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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sasuke 30 Spoilerific Review - Part 8

Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 30.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned ( ^ . ^ ) (Just remember.. there is NO USA Broadcast of this. NBC has renegotiated out of their contract to show Sasuke on USA soil. Yes.. you read that right.. Now with the death of G4 official and NBC not giving a damn about Sasuke Japan, we will never see Sasuke Rising on US television (or any overseas country for that matter unless everyone buys the original 4 hour broadcast from TBS). For a preview of this event, please see SASUKE 30 NAVI an hour preview of Sasuke Rising with a review of the Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup and fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke. There were even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast! I'm taking my time on the blogs. I'm still getting cluster headaches during the day so I have to pace myself when I do these blogs.

(Massive thanks to TBS for posting the names of all 100 competitors!  Thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English!!)

Yeah.. that just happened.. Anyway we are back with Ryo who's still reeling from watching his buddy Yuuji epically fail the 2nd stage.

TBS reminding us that in 28 he sucked so badly on the Backstream

And then again on the wall that he timed out while still under it.

Last tournament with the backbullshitstream he couldn't even get out of the water

Undeterred, he trained like crazy in a pool with a current generator

And doing too much of this almost killed him (see Navi on his hospitalization)

New Generation Star Ryo Matachi 又地諒

Clear on the Cross Slider

Clear on the Swap Salmon Ladder

Ghetto Bridge™

Spider.. wtf.. he's still THAT sun burned?

Seriously.. it's been 4 months since he was in Malaysia and his sun burn is so bad that he looks like he's wearing a shirt!

Anyway, clear on the Spider Drop

Taking his time on the Backstream

Slowly makes his way across

Taking his time getting his off

realizes he's still not able to do the walls after the backstream

this is perfectly legal..

But I still don't like it.

Emphatically slamming the button

And screaming in delight

His mother Miki 美樹 really happy

So are Nagano, Morimoto and Shinya

 Still yelling! I think this is the most emotion I've seen out of him in about 3 years!

Emphatically slamming his hands on the wall.

Yuuji and Hioki all emotional about his clear.

And Mom is moved to tears

Ryo Matachi 又地諒 - SECOND STAGE CLEAR!

Make way for the KONG EXPRESS! Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次

He is also a double medalist.  Team Silver and Individual Bronze

Clear on the Cross Slider

On the Swap Salmon Ladder

Clear on first jump

No!  he also went sideways wait.. did the ledge go in just as he landed on it?

The ledge magically popped back out.. At this point if they can't get this damn obstacle to work... REMOVE THE SWAP SALMON LADDER
he readjusts and muscles up to the ledge that magically reappeared..

Kenji is calling BS right he's being told to stop

and so am I... I mean seriously. First the stupid rule that you can't muscle up if you go sideways because they have a technical problem removing the lower (initial) ledges from play, THEN you get a removal of a ledge that was supposed to be there and it causes a fail??

Asa is in shock

Morimoto is in shock

The announcer is shouting that he failed

Nagano is getting organized for his run

he hears the news

and looks for the replay

If Kenji looks PISSED off, it's because he should be.  And of course no replay is coming.  I'm sorry.. but he was ROBBED.. here's my own replay since they didn't dare do a replay on television (I'm using full size photos for this next section).. 

The ledge was clearly there when he was going to jump across

Then inexplicably the LEFT landing ledge pulls back. Just the left one.. causing him to drop down to the initial landing ledge. THEN somehow pops back after his the left bar dropped because obviously IT GLITCHED..  
So right now I'm FURIOUS because it was obvious that he should have been given a rerun.  I heard he complained... loudly.. he should have won the argument. I think this is why we don't see a television slow motion replay, because in the editing room I'm sure Inui found out they were wrong.

Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次 - Death by Utter and Complete Bullshit Robbing

Thanks to this stupidity his 2nd stage perfect clear record is now ruined. Before, if he got to the 2nd stage he always cleared, now that record is ruined because some ass-hat made the wrong call on the field due to a technical problem that Kenji didn't cause.  I'm livid.

Morimoto being interviewed again since he's last to go

Kanno just smiling as he's next

and apparently having balance issues

Self proclaimed Silver Jewelry accessories designer

but his real job is a janitor

Hitoshi Kanno and his wife Emiko 笑子.  I don't see a wedding dress so I'm guessing it was a shotgun wedding civil ceremony at the local municipal building back in August of 2013.

