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Friday, July 5, 2013

Sasuke 29 Spoilerific Review - Part 10

Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 29.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D (Just remember.. the USA Broadcast of this.. will be.. well probably never honestly. Yes.. you read that right.. Now with the death of G4 official and NBC not giving a damn about Sasuke Japan (especially after boycotting Sasuke 28 AND Sasuke 29..).. we may never see Sasuke Rising on US television (or any overseas country for that matter unless everyone buys the original 3 hour broadcast from TBS). For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE Rising (29) NAVI a half hour review of Sasuke Rising with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke and even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast!

(Massive thanks to TBS for posting the names of all 100 competitors!  Thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English!!)
Well now that we witness the public execution by drowning of over a dozen people on live television.. let's see the torture devices for the Third Stage.
Making a return is the ① Rumbling Dice ランブリングダイス
Rumbling Dice ランブリングダイス from a distance
Making a return is the ② Iron Paddler アイアンパドラー
Side view of the ② Iron Paddler アイアンパドラー
Returning is the ③ Crazy Cliffhanger クレイジークリフハンガー
Internal view of the ③ Crazy Cliffhanger クレイジークリフハンガー
Curtain Cling カーテンクリング
Yes.. that's a ledge.. This is the side (closeup) view of the ⑤ Vertical Limit バーティカルリミット
Front view of the ⑤ Vertical Limit バーティカルリミット you go from left to right on the screen.
and an oldie but goodie:
Pipe Slider パイプスライダー
Pipe Slider パイプスライダー full view marks the end of the stage.
Apparently there were new rules given that this tournament is directly tied to the Sasuke Asean Open Cup in Malaysia scheduled for November, 2013
Yusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介, Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次 and Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志
Kanno reacting to the fact that even if ALL 4 clear the stage only ONE will be allowed to do the Final Stage tower???  WHAT?  WHY?? That's STUPID!
WTF.. btw why does Kazuma Asa 朝一眞 look like he's always outside the circle?
anyway.. prerequisite interviews.  Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次
Kazuma Asa 朝一眞
Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志
Yusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介  is too cool to speak. We'll watch him blow for a moment.
4 people dared to escape the communal slaughter in Stage 2.. however TBS managed to exterminate 96 people.
Yusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介
Better known to us as the object of piracy envy!
wait.. there's..a  timer?
Yes.. there's a timer.  Ube is saying on twitter that the timer itself is a collective one used for ASEAN Cup purposes (meaning how they will rate the team selection) and does not hold any bearing on the actual stage.
K so clear on the Rumbling Dice
Timer is weird.. anyway he stares down the Iron Paddler..
And Iron Paddler is eating him..
He's having WORSE issues than Yuuji last year..
twice already he almost went completely over..
After 2 minutes of agony.. the Iron Paddler is cleared..
wait.. 6 minutes? ooooooh Ube is saying that if you take too long between obstacles (in the past you had a 30 second timer between obstacles) you are then time penalized. Which is why his timer is up over 6 minutes now. He's taking too long to start the CCH.
Finally he's on his way. With all the cutting back and forth to and from audience it's difficult to tell exactly how much time penalty was assessed and how much he actually waited.
Anyway he's clearing nicely the first portions of the Crazy Cliffhanger.
And he jumps and CLEARS!  Wait.. he doesn't have orange pants.. did we get seriously trolled by Inui?
Yusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介  celebrating the first clear of the Crazy Cliffhanger!
Asa reacting to the ease in which it was cleared
And Kanno
LOL And Kongo!
Cool overhead shot of Morimoto jumping from one ledge
to the other and hanging on!
After the celebration he drops to his knees to recover.
I assume Dad Tatsuya 
Kanno talking to Kenji... Remember.. whoever clears stage 3 in the fastest overall time gets to do the tower. The pressure is on the further into the stage Morimoto goes.
Morimoto taking time penalties left and right now as he finally gets on the Curtain
Nice smooth rhythm across the Curtain Cling
And clear!
Finally on the Vertical Limit
Smooth rhythm as well as we finally got a competitor being shown (not a tester in orange shorts..) on the actual obstacle.
End of the Vertical Limit connects to the green bar of safety of the Pipe Slider
slowly trying to position his foot to catch the pole
Safely on the Green bar
Asa celebrating
Kanno being coy with Kenji
They definitely are feeling the pressure now that this kid is about to clear..
Morimoto Dad Tatsuya yelling encouragement to his son
and son acknowledges.. wow look at the time.. massive penalties again but with the back and forth camera it's impossible to know exactly how long he waited before going for the pipe.
and we're off
Using the All-Star grip
But first.. let's sell you stuff..
And we're back on the Pipe Slider
