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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Official Sasuke 22 Taping Date

As I had blogged before, the official Sasuke 22 airdate on TBS is Monday, March 30th (7 AM Eastern Daylight Time). Recently a friend of mine sent a couple gifts to Makoto Nagano and he wrote her back today with a couple pictures and a thank you note. Here is her blog about the gifts and the email he sent her! In the note also he mentioned when Sasuke 22 is going to tape!

Monday, March 16th!

It's a bit earlier than anticipated but then again TBS now has almost 2 weeks to edit it down. So as of this date it's now less than 3 weeks to Sasuke 22!


Anonymous said...

wow!! i can't wait then *bounces*

btw, i read your friend's blog and awwww that is very very sweet ^_^ and very touching. we all i think have obstacles in life and somehow it's things like this do sometimes help... weird but true. but i think it's because in the world today people tend to forget the human factor, that these are the real heros in real life. and i think for that reason is why things like sasuke really help.

she's very lucky too ^_^

Arsenette said...

She is very lucky :) Though she has a talent like no other and combined with Nagano's support she's been living a dream this past year! Of course Nagano is always bewildered when people say he's inspired them to do anything.. LOL he's just like that it seems. Still... he has a positive no-die attitude that's totally infectious.

MG (KSx4) said...

Nagano has really inspire me in some ways. For example, I'm able to talk to this beautiful girl in one of my classes, which I had never done previously. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have able to transfer out to different college and explore my options there. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been able to save my money for airplane ticket to fly out to visit my old friend. So yeah, he inspire us like no other. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah well i think a number of the contestants are inspirations to us all... akiyama is an inspiration too.. shingo too... i mean from a gas worker all the way to a manager now? takeda..well a fireman he's awesome... nakata too.. seeing how he comes back after that bad accident and even when he failed the obstacle he simply say "i'll train harder and come back".. they are just soo positive. it's very inspiring ^_^

i showed your friend's blog to a friend of mine who faces something similar to your friend. she has hormone disorders for 20 years now and so the medications that she has to take causes a lot of pain to her physically and emotionally... i said to her... this is something she can relate to and she read it and now she's inspired to keep on being positive even when those bad days comes around.


Arsenette said...

Oh post on her blog I'm sure she would love to hear it! :D

P.S. They added the times so we are set for Monday, March 30!

Arsenette said...

Doh I missed MG.. wow Nagano gets credit for the most interesting inspirations :D

MG (KSx4) said...

I think Akiyama is fantastic inspiration because I read an article on him that he like to challenge himself that most people won't and he has really poor eyesight. Shingo simply pwned because he was able to achieve him dream as a manager. Takeda, he's just badass dude. :) My heart just goes out for Nakata. He has balls made out of steel, I'm telling ya.

It's fantastic how ordinary guys who just simply show up on game show for a lark can inspire us. It's amazing, really.

Arsenette said...

Takeda is rapidly becoming one of my favorites :) Mr. I'll go into a burning building for you and do CPR on you guy :p

Shingo is great :) He's still this goofy guy who's very happy go lucky. Things have turned out well for him going from gas jockey to District Manager. Heck he even has a cool house in Tokyo.. not many can say that!

Nakata is the friggin Energizer bunny.. er.. elf. he looks like an elf. I love him! Even before the hit and run he was one of my favorites. He makes you smile even if you don't want to. Now.. he's friggin epic to watch. Sheer will is a force to be reckoned with. Hard to complain about injuries when you watch this guy get up and bite his arms to make them work..

Akiyama is still my favorite :) Again.. as much as I think Nagano is cute.. he can destroy him with his brute strength. Gah.. wish his eyes were better he'd be like 10 time champion by now.

MG (KSx4) said...

Do you have link to picture of Shingo's house? I've always want to see it since I heard he built it. I watch Shingo's run in Sasuke 21 and I have to say that dude is super fast! I hope he doesn't make same mistake when he enter 22.

Takeda is just cool cat. :) You can tell that he's there to have fun plus he like to taunt Nagano, LOL.

I hope Nakata can pwned the hell out of Salmon Ladder this time. *fingers crossing* His will can outwill everybody, I'm telling ya.

Akiyama's condition, it's not possible to fix it with surgery?

Arsenette said...

Not offhand. Earlier Sasuke's follow his progression and every once in a while they go through showing what he's gone through in his life. One Sasuke in particular chronicled his life up to that point and it was cute! Recently married, promoted, house being built, house built and promoted again, etc. etc. All I know is that he must be doing pretty good if he can BUILD a house in Japan. Granted it's small but it's got a garage and his house is on top of it in a very narrow street. This is Tokyo after all :p

Unfortunately Akiyama's condition is not treatable. I know you read the Akiyama - Rise Up blog but there is a link to his condition and it explains why it's not treatable.

MG (KSx4) said...

Gotta love Sasuke for providing backstory on their contestants so we can relate to them. :)

Anonymous said...

sigh... all this stories just make me can't wait for sasuke 22.. *lol*

i soo want to see nakata owns that salmon ladder and that 3rd stage.. that would be some story! yeah also if akiyama can do it again... those 2 i think would bring tears down the eyes haha...

yeah well takeda it is one cool cat huh? he is just manic watching him.... we had a good laugh watching him in 21 edition... kept rewinding haha...

i sure will write on your friend's blog arsenette ^_^... and i could use some cheering up too by watching sasuke.... this week has just been pretty down...

Arsenette said...

Btw.. for all you Nakata fans:

Our happy elf has started is own new blog! :D