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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sasuke Vietnam Season 2 with International confirmed!

After the last minute delay of Season 2 for Sasuke Vietnam, two huge announcement came today.  First was the return of Season 2 confirmed to tape April, 2016 (applications due in late March, 2016).  The second is the bigger announcement of an international event being tied to Season 2.  For the record, Vietnam has wanted an international event for quite some time but couldn't pull it off until this season.  So the plans are to have foreigners enter Season 2 of Sasuke Vietnam and qualify for an international event against Vietnam.  They are taking anyone 18+ (with a clean criminal record).  Here's the TBS International announcement.

TBS International Program Sales
February 19 at 10:03am ·

Locally produced in Vietnam by national television network Vietnam Television (VTV) "SASUKE Vietnam," the local Vietnamese production of TBS’s sports entertainment program SASUKE, will begin shooting its second season in April 2016. The producer and manager of all related events, VTV, is currently inviting courageous challengers from across Vietnam, Japan, and around the world to participate in the grueling competition of SASUKE!

For details on how to apply, please see this link on the VTV website:
sasuke vietnam website (Dead link)

• All travel, dining, and lodging expenses are to be borne by the competitors.
• "SASUKE Vietnam" is produced under license from TBS, and VTV bears responsibility for the production.
• Since TBS is neither hosting nor sharing responsibility for the production, please direct all inquiries to VTV.

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All information, questions and concerns about the event and it's organization please contact Sasuke Vietnam directly.  If I find out any information I'll be sure to post it here.

1 comment:

ad uk said...

Well didn't see that coming I'm not remotely fit enough or able to afford to go. But hopefully one of the competitors from ninja warrior uk will represent.