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Friday, May 1, 2009

2009 Maguro Festival - Videos!

I always check to see if there are any more things to add to the original post of the Maguro Festival for 2009.. Thanks to the same person who gave us the pictures from before.. I went back today to see if they added any more pictures but they did something even better! We have videos!!

Katsumi Yamada taking on the course ©syuichidc2

As usual you see Yamada.. taking his time.. methodical.. but he does finish the course even if he did miss the wall once..

Shingo Yamamoto taking on the course ©syuichidc2

Shingo also missed the wall but he totally crapped out on the rope!

Kazuhiko Akiyama taking on the course ©syuichidc2

Akiyama did it faster and didn't miss a beat! He was the first to clear the wall on the first try!

Toshihiro Takeda taking on the course ©syuichidc2

Because Takeda isn't competitive or anything.. nah.. who said that? He pwns the course faster than anyone so far.. (wtf is up with that high pitch cackle? I swear he's giving Nagano a run for his money!)

Makoto Nagano taking on the course ©syuichidc2

Which leads us to hotdog number 2.. Nagano blows them all away and pwns the course faster than anyone with no mistakes.

Awesome to see the videos of the guys! Whoever did the camera work had a perfect viewing range and was high enough to get the whole course at once! So happy people are good at videotaping and are kind enough to share with others!


Rufus said...

Regarding Nagano's run: What in the HELL was that??? I'm telling you, he's not human!

Chaki said...

Thanks for finding them! LOVE the way Takeda raised the ante and Nagano takes the pot!!

Arsenette said...

I got lucky that I went back to that website to see if there were more :)

LOL Rufus! Oh did you hear Takeda's high pitch squeal? I swear he's taking lessons from Nagano on how to girly giggle :) And yes.. Nagano is not human.. we established that :)

LOL Chaki I love how competitive Takeda and Nagano are :)

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Divine Goddess! You are great. :-) That started my day off wonderfully. Thank you.

TigerOfHaughton said...

Thanks, Elsie. I love the videos. I wonder what was wrong with Shingo, though. It's not like him to get tired so easily. Maybe he was sick. If so, I hope he's feeling better now.

snowy said...

That was hilarious--Takeda and Nagano remind me of two little boys, complete with prepubescent giggles. Poor Shingo, every time I see him he looks like he's thinking, "Geez, I hate this. When can I stop?"

MG (KSx4) said...

Thanks for the vids! I find them to be very delightful. I was so surprised that Nagano completely smoke the whole thing as if it is just nothing to him. I'd like to see Bunpei to be there to cheer on All Stars but I hope he can heal in time for Sasuke 23. Still, it's cool to see All Stars rooting for each other.

SuperNOVA MANIAC said...

lol takeda and nagano crushed that thing so easily... haha

btw, do you know if the rope was g-rope or not? also, was it 10 meters? (heh asking too much I can see :D:D:D:D)

lol hopefully they are in much better shape for sasuke 23 :D