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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sasuke 26 - Spoilerific Review - Part 9




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 26.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Thanks to everyone for being so patient. Got sick with cluster headaches again this year.. not during Sasuke 26 but just right after.. so this blog is late .. Anyway.. For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE 26 NAVI 1 hour review of Sasuke 26 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke and even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast!. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE. They expect everyone to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist.. P.S. I will NOT be covering ANW2 on this blog. Thanks!


(Massive thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English and Japanese of all the competitors!!)

And we are finally here! Wait.. we got here at breakneck speed LOL

And we see one change. They messed with the ④ *Ultimate Cliffhanger アルティメットクリフハンガー

This is the obstacle from the tournament that shall not be named.. LOL That took out Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次

Kouji Hashimoto 橋本亘司

Lee En Chi リー・エンチ

and Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行

And time for the prerequisite interviews - Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行

Oh hell.. he's back.. /facepalm.. anyway.. really friggin' annoying announcer is back.. Wataru Ogasawara 小笠原 亘

And we are back.. okay.. something about the names.. and I did notice this earlier but I found it funny.. On the left side is the country (so the first 5 are from the United States of America.. But in Japan.. they just say Amerika アメリカ - (I guess Central and South America don't count and Canada doesn't exist.. LOL).. ehem.. anyway if you notice.. they have the first names of the Americans and even Lee from Taiwan.. while they have Okuyama's last name! LOL :) It's something I would do! ahahahhaha

Okay! Let's see how much magic dust this guy has left! Up next is Paul Kasemir ポール・キャゼミア

Seems they have the competitors all sitting down waiting their turn together

We see the first obstacle has gotten an upgrade as well *Roulette Cylinder ルーレットシリンダー

He's taking an awful long time getting this thing around

Finally gets it to drop down the ledge (which is the new addition to this obstacle)

ANW guys seems concerned how much energy he's wasting on this obstacle

While Lee and Okuyama are also watching how much more difficult they made this obstacle.. remember.. they'd done the first version of it just the previous tournament

I see they kept the ② *Doorknob Grasper ドアノブグラスパー

Paul seems to be having issues as the knobs are spinning.. like unlocked door knobs do..

and.. off he goes...

Yeah.. it's a shame he didn't last long

It's like they expected him to fail.. especially with the amount of time he spent on the first obstacle alone!

Paul Kasemir ポール・キャゼミア - Death by Doorknob Grasper

Up next is the man in shorts! David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル

Yep.. TBS officially loves him. They put a fluff piece before every single one of his runs!

They adore he has the obstacles

and are particularly impressed with an American having one of the first UCH's built in the USA

David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル is getting ready as TBS builds on the pressure

Not a problem through the Roulette Cylinder

Taking his time getting on the Doorknob Grasper

but first.. KIRIN!!!!

Okay.. he's moving forward steadily as he gets a grip on the knobs

Hand slipped... but he seemed to expect that somehow..

Okay he's on his way...

Aahahahaha and he just says screw it.. and ignored the last doorknob and jumps on the platform

ANW impressed he did that

Okuyama analyzing

Okay.. this is the replacement obstacle - ③ ^Cycling Road サイクリングロード

Doesn't seem to much of an issue for him. Just taking his time since no one has been on this before.

And he's now getting ready for what TBS is waiting for.. the UCH...

Nagano muttering something.. I don't care. I just use the excuse.. ya know?

Could be anticipation since by now they know he's the one with that specific obstacle in his backyard

Here is it.. in it's .. ugly glory.. sorry.. I just don't like the "look" of this obstacle.. ④ *Ultimate Cliffhanger アルティメットクリフハンガー (The Japanese nickname for the UCH is "AruKuri".. why? Because Ultimate Cliffhanger in Romanji sounds like this "Arutimetto kurifuhanga" See? Aru.. Kuri..)

Okay. here we go.. I wonder if he's thinking about if it feels the same as his UCH at home..

