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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sasuke 30 Spoilerific Review

Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 30.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned ( ^ . ^ ) (Just remember.. there is NO USA Broadcast of this. NBC has renegotiated out of their contract to show Sasuke on USA soil. Yes.. you read that right.. Now with the death of G4 official and NBC not giving a damn about Sasuke Japan, we will never see Sasuke Rising on US television (or any overseas country for that matter unless everyone buys the original 4 hour broadcast from TBS). For a preview of this event, please see SASUKE 30 NAVI an hour preview of Sasuke Rising with a review of the Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup and fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke. There were even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast! I'm taking my time on the blogs. I'm still getting cluster headaches during the day so I have to pace myself when I do these blogs.

(Massive thanks to TBS for posting the names of all 100 competitors!  Thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English!!)
Before we start, TBS tried an experiment.  They had a live nico nico broadcast that started about an hour before the actual broadcast of Sasuke and continue about an half hour after the broadcast (total of about 5 hours long). This broadcast ran concurrently with Sasuke 30's broadcast and had color commentary with a few Sasuke competitors.  Started off with Sasuke All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 along with New Generation Stars Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 and Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2) 又地諒 (all shown laughing above).

Hosts of the event were Sasuke Producer Hiroki Kikuno 菊野浩樹 (left) and Sasuke Director Masato Inui 乾雅人 (right).  Before the broadcast and after the broadcast they fielded questions from the viewing audience that grew as the broadcast wore on. 

Kikuno, Inui, Shingo, Kanno and Ryo

This was the set up you saw the whole night.  They had monitors in front of them that showed the questions/chat and the actual television broadcast. However, you never saw Sasuke stream through Nico Nico.  It was meant to watch along with them but not serve as a replacement.

Inui holding up the portrait of American Drew Dreschel
I've had a Nico Nico account for about 7 years now (which I've used for special free broadcasts - usually anime) so I just logged in and kept it on during the tournament on my PC, while I watched the tournament on my Laptop. LOL  This is the main set up. It's just before Sasuke came online so I took some screenshots before I was engrossed in the main show itself.  This was during the fielding questions portion before the show started to air on TBS.  By the end of the Nico Nico broadcast there were 82632 viewers.

Here we go!  Sasuke One... now almost a full 17 years ago.. A project spin off from Kinniku Banzuke back in 1997. TBS started by showing clips representing each year Sasuke was on air. This of course was 1997.



This is the year when  Sasuke All Star Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦 become Sasuke's First Champion.


This is when Sasuke All-star (Mr. Sasuke) Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 was in his prime.


This is when Sasuke All-Star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 started making a name for himself in Sasuke.


This is when Sasuke All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 made it to his 2nd Final Stage.


This is when TBS started making up stuff about Nagano being Yamada's protege even though we all know now this whole thing was fabricated for television. For the record, Nagano wasn't happy with this portrayal and TBS had to drop the ruse.  That said, TBS won't ever let go of it even if they know this was all a hoax.  TBS is tenacious. LOL


This is when Sasuke All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 started to make a name for himself.


TBS has been milking this Mr. Yamada crying scene for 12 years now.  Yep.. Let that sink in.. 12.. years. Anyway this is the famous "Sasuke is my life" quote from (Mr. Sasuke) Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己

TBS magically fast-forwarding to 2008 to the last time Sasuke had an anniversary event.  This was Sasuke 20 from March, 2008 (incidentally the month that the Rambling Rican blog was born!)

Also from 2008 and the now famous Sasuke 21 trials that ran that summer that introduced to us the men that would comprise of the Shin Sedai (新世代) literally "New Generation".  This is  Kazuma Asa 朝一眞 back in 2008.

A baby version of Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2) 又地諒 from 2008 when he still openly wore his Cliffer/UNCLI shirt.

2009 marked the rise of Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 who also was part of that "Sasuke Trials Qualifier" (STQ) group that stormed in during the summer of 2008.

And the most famous out of the Class of 2008 STQ group is none other than the (now)  2-Time Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (Cliffer #3). His wins were aired in 2010 and 2011.

Sasuke All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠

Now they go through the different occupations of these Sasuke Stars. This is something that always set this show apart from all others. It's the Average Joe's Olympics so to speak.  Fisherman: 漁師

New Generation Star Kazuma Asa 朝一眞

Tree Craftsman 植木職人 (He's a tree trimmer)

Masashi Hioki 日置 将士

電気店長 Electronics Store Manager

Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次

Delivery Work 配送業

Sasuke All-star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

Car mechanic 自動車整備
New Generation Star Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2) 又地諒

Plumber 配管工

2-Time Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (Cliffer #3)

Shoe Production 靴製造

New Generation Star Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志

Janitorial work 清掃業

Sasuke All-star (Mr. Sasuke) Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己

Iron works 鉄工所

Present Day!

