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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sasuke 22 airdate

SASUKE 22 Announcement - Monster 9
I was very happy to receive an email today from Monster 9. And it was in English :D I had asked if there was going to be a Sasuke Trial like there was last year and this is the information I was given.

Thank you for your inquiry.

There will be the 22nd SASUKE this spring. And the trial will be held soon in Japan, but the details have been up in the air. Also, the US residents have very little chance to get in the trial in Japan. You may wanna contact to G4, that is the US TV station, about the trails in the US.

I am not sure the next SASUKE will be on air in the US there, but it is on air in Japan on 30th March.

Monster 9 Co.,ltd.

I know the chances through Monster 9 are very limited in terms of USA participation (we all know that and that information has been the same throughout the years) so it was not a surprise to know that part. I am happy to see they changed the airdate though. Maybe Monday , March 30th will give a better rating this year! That way we can keep Sasuke on TBS and we can continue to enjoy the show! Here's hoping they have a great tournament and people see it!

2/26/09 - ETA with broadcast times!

Sasuke 22 - Monday, March 30, 2009
(3 hours and 24 minutes long!)

(8 PM Japan local time)
(7 AM Eastern Daylight Time)
(4 AM Pacific Daylight Time)
*Edit - there is a 10 minute preview of the show - so Sasuke 22 starts 10 minutes BEFORE 8PM Japan local time

For those who want to watch this live - Please refer to this post please about 2 options available for that day! TVAnts is the only program of the 2 that you can reliably record.
Please remember.. Sasuke DOES NOT RERUN OR REPEAT BROADCASTS - if you miss it you have to rely on someone else having had recorded it for you!


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Sounds kinda ominous about g4 tho, doens't it? Don't know if we will get to see it on there? eh??? I mean... we can watch it on some internet tv thing... but... anyway, probably way too early to get panicky. I mean, g4 is allowing Olivia to pick her favorite to attend, right? So they will be there, won't they? I'm rambling horribly. I need to go to bed. See ya!

Arsenette said...

Actually that policy has not changed. Only 2 Americans went through the Sasuke Trials (which was the purpose of the question) and very few are taken through to Sasuke anyway even on the application process. I did however write back and told them of our displeasure with G4 and how they are not even doing a "trials" this year. They have not denied entry of Americans outside of the G4 thing so I wouldn't worry too much. G4 is only being G4.. they will do what they want to do despite the outcry of the fan base. You definitely know my displeasure up to this point.. it just keeps getting worse. I'm just happy we can see the real one live like we have been. That alone makes me still a fan. If we were stuck with G4 only I'd be very worried. Hope you had a good night :)

MG (KSx4) said...

Again, thanks for posting update about Sasuke. Also, it was really cool to see your previous entry about Takeda and Nagano in Muscle Park, having fun. I had no idea that they were best buddies and I was bit surprised at Takeda's comments about don't practicing too much on Sasuke. Had no idea that Bunpei had family, I've always thought him as a single guy. I'm not really pleased how G4 is running things but oh well. They sure love their flip monkeys and I honestly don't think they will accomplish that much at Sasuke, not to be mean, but they are just freerunners and that means they tend to lack upper body strength, which Takeda and Nagano have. Thanks for update, Arsenette! Sorry for rambling.

snowy said...

SKW, I don't think G4 would send people to Sasuke if they weren't going to air it at some point. That doesn't mean I think the G4 presence necessarily adds a lot to the proceedings.

Anyway, thanks for letting us know the airdate.

Arsenette said...

Hahahaha MG :) You arrived at Rambling Rican :) If you can hack my rambling I'll most certainly hack yours :D tehhehehehehe (and no I didn't think you were rambling :P )

Yeah Bunpei's family was shown in the earlier Sasuke's (I saw them on the TBS/JET TV version.. and off the top of my head I don't know if they showed it in G4's version..). He has 3 boys (probably all preteen or teenagers by now). As of right now all 6 All-Stars are married with Nagano getting remarried recently.

Glad you enjoyed the Muscle Park entry :) I had a ball watching the video and blogging about it as I would a television program. With the absence of Sasuke Mania (where I used to watch them more relaxed) this filled the gap for a while. They really are a goofy bunch - especially these 2 together. Their friendship is very evident now. I'm not at all surprised at Takeda's comments though since he's in superior shape with work. He has mentioned in the past Sasuke's that his training for firefighting has been a lot more strenuous than anything he did for Sasuke. Knowing how much he keeps up certifications and how much personal training he does region wide I can see why he doesn't train for Sasuke anymore (outside of the occasional Salmon Ladder thing).

Oy.. you know my thoughts on Sasuke 21's display.. I'll spare you all :D teheheheh Just looking forward to Sasuke 22 and hope TBS cuts the idiocy down like they did the last time. Now with Sasuke Mania gone we won't ever see the deleted scenes which means we might actually miss Olivia altogether!! :D That makes me happy.

Pittsburgher said...

If they are airing it on March 30th, when do you think the taping is? Isn't it usually about a 2-3 week lag?

Arsenette said...

Taping I'm estimating is March 22-23 (if I'm using Sunday/Monday as the historical taping days.. it seems to change) since the deadline from Monster 9 for entries is (Mid March) would if I picked exactly middle would be around the 15th (being the previous Sunday).. that will give them a week to edit the show.. which is more than enough time if they do a lot of preproduction work. Since they don't have to do Sasuke Maniac it may give TBS time to do that. They only are doing Navi (I hope they do) and Sasuke so 1 week should be more than sufficient. Those are my guesses though. If I hear anything I'll post.

MG (KSx4) said...

