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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

American Ninja Warrior expands and why I don't blog about it

I've gotten a Loooooooot of questions about the "Sasuke type" international shows that are expanding across Europe but almost nothing on the blog.  There are several reasons actually.. mostly.. no one ever writes back about it when I email because they know me as a "Sasuke" person and not an "Ninja Warrior" person. That.. is actually correct!  Also, because the current spin offs are off of AMERICAN Ninja Warrior (I show I honestly can't stand) and NOT Sasuke Japan's version.. then yeah. I'm not blogging about it. It does nothing to support Sasuke in Japan.  It only supports NBC's new format of the show (who's rules are whichever the wind is blowing that day..) as they are hiring them to create the show, build the obstacles and recreate THAT version of the show. I don't support ANW so that's why I don't blog about it.  It's already painful looking at the ANW vs. World rewriting of history when it doesn't suit them (Only because the Japanese are there and I was asked to do it for them). I don't need an international version of that disaster.  This is what Ninja Warrior Europe is evolving into sadly. My biggest problem is because of the spirit that is prevailing in the shows already taped (Sweden and omg especially the disastrous Turkey show where contestants were trained on the obstacles and ran them over and over until they passed.. /facepalm) is actually turning worse as each new country touches it.  I'm happy that the UK (Long suffering fans for all of my blog career) is finally getting something, but I wish it was the Sasuke version. I think the fact that ITV picked it up and not Challenge was my clue that it was the wrong version.  I suspect that Challenge just didn't want to spend money more importantly why it was the American version and not the Japan version that is already popular on Challenge.  That's the only reason why ITV has it.  I don't have high hopes for the show.  The only other show that fits the mold of spin off from Sasuke is Sasuke Vietnam that is coming in early 2015. Provided it gets aired in some way and doesn't implode like Malaysia, I'll have something on it on the blog.

The Calendar project is up and running and thanks for the support!  I get a kick out of people letting me know they bought it and the Japanese are fascinated by something they've never seen before! LOL  Starting in the first week of January, I will be putting up a huge fundraising project on Indigogo to help fund a trip to Japan.  I hope to be able to put it up in time for the rebroadcast but we'll see how difficult it is to set up during the New Year.  Please look forward to that as I will need your help to get to Japan to help supplement the book I'm already writing. I'll most likely have that blog before the Sasuke 30 broadcast update.

And speaking of... a reminder Sasuke 30 reairs on January 3rd with new footage and an announcement!  And I can tell you.. it's not what you think it is!  I'll see what gets added to the program and will blog on the additions.  So far it's mostly 4 runs in the First Stage and 2 in the 3rd.  Should be a quick blog! LOL Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


ad uk said...

As one of the long suffering uk fans I can only hope for the best.But at the end of the day if it's the closest thing I can do to Sasuke I'll give it ago.
I totally understand why you don't blog about it never expected you to.
Calender arrived just in time for new year perfect I'll send you a pic on Twitter.(fluffyheadorca)
Malaysia implode? (Shame)
Hope crowd fund goes well count me in

Unknown said...

Well said. The spirit of American Ninja Warrior, even the commentated re-edits of Sasuke episodes, is just inferior to true Sasuke.

Arsenette said...

Aww thanks for the pic on twitter of the calendar! I just posted it in the latest blog.

Ya. It's just a shame they couldn't share the spotlight with the Japan show.. even if I didn't like when they did their own spin to it!