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Friday, June 26, 2009

Sasuke 23 Official Announcement

SASUKE 23 Announcement!!!
With the fear that Sasuke 23 wasn't a sure thing I've been emailing Monster 9 (the Creators of Sasuke) about making some sort of announcement since we were not sure there would even BE a Sasuke 23. Further confusing things was G4's (about friggin' time it only took them 3 months) broadcast of Sasuke 22 noted that there was a Sasuke 23 (which the TBS broadcast didn't even elude to one and subsequent interview with Nagano were nothing seemed to be confirmed as they usually are by this time).

As with the announcement for Sasuke 22 I noticed something about THIS announcement. They are asking for applications to be sent directly to Monster 9 and not TBS again.

Incoming bablefish disaster!!! (Official Link to the original here)

The ultimate survival of the attack, fall SASUKE2009
The World Cup decision 23 times! !

Last held 22 times,

This "lost the Olympic men's" total so far in 2200 has been challenging people.

That humans have had a moment of joy but just two goals.

Probability of only 0.1% complete domination!

The last tournament was the birth of conquering hero FINAL completely new pieces to promote the dream stage and散TTA ...

Magic won the top of the castle of steel here and wanted the three brave bid to raise the complete domination of the public eye! !

[Wanted] Large players

"SASUKE" big recruiting participants!
And enthusiasm for playing sports history Name Age Address Occupation

Applicants please write your address below.

"Photo" or "VTR" please enclose.

※ There is qualifying audition and examination of documents

Monster 9 Inc.
18F Shibuya Inforce Tower
20-1 Sakuraoka cho
Shibuya, Tokyo
"SASUKE2009" seeking entry clerk

Looking for the players!

A couple things to note. Monster 9 is handling the applications.. (please note new address) AND as of this date.. there is no deadline. Where the part of "Looking for the players" is set at the end.. the previous time it said the actual deadline. Given that it is early.. they probably don't have a set date from TBS yet but are at least acknowledging that they ARE having another tournament. THIS is awesome news :D

Anyone else getting excited? :D

ETA (6/29/09): Muscle Park finally put up their announcement and check out the date of the deadline! It's Mid-October!

ETA again: This is a huge translation failure


Literally, it means
8 Month Middle

If you put it together, it means

And yes, I translated it to Korean just to make sure. It says mid-August.

It seems that there is an error in Google translations. I know for a fact that it means mid-August (because of those three letters.... THANK YOU KOREAN SCHOOL!!! NEVER KNEW THAT LEARNING CHINESE CHARACTERS WOULD BE USEFUL) but Google translates it to October to every single language, except Korean (I checked Chinese also... and it goes to October out of sudden). I checked babelfish right after, and it translates to: The middle of August it probably will put out the deadline of application, is!! Aim, the demon castle and perfection conquest of the steel iron.

So for now, I think its safe to say mid-August.)

And THIS folks is a great example why NOT to rely on translations from websites!!


uNCLEsAM098 said...

Oh wow... this means I definately need to send in my application two ways! TBS and G4...

Problem is I don't know how I'll get money in the rare (Extremely rare) chance TBS accepts it...

Arsenette said...

I feel your pain UncleSam.. I'm still unclear as to how they plan to do this. I'm emailing them to see if they can clarify how they plan to deal with overseas applicants. What G4 is doing is unfair and discriminates against age and sport. I'm hoping they go back to what they used to do and pick whoever they want.

As for the money issues.. yeah.. I'm there too.. /cries..

crazykid said...

Ex. me.

I could enter via TBS, however, G4 wouldn't take my because I'm not:
A) 21 or older
B) a freerunner

snowy said...

Wanted...Large Players.
Well, shee-yit! If that's all it takes.

Oh, they're looking for ability and name recognition, too.

Never mind.

Ces said...

Arsenette, I justfinished spending three days reading your blog! Love the Nagano references!

Would it be possible to contact you by email?

Arsenette said...

Crazykid - it wouldn't hurt to try but know that even if M9 picked you they wouldn't be paying for you to travel there. So unless you have the cash to travel there I wouldn't try it even though I agree that the G4 restrictions are a pain in the nards..

LOL Snowy you saw that too? :D Mwahahhahaha

Hello ces! O.. M.. G.. 3 days? LOL I often wondered how long it would take for someone to catch up to my rambling.. lol 3 days..

I do have an email though I try not to publish it for fear of ridiculous spam... Feel free to PM me through the boards though. I frequent the G4 boards and the Sasuke Maniacs boards.

crazykid said...

actually, I didn't plan on entering...I don't think I'm strong enough yet. :)

2D2Will said...

YAY! An empty void inside me has been filled.

ArtemisFowljr said...

I'm really happy they announced sasuke 23. Finally!

=( Even if I got the money to travel from here to mt. Midoriyama, the 21 or older rule would pwn me...and if it didn't, the warped wall would, I'm not very tall.
But, well, all wet or with my knees burnt by a fall on warped wall, it would be freaking awesome to be there! Dreams, dreams, dreams...

Arsenette said...

I wish I could go just to blog it. I certainly do not have any physical prowess to get far ont his course.. LOL

Panther said...

*snorts* To be named after a panther, I wouldn't make it past the first obsticale..

*fades back into the shadows while wiping her nose*

I promise to get caught up soon Arsenette.. err..when I can.