one)

"I came back to Japan and I'm going all the way to the top this year! All the way to the top!

YAY!! They are not going to cut him! Okuyama Yoshiyuki 奥山義行 - Sports gym trainer - 91 world 200m competitor for Japan

He was in Sasuke 19 and in Sasuke 20 (where he made the second stage only to lose to the stick slider (causing a change to the obstacle)) and was cut in Sasuke 21.

Hmm.. Katsumi at 81.. still too high but at least out of the 90's..

Holy.. Shingo at 31???? I know he likes to go earlier if possible because of nerves.. I hope this is a good sign!

Takeda.. not 99.. Miyazaki has that

Nagano being abused by Takeda again.. If you don't believe me..

Just ask Brett Sims from Sasuke 19.. ©Brett Sims

Ow.. I felt that internally.. LOL he looks so flustered.. poor thing.. poor crunchy hair..

Miyazaki has 99



Sato.. 90??? oh I give up



Yamamoto (doing his Kane Kosugi impersonation)

Nocchi (as Obama)

Shinagawa Tomoharu

Audrey guy

Paul ANTHONY Terek.. u..


We here at TBS would like to spoil you so we can get better ratings this year (yes please).. SOMEONE WILL GET TO THE TOWER..


Sasuke 22 - Monday March 30th - 20:00 (That's 8 PM Japan local time - 7 AM Eastern time)
*Edit - there is a 10 minute preview of the show - so Sasuke 22 starts 10 minutes BEFORE 8PM Japan local time
10 minute Sasuke 22 preview - Monday, March 30th - 19:50 (That's 7:50 PM Japan local time - 6:50 AM Eastern time - Just before Sasuke 22)

AND one final thing - I've been asked this alot.. which do you use to see this? My vote still goes for TVAnts (though rumor has it LiveStation is back up and running) - the less people on KeyHole the less likely either will crash. We expect several hundred people all watching this simultaneously. TVAnts seems to work under load (it did for 3 minutes) and the picture is actually really good.


crazykid said...

There are 3 options for viewing 22
TVAnts, Keyhole, and Livestation
Mac users-Livestation
PC users- TVAnts or Keyhole(LS works too)
TVAnts also has a limit to the number of people who can watch, I got kicked out during the WBC final while I was watching on ants.
This is the Chief.

lostinube said...

Thanks for the photos!

Oh, and your very first picture after the title screen is of Kosuke Kitajima, the guy who won two gold medals at Beijing, not Miyashita. Miyashita comes into the picture just after.

I think it was some trickery on the part of the TBS to fool people into initially thinking it would be Kitajima (the bigger star of course).

Arsenette said...

Anytime Ube! I KNEW HE looked familiar.. I couldn't put my finger on it but was gung ho to get the dreaded 10 hour blog out of the way.. LOL Going to fix that now.. And yes I do agree it was TBS being slick..

Thanks Chief! I did a cut and paste and frankly the ones that have read this blog to this point will know already where to find it :) I'm soooo tired.. 10 hours to go!!!!!!!

lostinube said...

I think they had fifteen seconds to finish the run across the benches.

And the two Muscle Musical guys are Tatsumi (bottom) and Takayuki Kawashima (top). Yes, I know what I just typed.

Your last set of photos after Nagano goes, Miyazaki, Miyashita, Miyashita, Sato, Nakao, Kojima, Yamamoto (doing his Kane Kosugi impersonation), Nocchi (as Obama), Shinagawa Tomoharu and then Wakky on.

Arsenette said...

A gazillion thanks! By the end I was like "omg get it over with" (when blogging).. I went OCD again.. LOL Seriously thanks a bunch :D

Chaki said...

Love your photo choices as usual. The Nagano/Asami with umbrella shot is breathtaking! Thank goodness his hair was not orange and crunchy for his own wedding. LOL Spilled my coffee about Nagano having Whoopi Goldberg eyebrows!!

Love the segment with the little boy who is NOT dying. He has leukemia and had successful bone marrow transplant, and is doing much better so don't kill him off. He flew in from Hiroshima. So sweet the guys really got into him.

I picked up some other names if you are OCD about getting as many as you can...

MG (KSx4) said...

Thanks for posting Sasuke Navi!!! I much appreciated it. I unfortunately won't be able to watch Sasuke due to heavy exam day, plus I have to studying for midterms. This blows!!! I wish Keita can make it to Sasuke. I love his insane version of cliffhangers in backyard.

Well, I'll be looking foward to your delightful posts on Sasuke 22. :D :D :D