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Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 Sportsman No. 1 Monster Box Special - Part 3

2010 Sportsman No. 1 Monster Box Special



For a preview of what Monster Box is please refer to my blog on the 2010 Sportsman No. 1 Navi (a half hour show). For brevity's sake I will not post what I already did there. I also want to make clear that the entire show will not be posted here. I am only concentrating on Monster Box and any specials tied to previous Sportsman #1 events. Thanks everyone for being patient while I do this.. was sick with a stupid cold.. grrr...

Bring on the 15th box!

Makoto Nagano 長野 誠 watching intently as they raise the monster box

Masaki Nomura 野村将希 doesn't know if he wants to keep his jacket on or not.. maybe he's flashing?

15 boxes - taller than a telephone booth.. 2 meters and 26 centimeters (approx. 7.4 feet)

There goes that newsvan again... it's Gon..

That was quick.. back to the present! We've got pants ya'll!

Masaki Nomura 野村将希 totally representin'

Wakky is all emphatic while Takeda just chilling in the background

Boy band seems to be intent in watching this old guy beat them!

Reacting to the loud ovation!

.. wtf..

sorry .. back from commercials..


Ouch.. caught his leg too!!

Takeda morphed into Shingo somehow and someone else moved forward..

And.. they see him scrape his body across the monster box

Wakky not happy

Nomura on his hands and knees crawling off the mat

Just didn't get enough spring this time

and where he caught his leg

Ick.. that had to hurt..

Wakky leading on the round of applause for a great day for Nomura

Everyone cheering his effort today

Masaki Nomura 野村将希 did 14 boxes successfully today so he gets a certificate for that

Not bad for a friggin 57 year old!

Back to shorts ya'll!

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 seems .. I don't know.. he seems like he's uncomfortable today..

reacting to his name

Rare to see him out of his element...

Doesn't he look nervous?

a good run down the runway

and the jump..

wow all the way at the end of the springboard

and he shoots straight up in the air..

almost no forward momentum... nooooooooo...

gaaaaaaaah and lands right on his tush..

he kicks himself off..

Aww man.. he looked great at 14..

Reverse angle

And the laughter..

He was actually already going "GAAAH" at the top of the monster box before he even landed

He knew he missed it but he is still smiling

Wakky, Shingo and Takeda looking intently..

.. and the jump...

Takeda saw it first...

Everyone else in shock while Takeda drops to his knees again..

Shingo in shock..


He hates seeing his friend lose like that

Immediately looks at Shingo for reaction

Then back to see how Makoto is doing

This sssssssssuuuuuuuuuucks..

He sees Nagano's reaction now

Dude.. that sucked!!!

I can't BELIEVE I missed that!

I'm so sorry...

Looking around at the production team

and back at his fellow competitors

Awwww.. he's all embarrassed.. look at that posture! LOL

Wow 2 TBS chicks want to interview him! LOL

Yeah he got the end of the springboard where contrary to popular belief.. is not the best part of the springboard to use for something like this..

Instead of getting forward momentum

He shot straight UP in the air..

Right about here he knew it was over

And here you can HEAR his displeasure.. LOL

Yeah.. he is not happy.. LOL

And he gets off this thing as fast as he can.. just kicks off it

Aww man I thought he'd at least get 1-2 more of these today

Takeda is now all smiling..

Correction.. he's cracking up.. and .. oh oh.. Shingo's got the look...

.. Shingo taps Takeda on the shoulder..

with the look...

Actual translation: YOU are the last one.. again!! (meaning he's the last of the All-Stars to be left standing.. a direct dig from Sasuke 24...)

I love Ube's quote: Shingo is a dick and points out to Takeda that he's the All-Stars last hope again.

.. oh yeah....

.. crap.. that's right...

.. crap... gee.. thanks a lot Shingo..

LOL The announcer chick is practically chasing Nagano down who's still frustrated

She won the chase of the announcer chicks! LOL

aww man.. I thought I had that..

LOL He has the philosophical posture on..

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 - Completed 14 boxes today


Shingo whooting support actually

Heavy clap from Nagano cheering on his friend

Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 - looks like he is staring at his funeral...


He's up..

And Superman's it again! He's clear!!

Yeah baby Yeah!

Replay from different angle..

He continued the momentum and kept jogging.. lol

And he's all proud of himself :) Look a that posture LOL

He's utterly cheesing now!

Shingo's concentrated face...

HO! I lost that bet!

Great job dude!!

Nagano cracking up at Takeda's reaction at the end of the jump

Now looking at Shingo's reaction

Takeda looking for a hug or something from Wakky

.. meh.. he ain't gettin' any...

he's still in shock.. LOL

Dude I totally did that.. didn't I?

Had plenty of space at the end of the jump

15 boxes cleared!

LOL TBS reminding ya'll at home that Shingo and Nagano failed the first stage at Sasuke 24 while Takeda made it to the 3rd.

Hey I know that haircut! It's Chiro チロ from the Bignsmalln ビックスモールン

Texas Takeda 竹田テキサス from Dangan Jockey 弾丸ジャッキー

Also salutes just like Toshihiro Takeda LOL

Okay.. time for more hotdoggin' I would assume..

Yep.. tucked in legs just to piss people off..

Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹 - Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル

Oohs and ahs from everyone else while the All-Stars politely clap... LOL

The list of people who passed 16?

The list was surprisingly long


Jelena said...

This just wasn't Makoto's season... Glad for Takeda, though, sooooo glad! Oh, and I love your comments, thought you'd like to know that!

Arsenette said...

Aww thanks :)

The show was a lot more fun watching because these 3 were there. I agree with Nagano. The past couple months haven't really been there for him though I hope he comes back stronger for 25.