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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Muscle Park Odaiba (Tokyo) to Close on Halloween

There is a saying among English speakers. When it rains it pours.. And good grief is it pouring. First we don't hear anything for Sasuke 26, then Ube finds out that M9 pulling the plug on it's mobile ap from Sasuke Mania, then Sasuke Mania Site disappeared and appeared to be closed (but website is back up!) and now Ube finds out that one of the Monster 9 theme parks... is closing.

Allstars - Makoto Nagano 長野誠, TV Host Sato Hiromichi 佐藤弘道, Monster 9 President and CEO - Ushio Higuchi 樋口 潮 (center) and 2 unidentified businessmen (I'm sure tied to M9 in some way) during the Grand Opening of Odaiba's Muscle Park in December, 2006 ©Muscle Park

The Amusement park that is closing is the original Muscle Park in Odaiba (Odaiba is a small man-made island that has other amusement parks and recreation type businesses) in the heart of Tokyo Bay. As you guys remember from my December, 2009 blog, Muscle Park had celebrated their 3 year anniversary and Nagano and Takeda had visited the park.

The end is slated to be on Halloween, Sunday, October 31, 2010. I saw the Odaiba blog earlier but didn't understand what it was that they meant. I thought they were just announcing another event and since the actual page it linked to was a picture and not something I could readily translate.. I couldn't tell what it was they were saying.

They seem to be doing one last event to commemorate the almost 4 years of the park being open. They will close just 2 months shy of their 4th anniversary. They also seem to be having my version of a fire sale. I know a lot of people will be sad to see it go but honestly.. it hasn't been well maintained and it was expensive given their location in prime real estate. Everyone remembers David Campbell's experience there as well.. I'm sure there are a few people that are not sad to see it go. Besides.. there's a better place to go now.

Official ribbon cutting ceremony. All-Star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩, TV Host Sato Hiromichi 佐藤弘道, Monster 9 President and CEO - Ushio Higuchi 樋口 潮 (center) unidentified businessman (He might be the manager) and All-Star Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦 during the Grand Opening of Chitose's Muscle Park on July 18, 2010 ©Muscle Park Chitose

One point of good news I guess is that they are keeping Chitose's Muscle Park 千歳マッスルパーク OPEN.. which is good because they just opened it. This one I hope stays for a while. It's better built and is more affordable by comparison to Odaiba's outrageous pricing structure.

All-Star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 on the Ultimate Cliffhanger アルティメットクリフハンガー in the new Chitose Muscle Park ©PureBlog

I'm hoping for good news soon.. Right now I'm worried that Monster 9 is liquidating assets.. Let's to hoping that it's not the case and they are just streamlining in this economy. I can use some good news right now. I just wish Monster 9 would break it's silence.

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