Because this happened.

yeah.. we kinda had a kid.

  Their son Yuuto 雄仁 was born a couple months after Sasuke 29.

Kanno was part of the Silver medal Team Japan back in the Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup

Former Gymnast

Showing his Team Silver after the event happened.. (cough check the calendar month - Sasuke 30 was taped in May..) giggles.

Kanno's wife Emiko 笑子 with their son Yuuto 雄仁

22 went 21 shown, 1 robbed and 7 cleared. Catch all that?

New Generation Star Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志

Clear on the Cross Slider

 Still having balance issues..

clear on the Swap Salmon Ladder

Clear on the Ghetto Bridge™

Spider Drop

Clear on the Spider Drop


Removing goggles

THAT is how you lift the wall

Doing it again on the 2nd wall

And again on the 3rd wall.  THANK YOU!

New Generation Star Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 - SECOND STAGE CLEAR!

Emiko is jumping up and down

Asa in his own world getting ready. He's up next.

Morimoto happy

Kanno trying to recover while resting on the red button.

Now it's Nagano's turn after Asa.

His first time getting to the 2nd stage in the Sasuke Rising Era

Heh, Shingo still hasn't changed and Takeda was after him and he's already showered, changed and bundled up!

Kanno relieved and already under a towel as he cleared the 2nd stage again.

New Generation Star Kazuma Asa 朝一眞 is up next and apparently his mysterious black armpit plague™ is spreading upwards..

Team Silver medal from the ASEAN.

But first these commercials

And we are back!  Kazuma Asa 朝一眞

Clear on the Cross Slider

Clear on the Swap Salmon Ladder

Clear on the Ghetto Bridge™

Wow his legs are heavily taped!

oh yeah clear on the Spider Drop


Powering through the first wall all wrong.. he didn't flick up the wall for this technique to work..

and it lands right on his back then has to pull his body forward... That's.. gotta hurt..

And because he didn't learn the first time..

He does it all over again..

This time he finally gets the hint he has to lift the damn wall first..

And clears the last wall to clear the stage.

Yuki 由妃

Morimoto has to sit since Nagano is before him

New Generation Star Kazuma Asa 朝一眞 - SECOND STAGE CLEAR

TBS pounding home that Asa was trying to be fastest and barely beat Drew in a competition that wasn't even happening. LOL  Gotta make that myth work somehow! LOL

LOL Nagano's hair looks blond under fog lights.

Yuki 由妃
Asa GirlfriendCam™

I think I left my spleen on one of the walls..

 Funny moment with the All-stars.  The guys yelling encouragement..

And Nagano says he will try to the pool!

Given today's chaos with the 2nd stage.. I understand his trepidation!

Nagano Familycam™ Seems like a family member is holding onto baby Taiou 太皇 (who just turned 1 years old) and a very sleepy Kaiou 塊王 who is now 5 years old is being held by Mom Asami 阿紗 美.

Kaiou is just going "screw it I'm going to sleep.. wake me up when it's over"

24 down 9 cleared

 Sasuke All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠

He's not going nekkid!

Plop on Cross Slider

Whooooooooah on his way to the Swap Salmon Ladder

Yay he's on it! LOL I'm sure he was going "it's really high up.."

Clear on the first Jump

Good on the 2nd (cough.. both ledges were out)

And.. SON OF A ... 

My sentiment exactly.  Nagano is strong enough to muscle up. If the ledge was not hardwired there he would have fallen. This technical crap makes no sense and is stupid to watch. I didn't like this rule in Sasuke 28. I didn't like this rule in Sasuke 29. I still don't like this rule in Sasuke 30. I don't care who failed it and I don't have fake rage just because Nagano just failed it.  The rule sucks and we even saw a robbery just before this with Kong to boot.  Just get rid of this obstacle already.

Shingo and Takeda waiting for the jump

And Takeda has a OMG HE DIDN'T face as he runs to Shingo for comfort

Shingo ripping away as he now celebrates being the furthest of all the All-Stars! (AGAIN)

Taiou is awake and listening to the commotion

Kaiou woke up as Asami does the gaaaaaaah dance

HA!  Nagano is not getting wet!

He swings hard to get on the mat instead

and now he can mourn with dry clothes!

I feel ya man.. stupid rule.

Asami is sooooooo not happy right now..
(SMF translation) "What are you doing.. what are you doing..."

