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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sasuke 26 - Spoilerific Review - Part 8




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 26.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Thanks to everyone for being so patient. Got sick with cluster headaches again this year.. not during Sasuke 26 but just right after.. so this blog is late .. Anyway.. For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE 26 NAVI 1 hour review of Sasuke 26 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke and even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast!. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE. They expect everyone to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist.. P.S. I will NOT be covering ANW2 on this blog. Thanks!


(Massive thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English and Japanese of all the competitors!!)

Onwards to the Second Stage! We have a chart showing the order in which they will go.. and which countries they represent.. LOL
This is Paul Kasemir ポール・キャゼミア

Brent Steffensen ブレント・ステッフェンセン

Travis Furlanic トラビス・フラニック

David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル

And the last of the Americans is Brian Orosco ブライアン・オロスコ

Paul Kasemir ポール・キャゼミア will be visualizing his way through the course

Brian Orosco ブライアン・オロスコ assures TBS that he will make it with more than 2 seconds left on the clock this time

Taiwan's sole representative.. and has been for years.. Lee En Chi リー・エンチ who is a finalist from Sasuke 24

Lee En Chi リー・エンチ

and Muscle Musical is well represented with 2 people. First is Terukazu Ishikawa 石川 輝一

Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹

And returning finalists from Sasuke 24
Kouji Hashimoto 橋本亘司

Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行

Terukazu Ishikawa 石川 輝一

Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹

Kouji Hashimoto 橋本亘司

Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行

And.. TBS having fun.. again.. Japan versus America versus Taiwan! Who's cuisine will reign supreme!? Dammit wrong show again..

Less annoying announcer Fumiyasu Satō 佐藤 文康 is back for the 2nd Stage

Paul Kasemir ポール・キャゼミア is up first out of the 5 Americans and first overall for everyone as well

Is he a dancing teacher? or being taught? LOL

Okie dokie! Obstacles for the 2nd stage remain the same! ① Slider Drop スライダードロップ

Double Salmon Ladder ダブルサーモンラダー

and he makes it just fine across

Unstable Bridge アンステーブルブリッジ

Fine across the gap

Balance Tank バランスタンク

Metal Spin メタルスピン

Wall Lifting ウォールリフティング

.. and running out of time he shoves his body under the massive gap...

And he MAKES IT! Wow.. talk about a dream run for Paul! This is the same guy that drove from Colorado to Los Angeles hoping for a wildcard spot.. ran ANW prelims in jeans because he forgot to pack his shorts.. and here he is.. qualified for the 3rd stage in Sasuke!!

ANW guys in anticipation as the timer runs down..

and a YEAAAAAAAAAH from ANW guys

They are utterly enjoying this tournament! The Japanese guys?.. not so much.. LOL

Kouji and Lee (yep that's them) cheering on the pipsqueak

Naoki wants to know who the heck is the gangly guy..

ah yes.. the Naoki grin™

Paul Kasemir ポール・キャゼミア - Second Stage CLEAR!!

See? someone put a light on them.. and Lee reppin' the Sasuke 23 T'shirt.. LOL

meanwhile TBS loves to show replays.. here's one of Paul squeezing out of the wall

and hauling to stop the timer

Paul Kasemir ポール・キャゼミア - Hai! Yatta! (lol with almost no emotion.. as animated as a doorknob.. but the kid is good!)

Meanwhile it seems TBS doesn't like Brent Steffensen ブレント・ステッフェンセン as he's fast-forwarded.. again!!

Okay.. he made it past the double salmon ladder..

Oh who am I kidding.. TBS knows everyone in the USA saw the ANW episodes with them doing Sasuke.. no? That's right.. only 0.3% even SAW ANW3 on the worst rated network in the entire country.. okay.. I'll play :p

Meanwhile Naoki is giving himself a hug...

And Ishikawa is going to need a new pair of shorts ...

And raising the wall up like I want them to!

Brent Steffensen ブレント・ステッフェンセン - Second Stage CLEAR!

LOL Ishikawa is laughing at Naoki's expression.. Naoki doesn't like being second fiddle to anyone.. let alone a bunch of no-name Americans who are raping the course...

David Campbell's nephew - Travis Furlanic トラビス・フラニック is fast-forwarded again...

Awww Travis Furlanic トラビス・フラニック - Death by Balance Tank

David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル is up next

and TBS loves showing his backyard shrine to the show in the United States WITH Second stage obstacles like the Salmon Ladder

And the Unstable Bridge.. David.. they are putting pressure on you...

And they fast-forward him too but still show him pwning the Double Salmon Ladder

And utterly crushing the course.. LOL Look at the time!!

David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル - Second stage CLEAR

ANW guys having kittens!