Already better than the guys last year as he's already on the 3rd ledge

Here is the change in the UCH. They raised the 4th ledge

Slowing down.. I think he's running out of steam..

And the crossover.. not enough space...

Awww and down he goes..

David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル - Death by Ultimate Cliffhanger

ANW is utterly shocked (and yes that's Levi there.. already wrote about it in Navi)

Lee certainly knows what that feels like

oh... mini emotion..

I see Kouji changed from one Descente shirt to another.. do we take 2 drinks just for him? LOL

Nagano looks disappointed

Awww a bit disappointed but I'm sure he'll work on his UCH at home and build up more energy to kick butt the next time!

Here's the crossover he tried to do..

Yep. Ran out of energy. So easy for the kids on the boards to forget that they are there with jet-lag and standing in an open field for friggin 18 hours while they tape this.

Okay.. it's official. TBS hates Brent.. all THREE of his runs were digested..

impressive he got to the UCH (not like I didn't know but I'm digressing..)

Brent Steffensen ブレント・ステッフェンセン - Death by Ultimate Cliffhanger

Wow.. they digested Brian.. then again. he didn't get very far this time around after getting to at least the Doorknob grasper last time.

Brian Orosco ブライアン・オロスコ - Death by Roulette Cylinder

He seems closer to Brian

Yeah.. genuine disappointment there for him. He was hoping to at least get to the UCH this time

Wow.. Nagano AND Okuyama laughing at the same time? What on Earth...

LOL Did Nagano just backslap Lee? Oooooooh he does miss Takeda..


I love you man! (Okuyama's reaction works with this.. so go with it.. LOL)


ahaahah and now he goes for the normally stoic Okuyama.. wwwooooooooowwww...

So yeah.. I'm now convinced it was Nagano that touched Okuyama's wife.. he's really liberal with his PDA today.. ahahahhahahaah

It's all good.. I'll break his legs in the parking lot.. I'll make it look like an accident.. I'm a pro..

Oh yeah.. they actually interviewed Brian who is obviously disappointed

Yeah.. Lee interview.. Chinese to Japanese... yeah.. neither language I'm fluent in.. LOL

Nagano muttering something again..

Poor guy is all alone.. he needs a buddy...

Stopping for greatness because I can... Seems though Yamada and Yamamoto went out drinking or something leaving Nagano behind.. well.. Shingo does work in the morning...

And the two left are finalists! Will they return?

Damn skippy..

Up next is the Sasuke 24 finalist. First ever and only ever for Taiwan. Lee En Chi リー・エンチ

He and his rocking pink wifebeater™ got the furthest on the UCH the last time in the tournament that shall not be named..

He's modified his home to have a cliffhanger ledge

Lee En Chi リー・エンチ

Oh he looks tired...

LOL did they kick the Americans out? LMFAO Poor Okuyama is all alone!

I'm still here babe! You go get'em!

Oh Makoto.. he can't understand a single word you are saying..

Nagano representin' anyway.. Much Love man.. Much love!

Now Road Dawgz is on the Roulette Cylinder

Now onto the fire-sale Home Depot had last year of doorknobs...

Whoah... thank goodness for strong grip

See? Nagano intense psychoanalyzing face™.. he's not angry.. that's just him normally.. LOL

And.. the slip.. LOL

And the patented Nagano "whoooooah™"

back to psychoanalyzing..

LOL and Lee also skips the last doorknob

And someone intently watching every move..

Oh.. that's Okuyama!

Onwards to Cycling Road

Wow he was by far the fastest through this.

and we are back to the UCH .. again..

Wow.. this is Okuyama's psychoanalyzing face™

Already better than last time.. he's comfortably on the 3rd ledge

Thank God for wingspans..

WOW onward to the jump towards the 5th ledge!

Ooooooh brick!

He opened up waaaaay too early and just basically botched the jump.. he did that before on the SCH..

Kouji and Nagano were busy chatting about Lee on the 4th ledge when...

Nagano yelling in a language again Lee can't understand..

and drops to his knees when he fails..

