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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sasuke 25 Official Teaser Commercial

Sasuke 25 BABY!! Wow.. Jump Hang is definitely back!

Figures this week I'm back in Japan mode.. translation for that is when my body thinks it's in Japan and my sleep schedule is there.. I just woke up a couple hours ago.. yeah.. wrong time zone! LOL Either way just before I went to sleep this morning someone in Japan posted a blog entry (THANK YOU) with something everyone was waiting for!!!

Sasuke 25 official teaser commercial.

This one is short ... only 10 seconds so definitely a teaser while we wait for the official Preview Show "Sasuke Navi" next week. I got like 8 emails (thanks guys) with various links to other versions of this one commercial. I'm excited that everyone in Sasuke Maniac Forums is just as excited and losing their marbles :)

New Obstacle seems like a variation of the Rope Junction from Sasuke 24's 3rd stage
Correction.. it has ledges!

The text is simple enough. Gives time and date for Sasuke 25 - That's next week folks!! And the letters flashing across the screen here yell "COMPLETE RENEWAL" or 完全リニューアル! Thanks David Kyo for the translation and kanji for that! :)

Picture from Sasuke 23 Navi

EDIT: I see now. I was wondering wtf people were talking about on the boards.. This is the new obstacle that never made it to Sasuke 23! I even blogged about it in Sasuke 23's Navi. So they suspended it further up in the air and added water.. LMFAO!!

Stage 2 obstacle - oh crap they ramped up the Salmon Ladder!

Seems that all the major changes came in the 2nd and 3rd stages. This section here concentrating on the fact that once you do the Salmon Ladder you have to jump across to another section in front of you. I'm not even going to venture on guessing the other stuff around the corner on how you get there :p

.... Shin Cliffhanger just got a ridiculous upgrade...

Hmm.. let us count the ledges.. A one.. A two.. A three... A four.. A Five and.. A six.. Yeeehaw.. no wonder the competitors freaked out when they saw this. Btw.. it looks like Koji Hashimoto here.. but I'm reserving my judgment for the actual show. So many times I've been thrown off by testers I'm not even trying anymore :)

Oh boy.. The Jumping Bars got married to another obstacle!

Okay so bar from the Pipe Slider .. got lonely and decided to hook up with the Jumping bars.. I wonder if this obstacle is rated for weight.. I would pay good money to see Paul Anthony Terek do this jump and see that bar bend!!! ahahahahhahaha ehem.. sorry...

Anyway.. Next week! SO EXCITED!!!!! SO EXCITED!! One week to go!!!!!!! Speaking of. I doubt I'll be able to get more names for my Competitor's list.. but if you still need help in figuring out when this show is going to air.. MARCH 28th! Be there for the unveiling! Ehem.. I'm passing popcorn by the bucket fulls and there's plenty for everyone!

Mwahahhahahahahahhahahahahahh :D Pull up a chair baby!!!

See?? Even Makoto Nagano 長野誠 is eating popcorn!
Posing with the Yodaraji Radio hosts during his interview on November 8, 2009 ©yodaraji radio


2D2Will said...

Is it Sunday yet?

Also, you should modify the dimensions of the video so it fits in the blog. It looks better that way.

Arsenette said...

This is going to be a loooooooong week :)

I tried to fix it.. the video comes out too big.. any suggestions?

snowy said...

My first thought upon seeing the guy on the pipe slider/jumping bar obstacle was not, "zomg, that's it ain't, it's a tester," but rather "is he nekkid?"'s just light colored shorts. NVM. Anyway, very cool. Cant' wait for Sunday.

Arsenette said...

LOL!!!!! Didn't think about that :) Looking forward to Sunday too :D

ArtemisFowljr said...

Awesome. LOL at pretty much everything...PAT on the Pipe Slider+Jumping Bars marriage... competitors freaking out...and the popcorns :P
Waiting for Sunday!

2D2Will said...

When you embed a YouTube video, you can edit the size of the player to any size you want. All you have to do is to edit the second set of numbers of the html code.

mikesssssss said...

are the sasuke maniac forums working? i can't acccess them- really anoying me...

Arsenette said...

MoFC222.. that would require me to do math.. :p

Hey Mike :) I'm not having issues.. could have been a proboards problem at the time you were trying to log in? I get that every so often if they are updating something. Hope it's fixed for you right now.

2D2Will said...

No math is necessary! All you have to do is edit the width. There'll be black bars above and below he video in the player, but you can see the entire video.

Jelena said...

And once again you'll be our eyes, our ears! Can't wait!

Arsenette said...

Hey MoCP222.. uhm.. there are times when I'm uber stupid.. In Youtube there's a copy and paste and GIVES you various resolutions.. /facepalm.. THANKS!!! :)

Teheheh Jelena welcome back! Just in time!