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Sunday, February 28, 2016

National Ninja League - Quick Update

Mike Bernardo and Ryan Stratis doing an interview with William for the Final Stage Podcast between breaks ©Arsenette

I forgot to post my February update I posted on YouTube from Friday night on the blog!  Either way, starting from 11 am EST today - Follow for more coverage! Sorry I didn't tweet or blog about this earlier (I found out once I was there! LOL).  Stage 2 and 3 are up today with favorites like Drew Dreschel, Travis Rosen and even ANW Champion Geoff Britten!

SMF Represent! ♥ ©Arsenette

Dutch Tornado Perry Oosterlee along with Twitch commentators Philip and Alex and Final Stage Podcast's William all doing hard work for 14+ hours yesterday! (some of them even more!)

Me and ANW Champion Geoff Britten ©Arsenette

It was an amazing Day 1 finally meeting some of the best Ninja elites out there! They were incredibly nice and super friendly even though it was an intense day of competition!

Stratisfaction in Action! Mike Bernardo and Ryan Stratis ©Arsenette

I had a ball with these two goofballs all day!  It was great meeting them for the first time in person and enjoying their upbeat personalities.  Awesome reminiscing on a long gone Sasuke era in the USA.

First G4 American ever to compete in Sasuke!
Brett Sims waiting for his run in Stage 1 ©Arsenette

There were amazing runs, saves, disappointments along with a who's who in Ninja Warrior fandom. Sasuke vets where on hand to reminisce of a time long gone and new fans came to cheer their own and share in the love!

Our only international competitor Perry Oosterlee from the Netherlands is also in the Finals! I'm so happy for him! ♥ ©Arsenette

Along with my co-host William from the Final Stage Podcast, I headed up north to the Movement Lab for the National Ninja League Finals in Hainsport, New Jersey.  Some of you might have remembered me doing a quick video for the podcast and a small update on the blog.

Heading back out this morning for the Finals!  Hope you get to check out the Livestream!  I'll do a proper video and update when my brain unglues and the pain meds kick in! LOL


Unknown said...

Is there a place we can see the results from this?

Arsenette said...

I'll blog on it but the full results I assume will be on the National Ninja League website soon.

band97 said...

Love the picture with Geoff. He seems like a realy awesome guy. Pleeeeease let this assumption be true?!

Arsenette said...

Geoff Britten is amazingly warm and friendly. Extremely nice. Nervous before competition hehehe 😅 After event we took a bunch of photos. I'll post them on later blogs.