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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Unofficial Sasuke Update Show #2 on Nico Nico!

After the busy month that the Sasuke Director Masato Inui had in November, Inui returns to host the 2nd installment of what he calls the Unofficial Sasuke Update Show on Nico Nico.  The first one was held back in October. This one has short notice as well as it's only a few days away.  Someone else posted the information on it with the link to the broadcast page and then finally Inui posted it on his twitter to confirm that it is indeed the case.
Saturday, December 19, 2015 - 19:30 (7:30 PM - Japan) JST
  5:30 AM (Eastern Daylight Time) (SATURDAY Morning)
2:30 AM (Pacific Daylight Time) (SATURDAY Morning)
(Please note the time for Daylight Saving)
For those who are curious.. what is Nico Nico?  This is the online streaming service that was used during the Sasuke 30 and 31 broadcasts that had commentary on the tournament while it was airing live in Japan. Over the past Sasuke 31 season, it was used often for community updates and additional content.   This particular channel is new as this is a channel started specifically by the Sasuke Director himself. I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating:  I need to reiterate something about the channel.  This is not an official channel for TBS.  This is his own personal channel and the views and impressions on this broadcast/channel are not the official views of TBS.  For those who are unaware, Mr. Inui was hired to direct Sasuke after the collapse and eventual bankruptcy of Monster 9.  He is now creative owner for the televised image of Sasuke and he serves not only as Executive Director but sole Editor of the televised show.  However, he is President of FolCom and considered to be an outside independent contractor hired by TBS.  Remember that while what he discusses about the composition of the show (which he controls), he does not serve as representative of TBS. TBS controls the license of the show and is the only one certified to announce any official plans.  He wanted to make sure everyone knew that up front and there are certain answer he is just unable to give since he has limited control of the show and cannot possibly speak for TBS in an official capacity.
Host - Sasuke (Japan) Director Masato Inui 乾雅人 ©Masato Inui
Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次 - KONG EXPRESS ©Kenji Takahashi
Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2) 又地諒 ©Ryo Matachi

Tomohiro Kawaguchi 川口朋広  ©Arsenette Reiter
Shinya Kishimoto 岸本真弥  ©Arsenette Reiter
The hope was for this informal channel is to provide a monthly update on the world of Sasuke from his perspective and provide an opportunity to engage the community live.  Given the format of the first show, he will be talking to Sasuke stars and answer questions from the live chat in real time. He hopes to do this at a pace of about once a month in an informal setting.  While Inui couldn't do one in November, he more than made it up with a dozen Nico Nico videos from Indonesia.  The biggest news coming out of the last Nico Nico was the announcement of Sasuke 32 being green-lit.
First Nico Nico Broadcast - October, 2015 ©Shingo Yamamoto
I'm really excited as we've been trying to find ways to get Sasuke back into the lexicon of the Japanese youth growing up in an age where television consumption is at an all-time low.  We believe that further development of social media will help get Sasuke back out of the slump it is now.  I'm really excited that this broadcast will be monthly so we can keep talking about Sasuke even during the off-season.  I honestly believe that this will only help the situation.  I'll be blogging about the broadcast each month and hope to hopefully provide an English translated update of the topics discussed in a timely manner.  The last time the quality of the video/audio was low and it was difficult to get additional translations of what was said.  Most was obstacle talk and some stories from Sasuke's past. There were also technical problems as it was their first unofficial and first one they ran on their own without help.  It will take me some time to get all of the content translated so I ask everyone for patience for the blog after the broadcast. Again, there are some topics he cannot formally address as it's either out of his hands, political or he just doesn't know the answer.


band97 said...

Man I love the goofy pictures these guys take! I'd never guess how funny most of them could be based on how serious most of them are on camera.

jenn said...

Glad a) I saw this, b) I'm not working Saturday, and c) my butt would have already been sleepily up making sure a Japanese radio show I've been listening to is playing/recording, so I can actually catch this...

ad uk said...

Anything they can do on social media has got to help with engaging a larger audience

Rainbow dash vs pinkie pie in evilness said...

yo Oce Galaxy here even though you don't watch anw, what did you think of Joe Moravsky did the traditional cch jump in stage 3 of anw7 at 2:50

Anyways I don't know why my name is rd vs pinkie pie in evilness, but its meant to be oce galaxy. Love your blogs, as they help me see sasuke interviews and other stuff i'd never know if I'd never stumbled across your blog

Arsenette said...

Hey guys! I've been really laxing on comments lately. My apologies.. been sick as a dog.. groooooooan..

And yeah I like seeing the videos even if I can't understand the language. They still need to update their equipment so it doesn't look so bad.. it's a process I know nothing about! ♥

Hey a new reader! Thanks for the message. Yeah I heard about the CCH jump in ANW7 this year and Joe doing the traditional jump rather than the turn around that everyone seemed to be doing. I think once that happened everyone sent me messages. LOL

Thanks everyone for the support! I have to do better in updating more often!