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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kunoichi 8 IS Kunoichi 8

Logo from the official Kunoichi 6 TBS site ©TBS 2006

After I read on the Monster 9 site that there was a new Kunoichi tournament there has been rumors flying around that it was not in fact Kunoichi. People expressed concerns that it might not be since they didn't come out and name it Kunoichi but instead called it "Female Sasuke". I then emailed back Monster 9 and withing 24 hours they wrote back with this message.

It is a new version of KUNOICHI. It is not a part of SASUKE.

Any more details have not been decided yet.

Thank you.

Rest assured.. this is Kunoichi 8. It might actually look kinda different but it is the next installment of the 7 year old series that M9 has been producing. And as previous history can attest.. it may be sometime around October or later. Depends when they can organize it. This has to be one of the earliest times they have ever announced it - I think partly to our email campaign from the past 10 months.

P.S. This is the email I wrote to them (to help clarify):

There seems to be a little bit of confusion with the new update

Some fans are confused with the update. It doesn't say "Kunoichi" but it says "Female Sasuke". Is it really Kunoichi 8? or a renamed competition? Or is this a part of Sasuke 23? Any clarification would be most appreciated.

So as you can see.. this.. IS.. Kunoichi.. not a new competition. Think of it this way.. Sasuke 23.. is NEW..


ArtemisFowljr said...

dhaaah I'm quite relieved! Sometimes disaster translations and confusion make us think strange things...dammit, I want to learn Japanese -.-'

Arsenette said...

You and me both :p

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