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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sasuke 23 - Short Preview

Officially 2 days left for Sasuke 23 to air! I'm getting excited! Just checked the schedule for the 27th on TBS and this is the Bablefish disaster for it.. LOL

14:00 (Which is 2 PM local time)
SASUKE fully won against old and new plague? Settled tonight! Please enjoying fam

LOL wtf.. Plagues?? ROFL!!!! Anyway.. I'll be watching! This show is Called Sasuke Navi and it's a 1 hour preview for the tournament. I expect to see Sasuke Trials and a bunch of Nagano Baby stuff from the summer.

Takeda about to bite it.. From Sasuke 22

Okay.. now to check the epic disaster they have to say about the actual tournament.. which is this Sunday.. WHOOT

19:00 (7 PM local time)

実況:小笠原亘(TBSアナウンサー)、佐藤文康(TBSアナウンサー) / リポーター:高畑百合子(TBSアナウンサー)、崎山一葉 / ナレーター:小林清志
新 星VS英雄…はたして完全制覇はどっちだ!?SASUKE2009秋「快挙達成!!3年ぶり史上3人目完全制覇でまさに新旧交代か!?」話題の芸人達も真 剣に挑む!!ワッキ―制覇へなだぎ武VSほっしゃんVSサバンナVS出川哲朗VSライセンスVSTKO▽紳助も応援!!新選組リアン挑戦▽サッカ―元日本 代表・福西崇史▽北京五輪体操跳馬金メダリストがメダル6個を持つ英雄が参戦!!▽最強の漁師長野誠VS新星…靴の営業マンは長野に完全制覇を宣言▽山田 勝己涙の復活!!▽体操のお兄さん佐藤弘道ついに

Commentary: Ogasawara Wataru (TBS announcer), Sato Humiyasu (TBS announcer) / Reporter: Takahata Yuriko (TBS announcer), one sheet Sakiyama / Narrator: Kobayashi Kiyoshi
Nova VS hero ... Tell me which is surprisingly complete domination!? SASUKE2009 fall "feat achieved! Three-year history of three or completely replaced th win in the very old?" Seriously challenge our topic entertainer! Wakki - Nada Motegi to win Savannah VS VS VS Wu Shan alone license Degawa Tetsurou VS VSTKO ▽ Shinsuke cheering! soccer challenge Lian Shinsengumi ▽ - ▽ Hukunishi Takahumi Former Japan Olympic gold medals in Beijing Olympic gymnastics vault with six total war hero!! ▽ strongest nova ... Nagano Makoto VS fishermen declare the shoe salesman win back the tears completely ▽ Nagano Yamada Katsumi!! ▽ Sato Hiromiti finally Gym Teacher

Nagano falling from the sky.. (Sasuke 22)

Oooooookay.. LOL Anyway.. the reason for this post! Dearest Ube has done it again :) He noticed on the TBS Schedule that they were going to show a small preview (or glorified commercial) for Sasuke 23 on Friday, September 25 (around 11 pm his time in Japan). So I got up early expecting like a 3 minute preview at that since it shared time with another show (and it was weeknight past 11 pm so I expected a lot of other commercials as well). This is what the preview said on the schedule for September 25th:

23:09 (which is 11:09 PM local time)
(Park in Katsushika Ward Police Station here Kameari & SASUKE)
(Tomorrow at 19 times last flathead turtles)

New obstacle! (This replaced the Circle Hammer from 22) - Dunno the name yet but it's a couple sheets and you slide across this long pole..

WTF.... flathead.. turtles? LOL I love Bablefish disasters... ANYWAY OH! Ube's blog for today is HERE!! Anyway as Ube said.. the preview was epically short.. it was just under a minute long. The commercial (that is what it was..) was preceded by a long epic emo drama about some guys.. brooding.. emo guys.. anyway.. last scene had a puppy in it :p OH and before I forget.. the channel was friggin Japan>TV Fuji on TVAnts.. I know.. wtf.. but it worked!

First obstacle replacement! K.. counting 6 steps on one side.. 5 on the other.. so if you count the hop.. it's 12 steps.. (and yes someone had a death by here too)

The preview itself was epically short.. just under a minute long. Started with the deathy by's of the All-stars (they only showed Shingo, Takeda and Nagano) and then went to introduce the first 2 obstacles then show a couple spoilers.

Death by Half Pipe Attack! Still there for Sasuke 23

Death by Slider Jump!

Nagano is not amused :p Hmm.. who could he be lamenting?

Leszek Blanik of Poland レゼク・ブラニク - Gold medal winner in the vault at the Beijing Olympics

Next is a lineup of people starting with Degawa and then goes to a list of Olympians and Comedians I had to wait to hear from Ube to know who they were.. LOL Hm.. checking my own list to compare..

Genki Sudo 須藤元気 - Former MMA fighter

Tetsuro Degawa 出川哲朗 - Comedian (also from Sasuke 19)

One of the guys from TKO (according to Ube)

Sato Hiromichi 佐藤弘道 - TV host (and his grin..) Dudes'.. 98 I guess.. /sigh

Wakky ワッキー - Comedian and former Sportsman #1 Winner (apparently 89)

Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 WHOOT 93!! He's NINETY-FRIGGIN-THREE!!!

Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 just got his eyebrows done again :p Not so cocky this time I see :D

Hmm theme "New Stars" vs "Heroes"! This ought to be interesting. Old vs New. All-Stars vs Chumps.. LOL Just kidding.. I'm psyched!

Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 Looking.. sullen..

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 Looking fab... (P.S. I see the necklace/rope thing is back this time around.)

Ah yes :) Major spoiler.. "come see the Final tower" (and yes someone is climbing it.. no we can't see that very well.. and it could be a tester.. ) I'm so totally not going to try to figure out who it is :p

I love Ube.. I .. really do..


ArtemisFowljr said...

Already said a couple of things on ube's, but I noticed one more thing with your screenshots.
Shingo's cap...You're doing it wrong!

Arsenette said...

LOL I hope his cap falls off this time :) (Hint if you know what my husband's theory on his hat is :p )

TigerOfHaughton said...

Yeah, let's hope that the hat falls and Shingo doesn't. I'm going to be mad if he wipes out in the first stage again.

Arsenette said...

Never thought I'd be praying for a wardrobe malfunction.. LOL!!! GO GO SHINGO HAT!!

Scoped_Knife said...

Help! TVAnts isn't working! If anyone can provide me with any help on viewing and saving Sasuke 23, contact me at please!

Arsenette said...

Unfortunately TVAnts did NOT show TBS at all. Many people missed the broadcast because of it. At the last minute someone was able to stream a paid version of a TV streamer called WIST but even then only 50 people were allowed by the program to watch it. I was so frustrated.