I had no idea that Nagano had just been remarried. He kinda struck me as a single because of his occupation as a fisherman. Didn't he usually spend 300 days on ocean every year? That cannot be good for marriage if you're only home for 65 days.

Thanks for your comments about Takeda. I sincerely hope Takeda will make it to Final Stage, which I have no doubt that he will conquer it because of his so fabulous climbing abilities.

Also, thanks for those wonderful videos on youtube. I cherish them all. :) I wish I can see few of the older Sasukes in full instead of G4's version and snippets. But it's always fun to watch Sasuke on my iPod. :)

Chaki said...

Shiratori actually has two boys and one girl. It's easy to think they just all have boys.

Yamada has a girl too. When she was little, she made him a beaded choker for good luck. "Choker for Yamada?? Maybe it was a curse!!!" LOL

And he has a boy who appeared on Family Sasuke with him. He had one more child though... can't remember which gender.

Arsenette said...

Gah! Thanks Chaki! It's been a while since I saw that video of Shiratori's kids! I just remember his wife wrangling the 2 boys.. totally didn't notice there was a girl there!

Yep 300 days a year. There's an awesome transcript that Pitts did for his trip in Florida - (the one after that has the 5 videos of the same event) which tells you how his day goes. He's basically 25 days out at sea (they do come back to sleep in port when they can but cannot leave the docks area since they go right back out) and has 5 days off. It's just how life is for him and people around him have to adjust. He's been married before and I won't go into assumptions as to why that broke off but yeah.. that's a very VERY difficult life to live. The wife has to be especially strong to hack it. We wish her luck!

P.S. I'm praying for official Sasuke DVD's.. not Ninja Warrior.. but Sasuke DVD's.. there's just so much people have not seen.. it's depressing.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Sounds like a perfect arrangement to me... bwahahahaha....

MG (KSx4) said...

Thanks so much for the link to interview with Nagano. I really appreciated it a lot. It seems to me that he is still level head and keep himself grounded, despite his achievements. Very seldom to see that these days. I hope they will release official Sasuke DVDs in near future because I know they will sell very well. :) I've always want to see Sasuke 11, which you cited as your favorite.

Panther said...

scratches her head

I thought Bunpei's oldest was a girl. Oh well,

Glad to see you back, Guess my emails got lost in transit or something.

As for G4..The entire way they reacted and broadcasted the last tournament, I am even more upset at them. In the preshow before the tourney, they were talking about sex toys and how to use them...WTF??? Kids watch that channel.

shakes her head

I give up on G4..

Thanks again and hope you feeling better.

Panther said...

any idea about time frame for the show this time?

Arsenette said...

I got the emails I just have not had any interest in rehashing old crap since I'm done with that part of my life. I'm still here and will be since I can't get my posts deleted when they don't reconcile with others.. God forbid :p

Either way I can only assume the same times as before so for us in the states it will be that Monday morning around 5:30/6 am. I can't stand G4 and have no interest in promoting them so I'll only talk about Sasuke here :)

SuperNOVA MANIAC said...

didn't nagano have his 2 sons at SASUKE 9? I remember, after clearing 1st stage, there were 2 kids names older brother and younger one or something along that.

Arsenette said...

Yeah he did in Sasuke 9 though for the most part he keeps as tight lipped on that especially since he divorced their Mom. Divorce in general is handled very differently in Japan so in general when divorce is involved they don't bring family up at all.

MG (KSx4) said...

Anyone know what Nagano did with his winnings when he won Sasuke 17? I have been curious about that.

Arsenette said...

Not a clue.. but I always have joked that it all went in his mouth.. have you seen the dental work that boy's gotten done? LOL

MG (KSx4) said...

You're right about his teeth. I notice huge difference in Nagano's teeth between his earliest and recent appearances. I'm curious if you can confirm this for me because I have read this somewhere about Nagano so I'm not sure if it's accurate or not. Plus, it's from memory since someone took that info down. :(

I remember that I read Nagano grew up wanting to be Olympic gymnast so he did stuff like that. He did really cool moves for crowd in gym on last day of school. However, he doesn't have good grades or money so he just became fisherman and continue to training. Then his cousin stumbled on Sasuke and encourage him to join the show. And that's how we came to love Nagano.

So is this entirely accurate? I've been meaning to ask you this but I kept forgot. LOL.

Arsenette said...

This is mostly the text version of what was on The Power of Sasuke. I'm no longer part of that board but the text is something I've always adored and I continue to promote it since someone dear to me who has become a great friend wrote it a couple years back.

It wasn't his cousin but a younger coworker. He sent his application as a joke and was shocked that he got in.. it was also less than a week to go and of course he wasn't ready for something like that since he never dreamed that he would be accepted.. so he didn't attend Sasuke 6. He reapplied and they took him for Sasuke 7 where he lost to the Warped Wall and was cut from the show entirely. Sasuke 8 he's shown (shirtless) getting pwned by the wall again and Sasuke 9 was his breakthrough where he made it to the end of the 3rd Stage.

MG (KSx4) said...

Thank you for the link. It was fantastic reading. I truly appreciated your patience with my questions about Sasuke. I feel really inspire when I read the articles on Nagano and Akiyama.

Btw, I just register on Sasuke Maniacs forum under mgshogun. Hope to see you there sometimes. :)

Thanks for enhancing my enjoyment in Sasuke. I always love to watch them on my iPod. :)

Arsenette said...

Oh I'm there a lot thehehehehe :D Hope you enjoy it! During Sasuke airing time it gets really busy! And you are quite welcome on the Power of Sasuke site :D She did a great job! I adored the pictures more but that's just me.. you know me with captions by now :p