Sasuke All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠  - Death by Technical failure on Swap Salmon Ladder

Btw the left ledge on this side is inside in this picture, however he did hit the outside of the ledge as he was falling down on to the bottom ledge. So no Kong™

Takeda being rejected by Shingo goes to the Nagano family for some comfort

Though seriously he's only there to jeer Nagano in person..

Classic Nagano: "Mottainai" もったいない "What a waste" or basically "That's a shame wasted potential on a mistake like that".  BOTH Asami and Makoto are saying this to each other. LOL!!!

 Asami wanted to see Papa swim

(SMF Translations) Makoto: Yes, I wanted to find out how I was going to be out of breath when I reached the Backstream.
Asami: By yourself? Hahaha.

  Yuusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介.  Officially dubbed "Sasuke Kun"

Oh.. I never got to this level of computer programming... and no he doesn't know how to speak English. I asked already. LOL

 He's a Computer Science Major at Kochi University

After Sasuke 29 he made a Wall lifting replica at his backyard playground

Because he didn't want to repeat this embarrassment of this ever again.

he made it.. but only by scraping his body under the wall.

Yuusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介

Clear on Cross Slider

Clear on Swap Salmon Ladder

Clear on Ghetto Bridge™

caaaaaarefully going down the Spider Drop

clear on Spider Drop

Backstream I still hate you..

Will he clear the 2nd stage with 23 seconds left?

Heard the movie sucked despite Angelina Jolie lookin' cool in this shot

we back in time! spent a while in the water tank

Ryo whipping his head around looking at the pool

Then checking out the timer as everyone is starting to panic

First wall..

uuuuuuuuugh.. get.. it.. up.. there...


nope.. just shove that body under..

3rd not even close...

And down he goes!

Yuusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介 - Death by Time up on Wall Lifting

Asa doing contortions again

Morimoto Parents are crushed.

Nagano doing contortions

Kanno shocked..

Shinya stunned

Nagano clearly not happy

Yuusuke crushed.. literally..

Dad being philosophical

I talked to him after the tourney and he was very matter of fact about his fail. He said he mismanaged his time badly and paid for it.  He saw that the timer for the 2nd stage was raised from Sasuke 29 and he took way too much time earlier in the stage. That was his fault and feels badly that he miscalculated so badly. So, when he got to the end and was running out of time, he tried to rush through it by any means necessary. He felt he shouldn't have squandered the time they gave him so he's using this fail as motivation to get back to work and train harder for Sasuke 31.

 Same as with Stage 1 they go back to the Studio (I prefer this section exactly where it is so I hope it continues) and list the names of the clears.

Masashi Hioki 日置 将士
Tomohiro Kawaguchi 川口朋広 
Shinya Kishimoto 岸本真弥 

 Shinya Kishimoto 岸本真弥
Shunsuke Nagasaki 長崎峻侑
Lee En Chi リー・エンチ 
Drew Dreschel ドリュー・ドレッシェル

 Drew Dreschel ドリュー・ドレッシェル
 Ryo Matachi 又地諒
 Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志

 Ryo Matachi 又地諒
 Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志
 Kazuma Asa 朝一眞

 9 clears going into the 3rd Stage


jenn said...

Trying to do quick comments:

1. Well, at least both Ryo and Morimoto did work on their issues with the walls (did they show that here or in Navi? I can't remember), so honestly I can't complain about how Ryo passed. I'm sure that both they and Yuuji will work on that before the next Sasuke - I wonder if there's a way they can practice doing wall lifting after wave pool practice.

2. Re: Kong: (groans) I really was thinking there were technical issues causing some of the fails, because it looked like folks hit the rungs and pushed them in to me, until I heard exactly what the rule was. I was better with the fails, because even if it wasn't a great rule, it was one - until I saw the caps of Kong's fail. (shakes head)

3. Hey, this is Japan, they may use different weapons when a shotgun wedding happens, hence why I've wanted to see wedding stuff. LOL.

4. Considering that so many computer languages were created in English-speaking countries, Morimoto's unintentionally picking up some stuff. (g) I'm so out of shape when it comes to programming that I'm looking at his code just trying to figure out what language he's using and not having a clue.

Unknown said...

"And.. SON OF A ..."
And there you have it folks. The EXACT reason why I now hate this obstacle. I agree with you Arsenette and I think that they should stick to the regular Salmon Ladder by making a triple one.

Keystone Karla said...

