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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sasuke 22 - JET TV Preview

All pictures ©JET TV

As I had mentioned before, JET TV announced their Sasuke 22 showing (in 2 parts - May,16th and May 23rd, 2009 in Taiwan). They usually have a great set of pictures so I went to check if they did. They didn't disappoint. :) Even if it is the Home of the Eight All-Stars™... LOLThey have a full section just on Sasuke 22 and my favorite part is their Photo Gallery.

All-stars sign in for the day - everyone get your green piece of cloth!

I love how most of the pictures are relaxed. Personally I prefer pictures like that over the posed ones. I get better captions that way too :p For this one Lee is in the back and in the middle are Nagano, Takeda and Akiyama in that order. Seems to be very early in the day because the line is not long at all.

Lee Yen Chi, Kazuhiko Akiyama, Makoto Nagano

Obviously since this is Taiwan you will see a lot of Lee Yen Chi. Which is fine with me! :) Seems as if he's been their only competitor for a long time (Sasuke 17, 18, 21 and 22). They must be really happy since he's very consistent! I like him because he's just a classy guy and very supportive of everyone.

Shingo Yamamoto with his strange do.. with Lee

Meet "Sasuke" - Shingo Yamamoto's poodle..

I have a new nickname for Shingo.. it's Paris Hilton.. apparently I thought that his wife was the only one that carries this dog like a lap dog.. I was wrong.. Shingo is Paris as well.. I swear if I see him put this dog in a bag I'll shoot him.. Still.. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the picture because I didn't picture him to be the type.. ya know? Anyway.. The dog's name is "Sasuke" and quite frankly not sure how old he is but he's getting up there.. he's had this one for a long time now. (P.S. his wife was there too even though she didn't appear in the broadcast of Sasuke 22).

Shingo Yamamoto, Katsumi Yamada, Toshihiro Takeda, Kazuhiko Akiyama and Makoto Nagano

Okay bear with me here.. you know I have a list of "stupid thing I notice™" right? Doesn't this picture say more than 1000 words? Okay we already know that not all the All-Stars are very close. Heck outside of Sasuke, few of them even ever get together. Between distance and work it's damn near impossible to get these guys together in their off-time (especially Nagano being out at sea 90% of the time). So.. inevitably there are small groups within the All-Star group that was created by TBS/Monster 9. You see it don't you?

Lee with Akiyama, Takeda, Yamamoto, Nagano

This was after Shingo's run since he's already dressed and hair blow-dryed.. Takeda's already changed to his uniform pants. LOL it's not often I see Akiyama with a "Shingo-style™" backwards baseball cap. I mean he does wear it that way but not often. Either way there are more pictures in the gallery :) I hope they add more after the broadcast. I can see they tried their best to not spoil anything. For us in the USA.. we still have more than a month until G4 gets their head from up their butt to show Ninja Warrior 22.. it WAS supposed to be May but they pushed it back to June.. late June at that.. /sigh .. oh well at least I saw it.. Taiwan is this weekend!


TigerOfHaughton said...

Thanks, Elsie. About Shingo's dog-- I saw part of the Japanese version of Sasuke 11 on YouTube, and he had the dog then. It looked like it was a puppy at that time. We had just gotten our dog, Nikki, around that time (March 2003), so "Sasuke" is probably about the same age as Nikki, about 6 years old. That's still young for a small dog. Our neighbors had a dachshund that lived to be over 20. I bet Sasuke will be around for several more years.

Arsenette said...

I didn't know how long he had it but knew it was a while.. just didn't realize he was the kind that carried it around either.. that was the part I found hysterical :D It was funny to see a dog just perched on his shoulder :p

TigerOfHaughton said...

He was probably trying to keep the dog from wandering off or getting stepped on. If I was there and I had Nikki with me, I would either keep her on a leash or carry her. The pic is kind of funny, though. Shingo is looking in front of him and probably doesn't even know that the camera is back there, but Sasuke is looking at the camera.

snowy said...

Terrific blog. Now I have to re-install TVAnts to see if I can get the JET broadcast.
Oh look, PUPPY!!!
*ahem* so sorry. Back to business--I don't like Yamamoto's new 'do At.All.

Chaki said...

Good choice of photos! Anyone who gets a toy poodle has to have some Paris Hilton in them!

TigerOfHaughton said...

LOL. That's funny, Chaki. I like Shingo a lot more than Paris Hilton, though. He's a much better role model.