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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Fun 2014 - ElfYourself!

ElfYourself Sasuke Style!

Soooooo.. yeah.  Not since 2008 have I come up with something goofy for the holidays!  I blame a Vlogger (Dael Kingsmill) whom I frequent often for giving me the idea. I mean.. I've seen it before in previous years.. but brain started thinking about it after I saw her video.  I thought of redoing the old 12 days of Sasuke from 2008 but this was much simpler.

And yes there's only 5 of them since that's all the website would allow and since I'm not a Yamada fan.. well.. he had to go! Mwahahahhahaah ehem.  Enjoy! Oh!  Btw as a reminder Sasuke 30 reairs on January 3rd with new footage and an announcement!  I'll see what gets added to the program and will blog on the additions.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


ad uk said...

Love it do they know you did it. Did you hear the news uk ninja warrior finally. Still waiting on calendar (Christmas mail )

Arsenette said...

Oh I have no idea if they saw it. LOL

Geez. That's taking a while. Let me know when you get it!