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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Muscle Park set to expand to Hokkaido!

As was announced before (not sure if I did here.. but I digress..) Monster 9's theme park Muscle Park (specifically the one in Odaiba/Tokyo) will now have a sister park up north in the prefecture of Hokkaido 北海道 in the city of Chitose 千歳市 sometime during the summer 2010 season. For those who remember Hokkaido prefecture in relation to Sasuke.. that's where Sasuke's first Champion Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山 和彦 is from (prefecture wise though he lives further north along the north coast). The actual park will be OUTSIDE (edit with pics on the new blog) of the Chitose Outlet Mall.

Was checking today and they actually launched the Muscle Park-Chitose website and verified the month of opening! Not much there yet since the opening isn't until July, 2010 but I'm excited! I do hope to see Kazuhiko Akiyama opening that thing since he is the home Champion for Hokkaido! Of course I never turn down any Sasuke competitors and favorites (cough.. Nagano.. Takeda.. Yuuji) also going to the open house. I'm sure for the fans as well we are anxious to see what attractions are presented for the Chitose Sasuke Park!

Given that I started watching Sasuke around the time that Muscle Park-Odaiba opened back in late-2007 I totally missed all the festivities the first time around. I do hope I get to see more this time around. Granted it won't be in person but hey I can enjoy the pictures once it does open. I do hope people take videos!

Edit: March 16, 2010 - They have opened up their new blog!


ArtemisFowljr said...

That's pretty darn cool!
And we could finally get some Akiyama fluff :P
Let's hope some other guys show up. I'm pretty sure Nagano will be there, and Takeda too.
Definitely looking forward to this event.

Arsenette said...

And yes I don't care if I'm geeky in wanting to go :) Sucks being poor :(