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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sasuke 25 Official Airdate

This page will update with all the specials, etc. as they are officially announced.
Updated February 25, 2010 - Monster 9 information about duration of the show.
Updated March 8, 2010 - TBS page added with information about the show!
Updated March 15, 2010 - Monster 9 added on their Sasukemania website the date and time of Navi.
March 20, 2010 - Added end time for Sasuke 25.


I haven't professed my love for Ube lately since the guy has been taking a long break from Sasuke (which only turned out to be a few weeks.. LOL) but I have plenty to profess after his latest find! He did come back and have great (albeit unexpected) news. The news itself is that we finally have an airdate for Sasuke 25 on TBS. Right on the Sasuke Mania the official announcement of Sasuke 25 airdate was found (albeit hidden).

Sasuke Navi (Sasuke 25 Preview Show)
(via Sasuke Mania Announcement)
Sunday, March 28, 2010
16:00-16:54 JST
Station: TBS (Japan)

3 AM (Eastern Standard Time) (Sunday Morning)
12 AM (Pacific Standard Time) (Sunday Morning/Saturday night midnight)


Sasuke 25 (via Sasuke Mania Announcement)
Sunday, March 28, 2010
19:00 JST - 22:48 (via TBS Online TV Guide)
Station: TBS (Japan)

6 AM (Eastern Standard Time) (Sunday Morning)
3 AM (Pacific Standard Time) (Sunday Morning)

*** Due to Daylight Saving Time beginning please double check the converted time in your area. United States changes time on March 14, 2010 while European countries change on March 28, 2010.

Update - Monster 9 added information:

On their announcement for February 25 - They mention that Sasuke will have 47 competitors representing the 47 prefectures of Japan. Also all continents will be represented (we all presume they don't mean Antarctica). They also updated their Sasuke Page within the Monster 9 site.

Japan, the contestants were chosen from around the world challenge SASUKE.

4 Heated Battle starts now complete the challenge for global domination!

2010 年春にSASUKEに何かが起こる!!
Something happens in the spring of 2010 to SASUKE!

March 2010 - Sunday 28 19:00

※ TBS broadcast in the series

The strange news is that it's a whole month AFTER the taping date. We know the taping is this Saturday, February 20, 2010 so it's a bit odd that the airdate is that far ahead. I didn't see the announcement but Ube managed to find the page on his side. Another note is that there is no end time or date for Navi (still plenty of time until that is announced). Maybe they are securing the date and time but are waiting for duration after they figure out the results of the competition on Saturday. It's a guess of course.

Updates on possible competitors as they are added from various sources can always be found on my So excited for Sasuke 25 Blog.

Updated March 8, 2010 - TBS finally put their official Sasuke 25 page and I updated the "So excited" blog with the names provided. BIGGER news.. the numbers (saddlecloths are being chosen VIA LOTTERY!!)

Updated March 15, 2010 - Monster 9 FINALLY put their date and time for Sasuke Navi. For those of us who adore the behind the scenes, this is the show we were waiting for. I am a bit disappointed that Yuuji did not get the Nagano treatment and they did not air a Kansenseiha Special like they did with Nagano back in Sasuke 18... I am disappointed they didn't elevate him as a champion and have his own special. Either way.. Navi is still the same duration as it always is - just under an hour. I suspect they will shove something in there about him and cut off UNCLI like they usually do and make it look like he was never part of their group or something. Either way I know more people are interested in seeing the course.. I suspect they will post something at the end with a few huge spoilers in the beginning and end of show.


ArtemisFowljr said...

Oh yeah! Another Sunday morning Sasuke for us Italian lucky bastards, mwahahhahhahha!Ehem... :P
Anyway..WTF??? A whole MONTH later? They're gonna have to work hard to keep everybody's mouth shut...
And I can't wait that long without freaking out!

Arsenette said...

Btw you are affected by the time change that day right? Make sure you know ahead of time so you don't miss an hour.

Bartjks said...

Great! I wait to some information of the obstacles... Can you take some informations?

Arsenette said...

It is going to be very difficult to find information on obstacles for Sasuke 25. I am sure it will be a big secret. I will post anything official that I find but I doubt there will be much to share until a TBS special airs.

2D2Will said...

YES! It's on a Sunday! Now I don't have to worry about missing it due to early morning classes!

2D2Will said...

Oh, and I almost forgot. You're entering the guessing game this time around, even if I have to force you to enter.

thebobmaster said...

Sasuke 25 airdate...before Sasuke 23 here in the US...all right, all right, I'll shut up about it.

Still, I can't wait. Maybe I'll do something I've never done and watch the stream of it.

Arsenette said...

LOL Sess .. er.. no I don't like cursing people!!!! :)

LOL Bob :) Oh I'm done bitching about the stupidity of G4.. it's to blatant the world now it's just priceless that they will be 3 full tournaments behind when this airs.. ahahahahah ehem...

Btw yes I'd definitely hope you watch the stream. Half the fun is watching and not know wtf is going to happen! I'm glued to my computer going Ooooooooh and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. and OMG!!!!! it's friggin awesome. The TBS production is just so much more superior it's impossible to compare with the atrocity that is the G4 hack job. The music choices alone make the thing more interesting to watch. Even if we can't understand what they are saying.

thebobmaster said...