Golf clap as they are .. literally.. stunned...

Dude.. he totally destroyed that course.. over 23 seconds left? wtf...

And TBS reminding everyone at home (in Japan) that Japan is sucking and the Americans already have 3 going to the 3rd stage..

Terukazu Ishikawa 石川 輝一 from Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル

And 5 years ago he made it to the 3rd stage!

Terukazu Ishikawa 石川 輝一 is up next.. Japan's first hope to get on the leader board!! (sorry getting all excited.. TBS is going nuts over this rivalry crap..)

Having all sorts of issues on an obstacle he trains on daily.. this sucker was on the Muscle Musical Tour for like what.. 6 months?

But he's still having problems.. now he has it stuck sideways on the other side

But he can't muscle it like Nagano can...

Intently watching...

and.. down he goes...

LOL Okuyama with his almost expressionless face..

Terukazu Ishikawa 石川 輝一 - Death by Double Salmon Ladder

Better known in Japan as the co-World Record holder in Monster Box

but the only one to hold it 3 separate times..

Oh .. this looks familiar.. That's Naoki (in the back) pwning his older and reaaaaally annoying, cocky, arrogant, .. richard of a brother Yukio in a 50 meter backflip competition way back in 1995

Naoki himself is an accomplished gymnast

Familycam™ I see they managed to corral the older brother (on the left)

But first.. we need to pay bills.. here are our sponsors

Voted Number #9 in the "scientific" Top 10 invented ZOMG they will totally Kanzenseiha list that random people picked from pictures they recognized on a board of pictures.. is Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹 - Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル

Rare angle from the Slider Drop

Naoki also trains on this obstacle.. daily.. and gets paid..

Whoah.. he turned himself around on the first side...

And WHIFFS on the transfer to the other Salmon Ladder!

Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹 - Death by Double Salmon Ladder

And there goes another 2 Japanese down the drain.. same obstacle too.. ones they train on.. oh well..

MM people having hysterics

Familycam™ LOL his Son finds it funny. I like him already!

Wasn't even close..

Didn't let go of the bar either..

Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹 is sooooo happy his brother isn't here to mock his very existence...

Brian Orosco ブライアン・オロスコ and his 'stache.. is being Fast forwarded.. wow.. I guess TBS really is just cutting down on what G4 has already shown in the USA....

Well .. he did predict he'd be more than 2 seconds left.. didn't realize he'd cut it THAT close..

See? he made it with 3 seconds to spare!

Brian Orosco ブライアン・オロスコ - Second Stage CLEAR! That's 4 Americans!

Okuyama shows emotion! Film at 11!!

Meanwhile it's Kouji's turn to want a laxative.. There's only 2 Japanese left and he's one of them..

American Group Hug!!

Wow.. TBS is reaaaaaally badgering the Japanese about how bad they have to win it for the honor of Japan!!! Kouji is most uncomfortable..

Lee En Chi リー・エンチ under a fog because TBS has a trigger happy stage hand that keeps tripping the dry ice button.. LOL

Lee methodically passing the Salmon Ladder with Zero issues..

onwards gently through the Unstable Bridge

TBS showing who's coming up next as Lee takes on the Balance Tank

another rare angle as we get ready for the obstacle that took him out a year and a half ago

and Lee proving to me PERSONALLY that he CAN raise that last wall! WAY TO GO! YAY!!

Lee En Chi リー・エンチ - Road Dawgs reppin' Taiwan as he gets on the board by himself!

Americans happy as another foreigner pwns Stage Two

Okuyama congratulating his fellow Finalist buddy

Lee En Chi リー・エンチ - Second Stage CLEAR!

TBS tallying up the National board.. Japan still sucking, Americans kicking a$$ and Taiwan pwned them all with being 100% clear ratio :p

Kouji Hashimoto 橋本亘司 is up next

he breaks people's legs for a living.. er.. sorry.. no.. He's a Sports instructor or what we call a personal trainer.

He's a returning Finalist from Sasuke 24

And one of the 5 that actually made it to the 3rd stage in the first tournament renewal after Yuuji's win

Kouji Hashimoto 橋本亘司 looking pretty nervous..

Familycam™ as parents look on and yell encouragement to their son

No problems on the Salmon Ladder

Onwards to the Unstable Bridge

not a problem on the Balance Tank either

wiping the crud off his hands for the Metal Spin

Nooooooooooooo.. he must have still had crud on his hands..

his hands slid right off it..

I see Nagano stayed to cheer everyone on

doooooooh I think I pulled my back watching him! LOL

Poor Nagano.. Japan is sucking today dude.. it's Sasuke 19 all over again... for Japan..