Okuyama emotion...

Lee En Chi リー・エンチ - Death by Ultimate Cliffhanger

He by far is the best so far on this obstacle today

Yeah.. tried to wingspan it rather than throw his weight across

Still.. he had a great tournament! Everyone did.. whoever got to the 3rd stage should be proud!

Again.. no idea ..

oooooooh.. she likes him...

LOL Okuyama staring down the Final Stage..

Last time he also died in the UCH.. his fingers were so cold he couldn't move them..

So he built a ledge to practice his grip strength

Aaahahah nice job Sachiko! Whip that family into shape!

Seems his wife is recovering from the PDA

And now the Okuyama history chart. Shocking that they didn't have a normal Suckitude chart™ this tournament (the ones with X and O marking progression)

Lilia is getting big.. and I'm getting old..

Here's Takaya

And finally the surviving member of the list... voted #5 in the "scientific" Top 10 invented ZOMG they will totally Kanzenseiha list that random people picked from pictures they recognized on a board of pictures... Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行

Ah.. I see Kanno stayed as well. Kenji on the right and Yuuji to the right of him

See? He's yelling long distance support as Kouji and Nagano watch

Familycam™ yelling their support

Whoah.. slipped but recovered on the Roulette Cylinder

Okay.. past the drop part..

Slowly getting through the Doorknobs

and he took the same route as the others and skipped the last doorknob

Familycam™ rejoices

Former finalist group all happy (Kanno from Sasuke 23, Takahashi from 24, Yuuji from 22 and won 24, Kouji from 24 and finally Nagano from 11, 12, 13, 23 and of course won 17)

And .. that's.. up there.. LOL Gotta love the camera angle.. Nagano would be cackling right about now..

And he's cleared

And.. this .. massive .. thing.. I mean.. they totally went for shock value and yep.. they got it.

already better than last time!

Showing no issues.. Go old dude! Do it for us!

And reaches over...

NOPE.. took that back.. LOL

Okay he's got a better angle.. closer..

and.. wtf.. we got like 3 minutes left in the broadcast and .. they put commercials?

Will he drop from this point.. tune in 2 minutes later..

Hmm DS game looks interesting..

and YEP .. he dropped out of the sky.. he didn't look like he had anything left honestly

Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行 - Death by Ultimate Cliffhanger

LOL and instantly the credits roll..

Now comes the painful part for any Sasuke fan.. wondering if this is the last one..

Seems the 9.0 rating for this Sasuke was considered a failure in Japan by TBS and M9..

I'm hoping we still have more life in this show..

I don't want it to end but I really really hope they fix the problems that exist with this series that is dragging down the ratings in Japan.

Until then we pray like Okuyama is doing now

So we can see more of HIM :) mwahahahahha

Thanks for a great tournament Okuyama! You did Japan proud!

LOL TBS cut this ending so short I had the distinct feeling of a Hong Kong Movie.. Hahahahahah thank you for watching.. totally anticlimatic.

Okay. Final thoughts on the tournament. It was too rushed. Not just the broadcast.. but everything there was to it. We spent a good portion of the summer and fall wondering if 26 was even going to happen. I spent blog after blog hoping get an answer and as of just 2 weeks before.. we didn't even HAVE a tournament. I honestly think that affected the Japanese competitors. The only people assured a tournament were the Americans who had the most preparation. They had an AWESOME tournament. I don't hate the guys.. I hate G4 as a company. They are after all the worst rated television station in all of the United States.. so I'm more than happy to applaud the competitor's friggin' awesomeness in this tournament. I still think 10 is too many.. but that's my own personal opinion. TBS did what they could to mute their presence but it was sooo large out there. It's nice seeing how well they did. I wish everyone else had the same preparation time.. even if mentally. TBS and M9 need to go back to the drawing board and figure out where their priorities lie. International syndication or National ratings. They apparently are failing at both right now.