Trust me you will be seeing a LOT more from him.  This is Kenji Darvish 樽美酒研二 from the music group ゴールデンボンバー (Golden Bomber)

Sasuke All-Star Bunpei Shiratori 白鳥文平

Sasuke fans have been awaiting the return of this man!  Bunpei has been missing since Sasuke 21 (6 years ago) and has returned for the Anniversary Special only to be officially retired right afterward.

Now for the spoiler pics from the Sasuke 30 tournament!  I put only a few clips since they did a lot of rapid fire clips.  This is Shingo and Takeda lamenting the loss of someone.

Asa trying to pump himself up!

A very focused Makoto Nagano

An unlucky fall from Stage Two.. wait.. did I actually HEAR the announcer during the promo say exactly who this was? LMFAO Only true SMF fans will know who this is ahead of time based on that spoiler!

A very purple Third Stage

.. wtf is that obstacle?

And the placement of the title for the program while they yell that someone is going up the tower!

Returning from Sasuke 28's "room"
Ms. Pouty Lips and Mr. Car Salesman....
Nana Katase 片瀬那奈 and Jay Kabira 川平慈英 
.. oh oh.. they are back. Hopefully they will keep this to a minimum (like Sasuke 29 where they only showed up between stage breaks and not inserted as boxes before)  This time Nana doesn't have that fugly frilled disaster around her neck from 28 and she looked good in 29.  I swear she's gotten much better looking as the rooms progress!  She looks the best yet!

New chick on the block
Ruriko Kojima 小島瑠璃子 - Gravure idol

Ah she's one of those people. I guess her fans won't really recognize her with actual clothes on. LOL

Returning from Sasuke 29 is Actor Teruyuki Tsuchida 土田晃之. I actually liked him from Sasuke 29 because he calls BS on the same things I did from 29 and he hated the Backstream!! Aahahahaha

Returning from 28 and 29 is Actress Takejo Aki あき竹城

They turn around to see the year posters with memorable moments from each of the 30 tournaments represented. This was recorded during the first ever preview party ever held. I want a poster!!!!!!

From the first Sasuke in 1997 to Sasuke 4/1999's Kanzenseiha to the Sasuke 30/2014 poster that is intentionally left blank since this is the tournament we are watching.

A reminder that Sasuke 29 also doubled as the Japan qualifier for the Sasuke Asean Open Cup that finally took place (much later than expected) in Malaysia on February 20-23, 2014.

Team Japan participated in the event on day 4 (Team Finals) in the Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup. (Full coverage of the event was done in Sasuke Navi last weekend)

There were 7 teams participating in the Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup.   Team Taiwan 台湾 led by Sasuke Veteran Lee En-Chih (リー・エンチ)(李 恩至)

Team Malaysia マレーシア

Team Singapore シンガポール

Team Brunei and Indonesia were skipped in this intro but we also had Team USA er.. Team America アメリカ to round out the 7 countries in the event.

Team Malaysia マレーシア wins the Bronze Medal, Team Japan 日本 wins the Silver Medal and Team America アメリカ wins the Gold Medal!

Back to the studio where they talk very briefly about what they just saw (and this section was really short).

Then Jay drops a bomb that there's already a Final Stage for this tournament.  Everyone is in shock that the show hasn't even aired yet and they spoiled the end! LOL

Aaaaah. I'm so happy.  We are back to just "Sasuke" again.  I knew there was a lot of confusion so while we all know this is the Sasuke Rising era, we are back to calling the show what we already know it is on the title.  This is officially "Sasuke 2014".

Whoot already on the First stage!  Here we go!

Milking the crane rental we get a Birdseye view of the First Stage.

105 seconds to complete the 1st Stage.

First stage looks mostly untouched.. except that final obstacle to the buzzer!

Returning Sasuke "Don't call me a Rookie" Announcer - Tomohiro Ishii 石井大裕

And since Navi showed the first competitor we start with the 2nd!
俳優・「テラスハウス」てっちゃん Tetsuya Sugaya 菅谷哲也
Actor from "Terrace House" 
LOL I'll save my jokes about him being a power ranger.. no wait.. I just did. LOL  A note from the Navi broadcast: Jenn a longtime-Rambling Rican reader stated:  the kanji/kana after actor for Yokohama Ryusei is Ressha Sentai ToQger, the Super Sentai he's currently on

See? I told you that you'll be seeing him more often!

