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Friday, August 21, 2009

Please post questions for Brett Sims!

Brett Sims preparing for his run (with SASUKE Spray.. LOL) during Sasuke 19 ©Brett Sims

Just like I did with Michael Milner (from Sasuke 20) and Lucy Romberg (Sasuke 21) and in the process of with David Campbell, I'm going to be doing a blog entry on Brett! For those who remember who he is - he was actually the Runner up in the very first American Ninja Challenge (or ANC) and participated in Sasuke 19. He was invited back to participate in Sasuke 20. I'm posting this here and on both the G4 boards, and Proboards and on Twitter. For this blog just use the comments section at the end of this entry. I'll only keep the questions open for a short time. I figured since everyone will be checking the site for Sasuke/Ninja Warrior stuff I might get a lot of responses really fast.

Guidelines - please don't get too personal. I also have the right to not include all the questions and he also reserves the right to not answer all the questions :P Also - please keep this thread to questions only. Once the blog is done I'll create another thread with the answers and of course the blog entry.

Feel free to state your name, age (optional), City (or state, etc.) and your question and I'll send them over to Brett to answer. Thanks again Brett!


blogdottom said...

a) Hey Brett what was the hardest obstacle for you personally?
b) Are you hoping to return any time soon?

Steve 2.0 said...

A) Describe your daily ritual when it comes to training. How much is muscular endurance based, and how much is strength based.

B) What's your diet like?