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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sasuke Mania Website is BACK!

Loading Screen to Sasuke Mania

Update 9/15/10: Ube tells me this message was the goodbye message for the mobile site shutting down (the same one he blogged about last month).

Update 9/16/10: Website returned with new news! Thank.. GOD!

Update 9/17/10: Ube finds out why the page went down in the first place.






(Google Translation)

Termination of Site SASUKE

SASUKE than usual to you for your patronage, Thank you.
All services, 31 August 2010 gentlemen, now that you will be terminated.
Members are urged to everyone, the patronage long before you, Thank you very much.

August 31, 2010







(Google Translation)

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I went to check the official website that for a year had all of the information on Sasuke and Sasuke related pictures, results and updates. As you can remember it was one year ago, September 7, 2009 when Monster 9 unveiled their new Sasuke website. It has been evident the past several months that very little has gone on in terms of updates on this site. In late August, 2010 there was one update to update the results with pictures for Sasuke 24 and added Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 's picture as the 3rd Champion of Sasuke.

So far it doesn't look good.. As I mentioned in my previous blog - There's a lot more questions though as to the state of Sasuke NOW than it has been even back in April, 2010 when I first wrote an extensive blog about my concerns. Even with M9 pulling the plug on it's mobile ap it's been pretty much downhill with Sasuke in Japan since even before I wrote the blog. With not a single word from TBS or Monster 9 about the state of Sasuke, the indefinite delay of Sasuke, the cancellation of the mobile ap and now the cancellation of the official Sasuke website.. things are not looking good for another Sasuke in Japan.


2D2Will said...


Chaki said...

Things aren't looking good for another Sasuke is it? The truth is many of things seasonal specials are cancelled without any notice. The difference is the tuna fishermen (think Deadliest Catch) specials don't quite have the same cult followers as Sasuke...

Being someone who watched the early Sasuke (Akiyama conquering the course, being a Yamada fan), it is clear how watchings sports on tv in Japana has changed.

During Banzuke's prime, Japan never even qualified for the World Cup. Now they make it to the Championship Round. I can attest watching Japan win World Cup matches was far more exciting than seeing Shunsuke Nakamura set the record for lifting a soccer ball as he did on Taiiku no Jikan (the short-lived Banzuke revival)

To get Michael Jordan as a Banzuke guest was HUGE news. Now Japan has its own professional basketball league.

There are Japanese male and female figure skating champions. The LPGA leader is an Okinawan golfer.

What I loved about Sasuke was that it gave the blue-collar guy without an athletic record a chance at glory. But I guess the rest of the country doesn't feel the same way. Sigh.

Arsenette said...

While the website is back I agree 100% with what you wrote chaki. We are no longer in a golden age and the tastes of the Japanese public are changing away from this format. Let's hope some good changes happen and manage to resurrect this show.