This is the Long Jump ロングジャンプ

LOL Drew is wearing a Goku shirt (The kanji 亀 meaning turtle - Master Roshi's kanji) from Dragonball Z.  Kong also wearing a Dragonball Z shirt on the left (I'll see later if it's the same kanji)!

Log Grip ロググリップ

This is Sonic The Hedgehog ヘッジホッグ

Really taking his time on the Hedgehog

The Jump Hang Kai ジャンプハング改

And he got it!

Well that answered the question if this is legal! LOL I mean it should be since in the old Jump hang you had the option of going up or down. I don't see why no one else has done it!

This is probably why as he's getting tangled up, taking face plants (here) and generally going slower. However, I don't believe he had the strength to hold himself up going across the "normal" way anyway.

After what seems like an eternity he finally gets out of the netting but the time is almost up.

At least he tried to run up the wall to see if he could do it.  Good effort but just not enough time time. He took too long earlier and the Jump Hang Kai just ate the rest of the time.
Tetsuya Sugaya 菅谷哲也 - Death by Time up on the Double Warped Wall

That doesn't instill confidence!

and what painful stunt does he have planned for us this time?

It's Katsuhide Torisawa 鳥澤 克 this time with weights and 2 spotters!

as usual he expends all of his energy before he ever starts the course.

He jumps and... does he? does he?

YES! he makes it only to go face first in the sand. LOL

Slowly recovering and probably in shock he's here, he finally gets on the Log Grip

Wow he didn't fall!  He clears the Log Grip!

Now CRAWLING to the next obstacle..

Sucking wind.. trying to find the patch through the Hedgehog

Nope! I didn't think so. LOL

Okay I got a good look at the shirt.  That's King Piccolo's kanji 魔!

Katsuhide Torisawa 鳥澤 克 - Death by Hedgehog

Comedian (Dangan Jackie) 芸人(弾丸ジャッキー)
Orakio オラキオ

Clear on the Long Jump

Nice and high grip on the Log Grip

oh .. he made it juuuuuuust staying on the pad

Facing down his nemesis from 29..

And he clears with a little effort!

ooh that doesn't look like he got a good lift on the trampoline for the Jump Hang.

His comedy partner grins at the loss

Fellow comedians Kinnikun and Wakky have a half hearted awww

Missed the trampoline high so he had no lift

Good attempt diving for it though!

Orakio オラキオ - Death by Jump Hang Kai

More commiseration from the talentos in waiting

I'm sure someone will tell me where she's from. I don't immediately recognize her. Either way she's on a snowboard?

wait.. that's.. a guy?
Doumo Narita 成田童夢 - former snowboarder

Clear on the Long Jump

Yeah that's a guy.. you can tell by the size of the handgrips (women have a smaller set and much closer together)

 clear on the Log Grip

Doumo Narita 成田童夢 - Death by Hedgehog

Wow it seems early for Fast Forwards already! Anyway, here we go!  Masami Waki 脇 雅美 - Death by Hedgehog.

  Yuuta Kiyomiya 清宮裕太 - Death by Jump Hang Kai

TV Guide guy Seiki Tanaka 田中晴輝 - Death by Long Jump

Oh I remember shim! It's "Hibari" 妃羽理 (Sasuke 6-14) Seems it brought along a few students.

Yukimasa Ono 尾野透雅 (who is the envy of all Americans who have to wait until they are 21 to compete in the USA LOL) is the first of Hibari's students to go.

Yukimasa Ono 尾野透雅 - Death by Log Grip!

What.. is this.. Yasuko やすこ

Okay it's considered a girl. The short and thin grips on the Log Grip are for women and kids. Yasuko やすこ - Death by Log Grip

Hiroto Ida 井田洋人 - Death by Log Grip

 Hibari is shown yelling it's disappointment

Yukiko Oonishi 大西由希子

Yukiko Oonishi 大西由希子 - Death by Log Grip

Yamada's group, btw, is called "黒虎," or "Black Tiger."
I see there are more hangers-on to the Black Tigers this time around.

 They call the group Yamada's Gundan (like an army corps).. but I can't help think of Gundam.. so I'm still expecting a robot being assembled or something. So I'm still disappointed.

Previously on the "let's ride on Yamada's coattails" in Sasuke 29 instead of actually going through Sasuke Trials like everyone else...

The Tigers all got demolished in one spectacular way...

or the other.. none passed the First Stage

So back on the lot that TBS faked that was demolished.. (never ever believe what they show you on television LOL), They show Yamada welding something together on his front lawn.

So these guys tried getting on the show but luckily only 3 were sent to Sasuke 30.

