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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sasuke 26 - Spoilerific Review - Part 2




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 26.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Thanks to everyone for being so patient. Got sick with cluster headaches again this year.. not during Sasuke 26 but just right after.. so this blog is late .. Anyway.. For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE 26 NAVI 1 hour review of Sasuke 26 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke and even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast!. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE. They expect everyone to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist.. P.S. I will NOT be covering ANW2 on this blog. Thanks!


(Massive thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English and Japanese of all the competitors!!)

And we are back from commercials with Hideo Tokoro 所英男

Wow that was quick.. he went face forward and gained too much momentum in that direction.. wasn't even close to grabbing the rope!

Hideo Tokoro 所英男 - Death by Step Slider

Oh.. Minowaman ミノワマン is not pleased..

LOL that gets a tongue stick out from Shingo.. and apparently next to Shingo.. Yamada gains some emotion!

Hideo Tokoro 所英男 still in shock

Next we have .. wait.. no live Octopus? David Campbell must be pleased!

The Leader of the Dynamic Trio of Death!!!
Mr. Octopus (Tako Tencho (btw Tako is Japanese for "Octopus" and Tencho 店長 means "Store manager")) - Minoru Kuramochi 倉持稔

Even the ANW guys are changing TAKO TENCHO TAKO TENCHO!

Ah yes.. the infamous face sucking incident from Sasuke 22 that actually seemed to have caused him to switch to Octopus props and not real live octopus as props...

Ooooooh TBS cracking out the CHART! Rolling along as they show how far he's gotten.. more like.. how many obstacles has he actually cleared.. LOL

LOL I feel like I'm watching a Yamada reel...

Wait.. he's passed some obstacles before! LOL

But has been inconsistent.. no wait.. pretty consistent if you look at it differently..

You know TBS was going to use this crack shot.. LOL

Where will he fail next?? LOL TBS can be so cruel sometimes..

Meanwhile Octopus Gumbie is at the start line!

Oh boy.. we start off the same.. he is stopping halfway through..

Trying to regain his balance.. this time he's clothed so it's not as blinding..

Oh.. he's already doing better than some contestants! He's .. going for the rope!!!

OMG he caught it! LOL!!!!

NO wait.. hang on.. put away your noise makers.. he hasn't passed it yet..


.. no.. wtf.. LOL


Aahahahah NO!!!!!!!!

OMG he finally made it! LOL!!!!

And the crowd goes wild!!

ANW approves!

LMFAO he's motioning to his adoring audience!!

LOL he stops.. he's already tired! Oy.. I already lost the bet.. I thought he'd be annihilated by the rope.. this is all bonus :p

And he's on the swing.. going to be painful when he falls off this one...

And he's swinging..

Higher.. and higher.. and higher.. LOL

After about 20 seconds.. LOL he reaches out..

PSYCHE! LOL NOPE he swings more!

And he's off! He's at least TOUCHED the bar...



People are birthing kittens as they enjoy this display of courage!

Holy crap Yamada has a soul.... I guess the vacation helped...

ANW guys losing their marbles as well! Especially Tako Ninja.. person.. caller.. thing..
(Rider says his name is Adam Truesdell)

Okay I'll eat my shoe if he passes this.. LMFAO!!!!!!!

Nope.. fairy dust ran out..

Oh I hope he didn't hurt himself...

.. okay Yamada shouldn't be enjoying this.. LOL J/K check out Shinya and Ryo having way too much fun over the right side there...

LOL everyone is enjoying the demise...

Tako Ninja caller guy has officially died..

"SO CLOSE!!!" Dude you totally said what I was thinking..

Awesome run for the man.. seriously I was totally cheering for him!

Here is where I thought he was totally buying the farm..

Dude is a lot stronger than I gave him credit for! LOL

The fact that he was ALMOST at the end astounded me!!

Minoru Kuramochi 倉持稔 - Death by Rolling Escargot

AND here are the Fast forwards...