Anyway... really really really want to thank a few people. Lost in Ube for oh geez.. the list is so long. Outside of my inspiration for even blogging in the first place back when I found Sasuke and found his blogs back in 2007 he's been a great online friend whom I can watch Sasuke and use candor and humor when watching without people hawking my every word :p And then of course his Live blog which I abuse constantly when creating my own. His time-consuming diligence in trying to update the wiki with scnoi by using his own sources and painstakingly going through each person to get the right kanji. I honestly believe a lot of people really don't realize how hard it is to do these things (especially his live blog). VxJasonxV for the Sasuke Navi and Sasuke 26 feed he provided from his paid subscription of WIST. Without that I don't think half the community would have even SEEN the tournament! Thanks to the streamers that helped our community see the event! Thanks for Jams for giving me a clear copy of the tourney for the blog since my VLC kept crashing during the broadcast.... Scnoi from the Sasuke Maniac Boards for doing a great job in herding cats! Between looking for information, creating the updated wiki, and helping keeping everyone provided with their Sasuke wants and needs.. it's been nice to see the community band together and watch and share our Sasuke passion. Thanks to the community for being patient when I FINALLY got the blogs up and for READING them! Without anyone to share it with.. this would be kinda boring. I'm happy people find enjoyment in them as much as I enjoy creating them. I'm ecstatic more people have used my blog as an introduction to such a wonderful show and it makes it even more worthwhile when I know my fangirling is actually to good use! I'm excited to see our small group grow to literally thousands around the world banding together to watch this show through tiny computer screens that often crash. Praying for another tournament so I can keep updating this blog with relevant information. Didn't think after all these years I'd still be doing this and enjoying it. Ya'll have made it worth the while :)


TigerOfHaughton said...

Great job on the blog, Elsie. I agree that this tournament felt rushed, though. I am pretty disappointed with the results, too. Only 3 All-Stars competed and none of them cleared the first stage. I think Takeda's absence really affected Nagano. He draws his strength from his friends. He had Shingo and Yamada there, and they're his friends, too, but Akiyama and Takeda are his best friends, and neither of them was there. Since Takeda began competing, he has never missed a tournament, until now. He was there before Nagano started competing. Up until now, Nagano had never competed without Takeda. I think that affected his performance. I'm definitely disappointed in how the All-Stars did. Still, the Americans did well, and so did Okuyama and Li En Zhi. I'm glad that TBS at least brought Li back. (File this under "stupid things I notice;" Li was barefoot again, but there were no boards this time.) I like Li, and he consistently does well on the course. I REALLY hope there is a Sasuke 27, and that all 6 of the All-Stars are willing/able to compete, and that they ALL clear the first stage. (That hasn't happened since Sasuke 12.) I hope that Sasuke 27 is a great tournament.

VenusHeadTrap said...

No thanks to me? I should be writing my paper but instead I'm reading your blogs :D I'm also beginning to feel you don't like my videos :'( I thought for sure you'd link my Brian v David one in an earlier blog.

hah, listen to me, always expecting way too much.

Chaki said...

Hey, thanks for all your hard work. Mini-emotion, can I borrow that one??

瘋子凱 said...

Thanks for posting these articles!

There is a HUGE NEWS from other sites in Japan.(I heard it from other Taiwanese forums...)
It is said that SASUKE will END in March this year. This is the source website.

I don't know whether it is true or not, so I'd ask other people to confirm.
Also, can you help me post this in SASUKE MANIAC forums? I don't know where to put...
(My ID is andy810625, also in youtube.)
I think it made us shocked...

Arsenette said...

Thanks Andy! Well it's tied into Tokyo Friend Park ending as well and we know that to be true.. SUUUUUUCKS but at least we will have one more to go. Thanks again for the link.

Anonymous said...


2) So yeah.. I'm now convinced it was Nagano that touched Okuyama's wife.. he's really liberal with his PDA today.. ahahahhahahaah

3) It's all good.. I'll break his legs in the parking lot.. I'll make it look like an accident.. I'm a pro...LMFAO!

Kagomefan said...

Loved it. Love Nagano.