I think I'll watch the stream. Bit early in the morning, and I'll have to try to keep it down to avoid waking up the two others in the house, but it'll be worth it.

Also, I'm not sure if you heard, or are even surprised, but according to Lee Enchi on his blog (here's a link, if you want to try to translate: Koji Yamada, the firefighter with a ridiculous muscle mass, has said that he is no longer interested in competing. Just thought I'd let you know, if you wanted to hold a candlelight vigil or whatever for one of the more recognizable competitors.

i dont exist said...

4 Heated Battle? F-. They're doing Kunoichi.

Arsenette said...

Yep Bob I've been writing to Lee for a while now (just need a yahoo account to sign in and he's really nice about responding to posts). Been following him for over a year now .. or so.. losing track actually.. We've also discussed that a bit on SMF (link to the forums on the site on the left hand side). Lee's got the best pics of Sasuke out there on top of him writing about the show experience.

Hall of Games.. omg.. please for the love of God they better not turn it into Kunoichi.. hope that's just a wording issue with Google..

Arsenette said...

HGS - I was told it was a Google/Bablefish disaster. They are talking about the 4th challenge to Kanzenseiha not 4 people at once.. Phew!!!

thebobmaster said...

Geez, Google, don't scare me like that! I actually had a dream about watching a Sasuke version of Kunoichi 8 get prepared. It wasn't pleasant.

And yes, I know how boring my life is when I start dreaming about Sasuke.

Arsenette said...

Aahahahh yeah :) at first I was like.. oh crap hang on.. M9 can't be that stupid... then got the translation and felt better :)

thebobmaster said...

Hmm...Levi Meeuwenberg is confirmed. Since G4 didn't hold any challenges, that means TBS must have invited him.

Wonder what the odds are that him not being invited to the 24th tournament might have cut down on his cockiness?

TigerOfHaughton said...

I can't wait till Sasuke 25. I hope it's a good one. I'm planning to get up early and watch it when it airs.

Oh, and I thought you might like to see my newest posters. Both pics come from your Sasuke 23 blog. I made sure to say where they came from.

Arsenette said...

Hey Bob :) Contrary to popular belief the 3 that passed in Sasuke 23 were invited back but neither were able due to prior commitments. As much as I can't stand the showboating I don't want people to think TBS didn't want them back. As for the attitude.. hopefully a few years under his belt will snap him out of it.. but I don't think he will change anytime soon. It's ingrained in that culture to be like that. Hopefully spending more time with adults who don't showboat might actually help.

Teheheheh Tiger that's cute :) I can caption these guys for years :P They give me so much material.. LOL

thebobmaster said...

Oh. Well, that makes sense. Still, Levi is getting a bit big for his britches. I mean, he is good, no doubting that, but so is Makoto Nagano and Yuuji Urushihara, and you don't see them showboating. Or Shunsuke Nagasaki, so you can't even just chalk it up to his age.

I don't know, I just hate athletes who are cocky like that. Especially a certain Iketani brother who does not have blondish spikes.

TigerOfHaughton said...

I'm glad you like the pics, Elsie. The All-Stars, especially Nagano, Shingo, and Takeda, are very expressive, so it's easy to come up with funny captions for the pics. Your captions in your blog posts are usually hilarious, and I enjoy coming up with new ones.

Interesting info about Sasuke 25. Representatives of all of the continents (except Antarctica), huh? And someone representing each of the 47 prefectures. That's cool. So I guess Nagano represents Miyazaki, Shingo represents Tokyo, Takeda represents Gifu, Yamada (if he competed) represents Osaka, etc. Or maybe they mean 47 people besides the All-Stars? Guess we'll find out on March 28th. I can't wait. I hope the All-Stars did really well.

thebobmaster said...

Yay! Brian Orosco is back! I really like him. He's talented, but at the same time, he is laid-back and not cocky, and he seems to get along well with others.

thebobmaster said...

Hmm...Navi date has been confirmed. Is there any place Navi is streamed, or will I have to wait for the blog and/or the stream of Sasuke 25?

Arsenette said...

Check the boards :) I don't post that information here anymore since it's ever changing.

thebobmaster said...

All right. And looking up the announcer information on Sasukepedia (I know, not the most reliable source), it seems that they replaced the annoying announcer for 25.

Arsenette said...

Sasukepedia is by far the most updated. Everyone on the boards helps look up information for that though a couple only update it.. LOL

It's the Sasuke wiki that's not updated and is constantly vandalized.. that's why Sasukepedia even exists.. because some idiots have nothing better to do than screw things up.

And yes the announcers changed - mostly because the ones that normally do it (like butthead) were doing the Olympics since it was recording during the Olympics.. personally I hope that change is permanent.. I can't stand butthead.

thebobmaster said...

I hear that. I don't know exactly what it is, but something about that guy seems more...rude than the other announcers. If you'll forgive the extremely sad reference, he's almost the Simon Cowell of the group...but without the heart of gold.