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Friday, July 17, 2009

Kunoichi 8 - Official Announcement

Logo from the official Kunoichi 6 TBS site ©TBS 2006

After we found out that Kunoichi 8 was canceled for 2008 there was a genuine fear that the Women's Sasuke event that is known as Kunoichi (And Women of Ninja Warrior in the USA) was officially canceled. The fears arose from the mass exit of former Muscle Musical stars defecting to their own show last year which included 3-time and defending champion Ayako Miyake. I figured M9 wasn't sure what to do with this problem of their defending champion not returning and the fact that they were cutting down on shows (since they also canceled the Celebrity version of Sportsman #1 for the first time last year). Since we got an English version of Monster 9's address and we had an email that worked (and they did return some emails back in English to fans in the USA) we at Sasuke Maniacs Forums did a massive email campaign to Monster 9 (the Creators of Sasuke and Kunoichi, etc.) about making some sort of announcement since we were not sure there would even BE another Kunoichi.

M9 finally emailed me back this week with a couple replies to previous questions and I replied back with my usual last questions that arose from the last correspondence. Kunoichi's fate was one of them. Today (since I check their site every single day for new updates) we FINALLY got an announcement about the fate of Kunoichi 8! Similar to Sasuke 23's announcement (and they even share the same page now on the M9 site) they are asking for applications to be sent directly to Monster 9 and not TBS again.

Incoming bablefish disaster!!! (Official Link to the original here)

"Great recruiting female participants SASUKE"

SASUKE decision also female! (Details will be announced later)

Great looking women who play in limited.

We think that women and Susumu Hayo,E!

[Wanted] Large players

"Female SASUKE" big recruiting participants!
And enthusiasm for playing sports history Name Age Address Occupation
Applicants please write your address below. "Photo" or "VTR" please enclose.

Monster 9 Inc.
18F Shibuya Inforce Tower
20-1 Sakuraoka cho
Shibuya, Tokyo
"FemaleSASUKE" seeking entry clerk

Looking for the players!

A couple things to note. Monster 9 is handling the applications.. (please note new address) AND as of this date.. there is no deadline. This is definitely expected since Sasuke 23 is first and it's a large competition to have to handle. Where the part of "Looking for the players" is set at the end.. the previous time it said the actual deadline. Given that it is early.. they probably don't have a set date from TBS yet but are at least acknowledging that they ARE having another tournament. THIS is awesome news :D

I fully expect this to be sometime in October or even later.
Edit: August 23, 2009 - The taping to Kunoichi 8 is officially September 2nd!

Anyone else getting excited? :D


Anonymous said...

Well i think everyone already knows I'm Excited. Kunoichi 8 is coming, (I love the ring that has to it.)Can't wait for the coming months when we get more information. I think it's going to be interesting how they handle numbers this time and how much the course will or will not change. Either way my mind is stuck on Kunoichi right now, AWESOME blog!!!

Arsenette said...

I'm excited I saw ANY update on M9's website. I was SHOCKED to see Kunoichi announced :) Yay! I am happy they decided to bring it back. It's like Sasuke after Kane Kosugi. A new area has arrived since we don't have Miyake anymore.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Whoot!!! I'm excited. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is all anyone can say.


2D2Will said...


Finally some good Kunoichi news.

ArtemisFowljr said...


blogdottom said...

So if G4 do a contest are you going to apply Arsenette?

Woo exciting

Arsenette said...

LOL no.. as my husband says (and I agree) "Those who can.. Do".. "Those who can't.. Blog about it" :p