First up is snake eater Shinji Matsubara 松原慎治

Clear on the Long Jump

 On to the Log Grip

Yamada running alongside giving.... advice?

ehem.. I'm being good.. I really am.. clear on the Hedgehog

Successful on the Jump Hang

Moving through the Jump Hang Kai

This is the.. Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe 2連そり立つ壁 - What I call the Double Warped Wall.  He clears the first wall.

Yamada and the rest of the Tigers giving support

2nd wall cleared

Onwards to the Tarzan Rope ターザンロープ  (yes.. it's its own obstacle..)

Yamada saying he has enough time with 27 seconds left until he runs out of time.

 and on to a new obstacleeeeeeeeee.. he overshot the landing pad...

 But first everyone has a headache during this wedding!

 And the Softbank dog needs to be shoved off a sumo arena!

anyway back in Tarzan Ropeland™ he keeps going back and forth...

and then everyone hears that he has to stop (disqualified)

Shinji hears the announcement as well.. 

Everyone (Morimoto, Asa and Ryo) is confused.. then stunned at the announcement..

Meanwhile an obviously irritated Yamada goes back to the start as the next of the Tigers is set to go. There's no consoling coming from Yamada...

Slow motion replay reveals he dragged his left foot across the water.
Shinji Matsubara 松原慎治 - Disqualification on Tarzan Rope

Up next for the Black Tigers is Hiroshige Yamamoto 山本浩茂

Hiroshige Yamamoto 山本浩茂 is a SEGA Employee

The last time he was in Sasuke he failed on the Jump Hang Kai

.. they are rolling out his dying mother in the hospital?

Hiroshige Yamamoto 山本浩茂 is the only one of the Tigers to actually get a fluff piece!

and he clears the Long Jump

And the Log Grip

And the Hedgehog

and hung on to the Jump Hang Kai

Yamada barking out orders

Clear on the first wall

Clear on the 2nd wall!

 Yamada looking at how much time is left on the clock

 But first.. these commercials..

And we are back at the Tarzan Rope..

This Tiger actually keeps his shoes dry and lands on the floating pad

 THIS is the ⑦ ^Lumberjack Climb ランバージャッククライム

Think of Spider Flip/Heartbreaker wall that's much longer

Way longer.. it's the full length of that wall.

With plenty of time left he celebrates the First Stage Clear!

Yamada celebrates!  Someone he inappropriately touched passed the First stage!

He bows in appreciation. He's technically the 2nd clear of the day (more on that later)

 Hiroshige Yamamoto 山本浩茂  collapses in tears

Koshige Yamamoto 山本浩茂 - FIRST STAGE CLEAR 

I.. don't ever believe him when he fake cries..

especially since literally a second later his eyes are dry..

Anyway a truly happy and properly teary-eyed Yamamoto is thanking his master.

So wait.. you weren't dying afterall?

No.. I just broke my arm..

Edit: For those who found out later what this was all about, his mother was going to lose her hand entirely and she was in surgery before Sasuke.  She is diabetic. After the event was over and the surgery happened they mentioned that she was lucky to only have lost 2 of her fingers instead of her whole hand.  For those curious why I chose that wording, a) I don't know Japanese and b) these are my initial comments (I keep notes) when I see the show live streaming.  As I get corrections (especially something this important) I put them in but I don't edit out my initial comments (that's a lot of work to go back several tournaments).  This is my version of live blogging.


jenn said...

Take your time! I get migraines, so I know headaches are eeevil.

It's frightening that I recognized Jay and the two returning actors, but not Nana because of her changing looks (and she does keep getting better).

I did laugh when they hit the trials from 21 - yeah, they know how historic those trials are now. (g) I also laughed at them showing that Kanno's still a janitor as well, no matter what he says.

Oooh, I do have to maybe bust you on the first guy shown here, since Sugaya's not from any toku that I know of, unless you were just adding in my comment from Navi. (g) You might recognize Sugaya from Sports Danshi Grand Prix from the end of last year (I checked Ube's recap to be sure), which I think explains the music that he got - I would have to go back and check, but I think they used the same music for him there. The "Power Ranger" you'll be busted on later is Nagase, who's Nitou Kousuke/Kamen Rider Beast from Kamen Rider Wizard (and they actually said his full character name as he did his henshin pose). (g)

I haven't hit the forums yet (I need to eat lunch before going back to the desk, rah, and I didn't have internet access on my day off for the 4th - actually, I might grab my burn of that SpoDan and check for the music...), but did anyone manage to record the Nico broadcast?