Dude.. it's Nagano .. of course I'm going to put like 10 pictures of him when the clip was 2 seconds long.. mwahahahahhahaha

Ehem.. stopping for greatness.. btw.. real time.. see? Video in the back showing replay of the pwnage

and.. the kids running around like they always do.. Seems Sasuke has always had a family atmosphere

Wait for it.. yep.. that's Okuyama's full reaction.. LOL

Poor Mom..

Meanwhile.. the last hope of Japan.. is waiting in the wings..

Poor Kouji looking up wondering wtf went wrong..

He seems to have caught it low?

No.. he just wasn't high enough with his arms to absorb the shock

and unprepared he ripped right down the rope as if butter was lacing it

Kouji Hashimoto 橋本亘司 - Death by Metal Spin

Japan's last man standing.. America has 4 and Taiwan has 1. DO IT FOR JAPAN!!!!

Also coming back from the Final he was one of 5 that made it to the renewed 3rd Stage in Sasuke 25

And TBS reminding us the fate of the Japanese Stars of Sasuke. Nagano's pwnage by Jumping Spider

Yuuji getting swallowed up by Half Pipe Attack

and Kouji who just slipped off the Metal Spin.. all to the glorious soundtrack that I HAVE NO IDEA WTF IT IS BUT WANT! ehem..

There are the eyes of the last Japanese hope.. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!

Wife Sachiko cheering on her hubby

Son Takaya is cheering Daddy too

And Lilia is cute as a button!

And voted #5 in the "scientific" Top 10 invented ZOMG they will totally Kanzenseiha list that random people picked from pictures they recognized on a board of pictures... Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行

And it seems like it's a family affair as they crack out the kids to watch the last Japanese hope take on Stage TWO!

And the rest of the former finalists are watching!

That's right.. no pressure or anything.. LOL

Okuyama also has crud on his hands and spends time trying to wipe it off..

Could be sweat from all that pressure?

K onwards to the Unstable bridge with no issues

Hmm at the end he takes his time trying to find the angle to get off this stupid thing

Wow he ate some serious time on this part!

you can hear everyone getting anxious as he gets on the Balance tank with very little time left

Right now you can almost FEEL the tension as he's got almost no time left for 2 obstacles..

Klaxon blaring as he clears the Metal Spin

HAULING through the walls as fast as he can.. omg will he make it???

.. but first.. we need a beer...

Desperation as we know he can raise that wall.. he instead throws himself under the gap too!

OMG!!!!!! he's got NO TIME LEFT!!!!

WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOWWW. .he pulled a Shingo ending!!!! Through the gate on his butt and everything! LOL

Seems Naoki got a pulse after all!


Finalists are happy!

Nagano is happy the old guy made it! LOL Let's here it for the arafo men!

.. had that wall been all the way down.. we would have witnessed another Shingo incident.. no wait.. another one.. the one where he got his foot stuck on the wall.. no not that one.. the one where he LOST after getting his foot under the wall.. LOL Had to keep them straight.. there are so many..

best stretch of all time.. LOL

LOL his momentum of throwing his body forward propelled him sideways..

and up and over as he at least didn't have to crash the gate.. it was already opened for him

LOL the last few times he's barely made it past the 2nd stage in terms of time. Geeeez.. you can't get any closer than that..

Family watching the timer go down..

and rejoice when they know he cleared

Mom is having hysterics.. as someone grabs her hand and comforts her

Oh.. that could be Nagano or Yuuji.. not sure.. Nagano would have the balls to do that.. LOL

Awwww someone touched my hand.. it feels so nice..

Who .. the .. HELL .. touched my wife...

Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行 - Second Stage CLEAR

Americans happy about the world sprinter guy that flew all the way to America to cheer them on in ANW prelims

Reaaaaaaaach for that button!

And this is what it looks like to "Shingo™" your way through the course.. LOL

Dude.. I almost didn't make it..

Wait for it? Wow EMOTION LOL

Phew.. yes going pretty fast right? TBS was flying through this part too..


VenusHeadTrap said...

Hurry everyone! Watch my epic 3rd Stage video instead of part 9 blog :)

uh oh, Arsenette still has to confirm this comment, drat! Joking ^^ My video versions of Sasuke don't have your (valuable) input, which is why we read your blogs!

Haha okay, I really liked this part. It really baffles me that MM guys failed the DSL when they practiced on that obstacle and the Americans. and I noticed you labeled brother Yukio as a dick lol

Arsenette said...

Aaaahahahahahah :)

Yes.. he's a .. richard.. ^.~

Agreed as well about the MM guys.. wtf...

Anonymous said...

"the Last Hope of Japan" with the "weight of all Japanese" pressure on his shoulders just scraped through with virtually no time left!

After all the heroics, he was thinking of "Who .. the .. HELL .. touched my wife..."....HAHAHA! :D