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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Post your Questions again for Luci Romberg!

Luci Romberg posing in front of the course in Sasuke 22 ©Luci Romberg

Fun times here in Rambling Rican! I'm getting the opportunity to blog once more on Luci Romberg :) Just like I did with Michael Milner (from Sasuke 20), Luci Romberg's Sasuke 21 trip, Brett Sims (Sasuke 19 and 20) and David Campbell (Sasuke 22). For those of you who missed out in sending in questions to her, here is your chance! The last time we were unable to cover Sasuke 22 due to the NDA imposed by G4TV since at that time G4TV had not aired Ninja Warrior 22 in the United States. I'll be covering up to Sasuke 22 where she participated with ANC4 winner David Campbell and Levi Meeuwenberg. Please read the previous blog to avoid asking the same questions.

I'm posting this here and on both the Sasuke Maniac Forums and the G4 boards along with twitter. Oh! P.S. If you wrote a question in the G4 boards or Proboards you don't have to duplicate it here.. and vice versa I'm monitoring both boards. For this blog just use the comments section at the end of this entry. With Sasuke 23 showing in a week (Next Sunday) I figured since everyone will be checking the site for Sasuke/Ninja Warrior stuff I might get a lot of responses really fast. I won't get this blog up though until AFTER I'm done blogging about Sasuke 23. Considering the last time.. it might be another couple weeks until I get it done.

Guidelines - please don't get too personal. Keep questions to Sasuke/Ninja Warrior 21 (questions not covered) and Sasuke 22! She is not in the upcoming Kunoichi 8 or Sasuke 23 so please don't ask her about those. I also have the right to not include all the questions and she also reserves the right to not answer all the questions :P Also - please keep this thread to questions only. Once the blog is done I'll create another thread with the answers and of course the blog entry.

Feel free to say "From (insert name) from (insert location)" if you want. You don't have to .. I'll end up writing your screen name and what board/blog it came from if you want.


blogdottom said...

1) You're awesome I hope you get the chance to go again.

2) What happened the last time? It just looked like your leg slipped a bit? Do you think it's because you're smaller than other competitors?

3) Any idea if you'll ever get the chance to return?

4) I realise you aren't going this time but if offered the chance to participate in kunoichi at some point, will you do it?

Su said...

hey guys~

sasuke 2009 fall's advertisement~

and my blog

I like sasuke ~

maybe we can exchange information~

thank you~!!

Arsenette said...

Hello Su :)

Yes! I loved the video! I wish it was longer but we will see it soon enough on TBS this weekend :D

I've seen your blog many times! Thanks for putting my blog on your site and translate it into Chinese. I love how more people around the world are getting as excited for this show in Japan!

I put a lot of my information on this blog first and other stuff on the Sasuke Maniac Forums. Feel free to post there as well! All are welcome :D

Arsenette said...

Oh feel free to post a question for Luci :)

crazykid said...

What was your first thought at the new obstacles and how did you plan to attack them.

-Patrick in Chicago.