LOL at Drew and Kong both wearing Dragonball shirts - I wonder if they coordinated their fashion choices ahead of time or if it was just a coincidence. (g)

Hibari still looks good, and I LOLed at her youngest student doing the whole classical Son Goku look (as opposed to the Dragonball style, although it fits with Drew and Kong!).

Re: the Yamata Gundan: at least they went through trials this time! Also, it is just me, or did he FINALLY increase the height of his Warped Wall? Also, we can finally say that people that he trained have surpassed him, since both Matsubara and SEGA (I'm sorry, he's stuck with that) did far better than he had in a long time, and if Matsubara had kept his legs up, he could have had two clears for his students.

ad uk said...

I always love the extra detail of your blogs it's like comparing a book to a film you get more from the book but it takes longer. Always worth the extra.

The Choi Family said...

The sidebar on the left says SASUKE 20 instead of SAUSKE 30. Sorry typos bother me ALOT.

Arsenette said...

Will update this after I get some sleep. LOL Thanks though and will fix the sidebar! After a while I don't see the mistakes! Much appreciated.

Unknown said...

Aw, Yamada was only fake crying? Everyone (else) was so emotional this tournament.

I'm surprised how well the early competitors did -- #1 and #2 especially. Usually it takes 10 or 20 to get past the 3rd obstacle, and there's an excitement built up as each obstacle is gradually conquered.

RiderLeangle said...

Good job on the blog as usual. Also no clue who that is on the snowboard but I'm 95% that's the art of Fujima Takuya, I recognize that art style from Nanoha and Dog Days but that character isn't from either series but thought I'd help a little since I recognize that art style lol

pjwasz said...

Hello Arsenette!

Addendum: According to a guy on SMF doing translations, the Yamada Gundan member who's mom was having surgery was going to have her hand cut off. The thing at the end said that she only needed 2 fingers cut off instead.

Good job as usual,

blogdottom said...

Wow. You call Hibari an "it" and a "shim". She is a human who deserves respect, those comments are really transphobic. I hope you can educate yourself on the issues and be more sensitive in future.

Arsenette said...

Finally back from being sick all week. Checking messages. Thanks Jenn! Been suffering from these things for over 20 years now. It never gets easier.

LOL To be fair, Kanno's job is janitor.. that's what pays the bills. And yes I totally got confused between the Power Rangers.. so who's comment was that supposed to be from? I'm lost.. No idea if that was coincidence on the part of the shirts. LOL Hilarious regardless!

Not sure if the wall at Yamada's has gone higher. I know the bar was there before but he always grabbed lower. I think he needs to fill it in to avoid grabbing the lower bar.

Thanks Uk! I love slowing it down and making up my own captions. Some write themselves!

Thanks Choi on the update. I changed it as soon as you mentioned it. Much appreciated!

No idea if Yamada was fake crying but these days it's hard to tell what's real and what's not from him. Shame no one else trusts it either, not just me.

Thanks Rider! I don't actually recognize her at all even with the name you gave me. Must be a series I never watched. I have seen Dog Days so I thought it was that too.

Hey PJ! Yeah I saw the actual translation. I'll add that. For the most part I go with my first impressions of watching and have notes on that to keep the blog from being influenced by others. Still though that is worth noting.

Hey Blogdottom. We'll have to agree to disagree. I'm very educated on the subject having been friends with 2 of them in my lifetime. My opinion is heavily colored by my experience with them during that process and their ultimate goals. Hibari is not a hermaphrodite so I have strong feelings on transsexuals in general. I don't appreciate not being allowed to have my own opinion on my own blog.

Unknown said...

Why all the Yamada hate? The guy is 47 and in great shape, he can still do most obstacles really good and has come pretty close several times back in his younger days.
Plus he built a pretty sweet practice course. I'd love to spend a day in his yard.

Arsenette said...

The image on the G4 screen is not who he is. In Japan his personality is notorious. Worldwide seeing the limited view of him through G4 they paint him completely different. In reality, he's notoriously caustic, demanding, and abrasive. They have had a lot of problems with him in the past but M9 kept him around because his antics were "good television". Now with M9 gone TBS has had enough of his bullshit and outright cut him from the show that he actually participated in. He was in 30 but he got cut because he pissed off TBS. Ask yourself this. If the television show that made you a star CUT you from the show you participated.. how much of an ass where you? That should give you better insight of how much of a detestable person he really is off camera.

Unknown said...

So I was just watching Nagano's Sasuke 13 Final Stage, and at the very beginning, I recognized Jay Kabira's voice. So, to prove it, I did my homework and I checked the Kanji and the guy on the left actually was Jay Kabira, so basically he is not a rookie "the room" announcer. Weird how after 8 years he decides to come back to do 28-30.