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Friday, December 4, 2015

Final Stage Podcast Episode 8

Edit: January 10, 2016 - Added the video of the trip to Movement Lab.

Graphic for Episode 8

Thanks to William for adding graphics of a synopsis of the episode content for this month on Final Stage Podcast!  All of our previous podcasts are now officially up on iTunes and on the hosting site of Podbean.

Episode 8 - Direct link

Just a quick update to let you know that the 8th episode for the Final Stage Podcast with William and I is out! It is actually a shorter broadcast (for us LOL)!  We are finally getting more comfortable with doing podcasts. All of our previous podcasts are officially up on iTunes and on the hosting site of Podbean.  The episode went live about an hour ago so it may take a little bit for iTunes to update with the latest episode. It is of course uploaded on Podbean at the same time it goes live on YouTube.

Published on Dec 4, 2015
It’s the last show of the year and we still have plenty to talk about! Arsenette visited the Movement Lab and talked to Chris Wilczewski about the National Ninja League. Afterwards, we talk in detail about both Let’s Go Dream Team expanding into other countries and the construction of Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia.
Also, William reveals the identity of the fifth man on team USA during the X Warrior world event! It’s a good way to end the year, so check it out!

7:55 Interview with Chris Wilczewski
11:14 National Ninja League Talk
20:16 ANW 8 Update
22:55 Katsumi Yamada appeared in a new commercial. It was... interesting.
36:50 China vs USA on X Warrior! Who's the fifth man?!
52:45 Korean obstacle course/variety game show “Let’s Go Dream Team!” expanding to other countries. Could a US version work?
1:13:33 Sasuke Vietnam taping delayed
1:15:28 Ninja Warrior France announced
1:18:47 The construction Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia and behind the scenes videos posted by Inui
1:49:56 Closing

Music Credits:
"Yeti Set Go!"
by: Isaac Wilkins

Note: Video for my trip to Movement lab is finally up (yes.. very late).

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