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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sasuke 23 Related News - Muscle Park

Muscle Park Event - August 16, 2009 ©Muscle Park

With Sasuke 23 and Kunoichi 8 right around the corner it's time to start looking at the usual places for updates and announcements regarding the upcoming event. An interesting Muscle Park Blog for this weekend showed us an event that's shaping up to be quite interesting indeed.

Incoming bablefish disaster:
- It is!
Hello everyone
Now, the 23 Annual "SASUKE fall," Do you know you are looking for participants in
Oh! I do not know?
How do here ♪
But 1,2,3 MASSURUPAKU in SASUKEPAKU Sasuke in the popular fighting game featuring the attractions of sasuke
(Photo: Arm ring) {And yes that is Katsumi Yamada doing the Arm Rings}
Start the No.1 attraction to match!
SASUKE No.1 "23rd anniversary SASUKE SASUKE No.1 place match."
This No.1 applicants try to use the results of the final match would determine how
We look forward to challenging for a hot hot (^_^)

They linked to the official poster (which I posted above as well). Now.. what makes this interesting is that there "MAY" be a possibility here to qualify again. It's not clear at all. Apparently the poster eludes to prizes while the blog eludes to possible qualification. Either way they have dates listed from now to the 16th with the 16th being highlighted as an actual festival type thing. Now.. it doesn't say anyone famous will be going (though they do show Yamada in the picture).. so we have to wait and see the blog if there is any more information posted. In the meantime if it does turn out that there are qualification spots then it adds to the MRT winner. Personally.. I hope the UNCLI kids go.. Personally I want Tomino Keita 富野恵太 to finally friggin' make it to Sasuke.. for those who don't remember him.. he was in last year's Sasuke Trials and has the possibly evilist backyard on the planet.. and PWNS Sasuke Park on a regular basis!!


ArtemisFowljr said...

it sounds exciting! And, yes, that Tomino Keita is really really impressive (and so his never-ending cliff hanger).
I won't end the comment with a depressive "I wis I was there..", because we all wish to be there...and I have the strange feeling that I already wrote it in about 756936 billions of comments =S

Arsenette said...

Hey me too :) I hope they take a lot of pictures so we get to share in the moment :p