DaiGo (Metal Artist) - Death by Step Slider

Ayumu Satou 佐藤歩 - Death by Hazard Swing

Awwww I wanted to see his run.. oh well.. Danchō Yasuda 安田団長 who became my hero when he appeared with the All-Stars in Experiments that cross time in October - Death.. by Hazard Swing!

Awww he's a new daddy!

I see jugs...

Yuu Tejima 手島優 - Death by Step Slider

Kazunari Ookubo 大久保和也 is up next (on the right)

Heh they showed his full routine

Kazunari Ookubo 大久保和也 - Death by Rolling Escargot

Wow that's scary how he flipped off of that.. Echigo 越後 - Death by Rolling Escargot

Tomoki Fujiwara 藤原倫己 - Death by Rolling Escargot

Wow they actually Fast forwarded her! Rie Komiya 小宮理英 - Death by Rolling Escargot

Vanessa Aya 亜耶バネッサ - Death by Rolling Escargot

Aww they fast forwarded him too :(

Oh.. and he almost saved it....

Kenjiro Ishimaru 石丸謙二郎 - Death by Rolling Escargot

LOL that woman next to Kouji looks soo unaffected...

Okay.. nvm.. Kouji thought that was hilarious while Yuuji is feeling it internally

We got cheerleader! Ryousuke Mokumoto 杢元良輔

And he's brought a partner to throw up in the air!

EXILE money shot™

TBS reintroducing the new obstacles for those at home with ADD... he passed the Step Slider..

And he's doing fine on the Hazard Swing

And here's the bane of Sasuke 26's existence.. the Rolling Escargo.. (even though it's the name of a dish.. should be snail... but I'm digressing.. LOL)

How the hell did we end up back at number 15? G4 editing this??

Jugs and Dancho don't care they are happy at how this guy is doing!

TBS camera is on them.. I mean.. unless they know him personally I don't see why they are having kittens..

EXILE money shot™ (TBS praying people are still watching.. Yes they are here.. LOL)

Oh wait.. we got to another obstacle today! LOL Here we are.. finally.. ④ *Jumping Spider ジャンピングスパイダー

Doh.. too low AND his foot slipped..

Ryousuke Mokumoto 杢元良輔 - Death by Jumping Spider!

Caching... EXILE Money Shot™

Take a drink.. we got a reverse angle!

Kouhei Mori 森公平 from boy band Shinsengumi Rien 新撰組リアン

boy band Shinsengumi Rien 新撰組リアン (P.S. not big like EXILE but whatever :p)

Passed the Step Slider

Passed the Hazard Swing with no issues

Wow.. easily passed the Rolling Escargot

Oh look it's Dark hair Cloud!

.. last minute prayer...

And DOWN he goes!

And take another drink! We got overhead shot!

NAOTO having too much fun at the demise of the wannabe rockstar.. LOL

Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.. btw.. I see they got new T'Shirts..

Kouhei Mori 森公平 - Death by Jumping Spider

And TBS loves reliving your past failures! Here's Tetsuji in Sasuke 23

And his DQ in 24 to the same obstacle (yes he was in Sasuke 25 but TBS is reminding us the last time he faced the Jumping Spider he failed .. twice)

We visited them in practice in Navi..

Where they had a trampoline backstage (cough.. provided by TBS I'm sure.. LOL)

Tetsuji Sakakibara 榊原徹士 of boy band Shinsengumi Rien 新撰組リアン with much tamer hair LOL

.. barely passed the Step Slider

much easier clear on the Hazard Swing

Easy clear on the Rolling Escargot!

Aaaaaaaaaand.. HE GOT IT!

You bastard.. I'M THE STAR!!!!!

Bite me Naoto.. this obstacle is my bitch now!! I waited 2 years to beat this damn thing!!!