I laughed at the unusually long crotch shot they gave to Asa on the Spider Drop. Reminded me of all the Stage 1 boob shots where the camera just happens to linger on the chest area of the female contestants.

I miss the old, uncontroversial Stage 2s. Can we please go one competition without the audience questioning whether the Stage 2 obstacles are working correctly?

Arsenette said...

Hey Jenn! Yeah they have been working on the backstream for 2 tourneys but not with each other (at least in the Navi's) but they hang out almost always together otherwise. And I've been asking myself where can people train for BOTH those obstacles back to back. LOL
2. Shaking head with ya!
3. LMFAO The options are endless..
4. LOL I didn't even think of that.

Hey Jon. I think the whole damn stage needs a reboot..

Hello Karla! LMFAO and omg do I agree with your last sentence. I used to not care about obstacles and concentrate on people.. now I bitch about Stage 2.. /facepalm

Boiling Pot said...

I took a close look myself at Kong's fail, and I think it's actually a legit (as legit as that useless obstacle can get... -_-) fail. I think the bar was just a *touch* low on the left side, and it pushed the rung inward.

Arsenette said...

I have to disagree. Even the sound was different from Nagano's fail. Nagano ricocheted off the left side. Kong LANDED fully on the left side and the bar went in making him drop down. There was a distinctive sound between them and the reason why there was such a problem and why there was such an issue. Even the fact that Inui didn't do a replay on Kong's was proof enough that I saw correctly the first time. Nagano's was just dumb luck, but Kong's was sheer robbery.

Unknown said...

Yeah. Here's my reactions to the whole stage per obstacle:
Cross Slider: Good.
"Joke of an" Unstable Bridge: Do I really have to explain it since I just crossed out "Joke of an..."?
Spider Walk/Drop: An old favorite.
Backstream: Am I the only one who actually likes it?
Wall Lifting: 66 lbs.! 88 lbs.! 110 lbs.! I think they nailed it! Although I knew that Morimoto wouldn't be happy about it as soon as I saw it due to (Remember last year?).
Time Limit (110 seconds): Dude, you dingdonga should've lowered it to THIS last year, not 90 DUMMIES!!!! See how much more clears you get when you have the time limit at 110? You WANT clears!

Boiling Pot said...

I don't think the sound is a foolproof method of judging. The fact that Kong's rung popped back out could indicate that he knocked it inward via a different vector than Nagano did.

Arsenette said...

I mentioned more than just the sounds. The visual of both bars clearly inside the landing ledges and a straight drop down only on the left side was proof. And Inui not posting the slow mo on it showed his own take on it. Nagano had a slow motion and a ricochet so you saw when he hit the ledge careened backwards then down and THEN the ledge went in. I think Kong's ledge was dropped by accident, however he did not cause it to go in prematurely. Nagano did.

Boiling Pot said...

Re: Kong

This pic was taken from the best available source, is unfiltered, & uncompressed (though zoomed):

Note the darkened tip of the rung. It could be a misleading artifact, but it seems to suggest that the bar was in front of the rung.

If the evidence is insufficient to overturn your be it! ;)

Arsenette said...

You ..... do know that the ledge was not supposed to move until they jumped off it? What part of glitched are you having issues with?

Boiling Pot said...

I am suggesting (based on that frame) that no matter what the ledge did (retracted due to a bug or was knocked in), Kong missed it.

That's all I have to say. If you remain unconvinced, I won't keep pushing the point. :)

2D2Will said...

I saw Maleficent in theaters. It was okay.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I really hate Swap Salmon ladder because of that technical issue out crap. When see Takeda, Kong, and Nagano fail at that obstacle, I almost flipped my laptop because their fail at that obstacle looks stupid.

They really should change Swap Salmon Ladder with other obstacle (or at least the rule of it) because the rule in that obstacle is so flawed.

p.s: Also, they should change the name of Swap Salmon Ladder into "Perfect Swap Salmon Ladder".

Arsenette said...

Yep we disagree Boiling point :) He was DQ'ed anyway regardless of what he was he didn't get a 2nd chance and thus the controversy. Unlike last year there was less controversy on the backstream but more on the SSL.

Agree Frontier! The fact that it doesn't look like a fail was the core issue with me. Seems silly to institute that rule. I'd take out the obstacle just on that alone. I'd rather if they want a Salmon ladder to go back to the original. THAT was more exciting to watch.