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Monday, August 24, 2009

Kunoichi 8 - Taping date confirmed

Logo from the official Kunoichi 6 TBS site ©TBS 2006

As we found out in July - Kunoichi is making a triumphant return after an almost 2 year break. (Kunoichi 7 aired on September 5, 2007). After I read on the Monster 9 site that there was a new Kunoichi tournament there has been little or no information on the tournament. I've since learned that unlike Sasuke, the process for picking competitors and whatnot is much different for the women's tournament. That said with almost no fanfare and no updates from Monster 9 we have begun to doubt the mention that Kunoichi 8 was in fact taping before Sasuke 23. I emailed Monster 9 again and they have been very courteous to the overseas fans and returning emails whenever they had official information. Hoping to put the unease at rest they did send a simple email back confirming the rumored September 2nd taping of Kunoichi 8.

Kunoichi will be filming on 2nd Sep..

If history continues to be our guide, we should be finding out sometime this week the official airing of Kunoichi 8 on TBS. For us in the USA awaiting the return this is great news! I'll post as soon as we have an official announcement on the actual TBS airing which at this point seems to point to middle to late September, 2009.


W349 said...

A big thank you for finding this out. How long would you say it usually takes from the filming date to the TBS release?

ArtemisFowljr said...

mmm same question

Anonymous said...

These shows historically have aired about 2 to 3 weeks after filming.

Arsenette said...

What he said :) TBS has a consistent airing date though don't expect to see Kunoichi here in the USA until waaaaaaay after Sasuke.. that's going historically too...

blogdottom said...

Any idea if Luci is taking part?
I guess not as G4 is focusing on the ANW thingy.

Arsenette said...

Actually I have no idea if Luci is going to this or not.