TBS wants you to buy a Galaxy Tab.. hmm.. is that an IPad rip? LOL

Back from commercials and he's magically back at the start of the Jumping Spider! LOL

Okay he clears it without pulling a Nagano or worse.. a Naoki Iketani.. LOL

Finally .. we see the next obstacle! ⑤ Half-Pipe Attack ハーフパイプアタック

Aaaaaand he slipped off!

Take that bastard! WE are the stars of this show!

Go go go...

Hahahahahahahahhahaha.. no wait.. Awwwwww

Okay okay.. getting pwned by Rider is something to behold.. albeit rare.. but still a sight to be hold.. I've been spelling the Romanji wrong for this boyband..
Shinsengumi Lien 新撰組リアン

Tetsuji Sakakibara 榊原徹士 - Death by Half-Pipe Attack

Yeah.. he tried to hug the rope..

and immediately slipped off of it

And into the septic sludge..

LMFAO the TBS interview chick sooooooo doesn't look enthused with her job..

And now it's time for the #10 in the "scientific" Top 10 invented ZOMG they will totally Kanzenseiha list that random people picked from pictures they recognized on a board of pictures.. Minowaman ミノワマン

He's a wrestler!

And he's doing well so far!

LOL Shingo looks like he's up to something again.. Yamada couldn't care less..

Dooooooooh.. he jumped off the swing too late and totally missed the pole..

Minowaman ミノワマン - Death by that thing he's pointing at.. Hazard Swing!

wtf.... (Uhm.. Ube says the pair are called "Monster Engine" where do the come up.. oh nvm..)

Youichi Nishimori 西森洋一 - Death by Step Slider

Kenji Oobayashi 大林健二 - Death by Step Slider

Canned Comedy response™

.. her shtick has a .. pen?

Mari Okamoto おかもとまり .. I have seen her before.. must be in commercials or something.. I mean I know she's a comedienne.. but still..

Mari Okamoto おかもとまり - Death by Step Slider

Ayano Fukuda 福田彩乃 - another Comedienne

Ayano Fukuda 福田彩乃 - Death by Step Slider

Akimasa Haraguchi 原口あきまさ doing his shtick as well

Akimasa Haraguchi 原口あきまさ - Death by Step Slider

Ah.. so he was there.. Masaki Nomura 野村将希

Doooooh he lost his grip.. Masaki Nomura 野村将希 - Death by Hazard Swing

And TBS proves that even though you are featured in Navi that doesn't mean crap.. Soccer Player Yasuto Honda 本田泰人 - Death by Hazard Swing


2D2Will said...

I don't care what anyone else says. The Octopus by far had the most exciting run to watch in Sasuke 26.

Arsenette said...

Actually you will be hard pressed to find anyone that disagrees with that!

VenusHeadTrap said...

(What makes me check back so many times for this blog? lol)

Jugs are here to terrorize the imagination(s) of Venusheadtrap(s) everywhere. She's smart because they probably would have just cut her otherwise ;)

Crazy man is right for once, I can't think of any other runs that had me by the balls as much as, none other than, Tako Tencho!

Unknown said...

"Escargot" is not just a name of a dish, it's the french word for snail.

ArtemisFowljr said...

Yeah the Octopus rocked!!!
And, as weird as it may sound, I was shocked when I saw the Shinsegumi dude clear the Jumping Spider. I used to call him Spider I need a new name for him...LOL

Chaki said...

LLOVED your recount of the Octopus man!! It was great watching it live but worth reliving here. Definitely the most exciting run!

Arsenette said...

Davide while true.. internationally it is know more for a dish since not all snails are edible..

LOL Arty on Spider fail :) I seem to notice that he's not as cocky as the first time..

Hey Rio :) Definitely the run of the tournament!

Anonymous said...

i recalled yamsfriend or someone else said Mr.Octopus beat Sato in 19 or is it 20 or 22 ( i forgot )

Tako Tencho in 26 is technically on par with some big names this time.:-)