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Friday, February 6, 2009

TVAnts - Watch TBS and JET-TV

TVAnts (Like Television Antennae)

There was a post in the post board I love going to - Sasuke Maniacs Forums! Ube - whom I adore dearly :p - posted a great link to an option to watch Sasuke!!! It's called TVAnts (Like Television Antennae). It's .. Chinese I think? It also had more implications than I thought! We can watch JET-TV as well (Taiwan station that shows the second best Sasuke - and the majority I've ever seen on the internet - they only subtitle the TBS broadcast.. something G4 should learn..).. Either way it seems every Saturday they show Sasuke! One of the founders of the Sasuke Maniacs site has been looking for a way to see JET-TV for the longest time and we finally found it! As a result I'm adding the information on to my TVU and You page.

Long story short.. It runs like the others did where you have to have it running in the background.. To get TBS just type "TBS" on the search bar and it gives you the results (with JET-TV you just type "JET" and it comes up that way). Unlike the others you right click on the picture on TVAnts and chose "properties" and it gives you an address to put in the streaming network thing. Then open up VLC and put THAT address in there. Voila.. follow instructions like the last time to record it (just remember to hit "View locally" or you won't see jack through the VLC window. There is another way to do it without using VLC.

Okay the purpose of this thread.. LOL I can watch JET-TV! Why? Well.. they show their own Sasuke tournaments every Saturday! Okay.. I had to Bable fish this.. o.. m.. f.. g... get a load of this title.. "Limit physical Wang SASUKE".. I.. kid you not.. WANG???????? Okay okay.. lemme get the rest of this translation (for those of you with Firefox.. it's Mandarin Chinese)

Limit physical Wang SASUKE
Saturday 13:00, 17:00, 21:00

Limit physical Wang of Taiwan's largest undertaking in the history of television

Inspire all human limits of physical capacity: strength, speed, balance, endurance, explosive force, once let the top 1599 players physical total length of 250 meters hurdles enormous challenges, competitions since the start of this decade alone only 2 people can be completely broken clearance!

That is - the limits of physical King.

King physical limit its unique charm, so that all participants madding like addicted generally want to continue to exceed their own limits, and even appeared in each type must be a frequent visitor to the players, which is different from physical ordinary people, and can be straight into the second and third clearance, the daily life is in order to limit physical King unremitting efforts to master what is known as the maximum physical Wang All Star players.

Wang physical limits of each and every All Star player has its own limits of philosophy, not only in the annual competition, more impact on their lives!

King of the limits of physical whether to write new history, a second full-breaking clearance ill?

I'm like totally inspired now! LOL My wang has no limits..

Addendum.. We just checked the JET-TV feed.. it is JET-TV.. but inexplicably 4 months behind??? The TBS feed is the same (thank goodness) but it's like 2 minutes behind KeyHole but perfectly viewable.


Update - March 13, 2009 - (3.13 for Keyhole is now out - this now gives you a resizeable window!. Also as of this date TVAnts seems to be the best solution in terms of quality recording and viewing.

For those of you who WATCH stuff through my favorite program to watch Japanese television, Keyhole there was a problem where it didn't even want to load! Problem solved. January, 2009 they changed servers and updated the program to 3.12.. so if you have the earlier version of Keyhole and you cannot get it to work.. download the new version (3.12) and it should pop up (it automatically deletes your previous installation so that works out nicely!)


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Oh yes! My wang is limitless! I'm madding like an addicted participant! :-)

Thanks ever so much. My head hurts now from thinking so hard about technical stuff. The thanks are heartfelt, tho.

Arsenette said...

I still crack up at the names and such.. then again.. Spanish TV hasn't caught on yet.. omg.. I can just imagine the monstrosity they'd come up with.. "Ninjas de Muerte" or something like that..

I'm just happy there is a way we can record again and alleviate the KeyHole feed so more people get to see it! We had so much on one program during Sportsman #1 it was very hard to see.

Pittsburgher said...

Thanks for the info about Keyhole. It's now working on my computer which means that I will be joining the early crowd on March 30th :-)

Arsenette said...

No problem! That was a frustrating screw up.. why couldn't they put a button going "your KeyHole is old.. please upgrade, etc." or something.. oh well.. At least they had something on their website and it was an easy fix.