having all sorts of issues at the end there..
He's swinging like 10 times or more trying to get adjusted but he keeps sliding out of place now that there's no stopper at the end of it.
He jumps.. ooooooh short..
ooooooooooh he was just short....
Ack.. I guess the Yamada curse kicked in.. time delay because of the years between contact..
Oh what a shame..
Something Kenji knows well..
Kanno seems almost relieved.. LOL  While Kenji is having a moment of recollection..
And Dad in despair
Asa bouncing all over the place.. he started up here.. dropped to his knees out of camera range...
then up over and away from the camera since he now has to traverse the length of the course since he's now next in line to compete.
meanwhile we had fail replays from every angle.
He just smiles. I'm sure his arms are feeling like jelly right now..
Yeah.. poor guy can't get out of the water while you have camera crew recording him stuck..HELP HIM!
replay of the very first clear of the Crazy Cliffhanger!
And perfect clear of the Vertical Limit on it's first attempt!
and to show juuuuuuuuuuuuust short. Oh that's painful.
Yusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介  on a fabulous run in Sasuke 29! SASUKE-KUN!!!!!! LOL oh btw.. obvious now.. Death by Pipe Slider
Trying to get the bad thoughts of failing the final obstacle himself.. next is Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次
Kenji back at home showing how many ledges he has hanging around his house! LOL
Oh and I'm sure after this video every Japanese kid is going to jump off this walkway the same way.. LOL
I'm not trying to promote vandalism.. honest!
Meanwhile his 8.. wait.. EIGHT?  She's 8 now??? When??  Oh I'm old.. forget "getting"..  Anyway.. 8 year old daughter Ain 愛夢
Who drew something for daddy!
It's daddy at the top of the Final Stage tower!
that brought him to tears
and he's trying to not show his face crying while Ain is enjoying the view LOL
Wife Yuri 由梨
Daughter Ain 愛夢
Daddy getting ready for this what.. 7th attempt at Stage 3? He has cleared this once (Sasuke 24).
Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次
Wow his Son Tomu 斗夢 is friggin' 12 now? Wife Yuri 由梨 and Daughter
Ain 愛夢
And we are back with Kenji on the Rumbling Dice
and clear
Eyeing up the Iron Paddler
LOL he makes the greatest faces..
and he's off.... wait WTF???
THIS IS REAL-TIME FOLKS!!!! Yes.. he was that fast.. Poor Morimoto took 2 minutes and he took 2 seconds..
Kenji is just so nonchalant about this epic clear..
Kanno has officially crapped his pants..
Asa just cheers and swoops down on to his knees to get a closer look of his attempt at the CCH.
Kenji tried to get on this thing a few times and kept being called out by the producers to wait.. so we have a huge timer now thanks to the penalties. I guess they couldn't get the camera crew to move fast enough.. they expected to be intrenched for 2 minutes and he made a mockery of that! LOL
And we're off!
okay we are back from commercials.. I should have known better..
It went so fast.. Asa just screams.. spins around and starts walking away..
Kanno suddenly feels .. relieved I'm sure...
Takahashi Familycam™
hmm didn't give himself enough room?  Sorry this is going too fast.. going to have to wait for the slow replay.
Poor Kenji staring at his fingers that slipped
Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次 - Death by Crazy Cliffhanger
Okay here we go.. He got both hands on the 2nd ledge
oh.. just a simple slip and of course there's no room for error hanging that high up..
yeah.. just a slip and off he went.. what a shame!
A sheepish Kenji in the comfort of his family circle as he gets berated by his son.. LOL
Kazuma Asa 朝一眞
Navi covered most of this material. He went to Shinya's to train on the CCH but failed..
Went somewhere else .. and failed again..
so he did rock climbing!
Seems he found a place to train in space where he caught the ledge twice
TBS getting dramatic with their camera views now
Tree Trimmer and Shin Sedai (New Generation) Kazuma Asa 朝一眞
Yeah milking that TBS crane rental. Cool shot from the end of the stage looking towards the beginning
Asa making love to Sasuke Spray
Yep.. TBS milking the crane shot
Finally we are off !
Yeah yeah we are back.
Fastest time so far I think.
Asa on his way on the Iron Paddler
Oooooooh almost as fast.. not as quick but still about 5 seconds. Nice!
Sister Sayuri さゆり
apparently he took a vacation because look at the time.. LOL Yeah he had to wait for the camera crew to move again since he went across the paddler just as fast as Kongo did.
LOL Asa does a huge scream and man handles the CCH so much so that it makes the camera shake!
And here we go!
doing well on the transition as he gets ready to jump
ooooooooooooooooooooh.. noooooooo he couldn't grab it again
His first actual jump though. Last time he didn't get this far.
Asa Friends and Family Plan™
Kanno not even phased..
Asa having a private moment in hell right now..
Oh this is sad. he buries his face on the mat and cries.. I mean weeps for a few minutes.
replay of his attempt
baaaaarely missing.. he at least got his fingers on it
but not settled and he just slipped right off it
Kazuma Asa 朝一眞 - Death by Crazy Cliffhanger
Kanno getting ready
Awww his friend (I think possibly brother? Dunno) gets up from his chair to comfort him
And Asa falls apart.
Kanno nervous as the last 2 competitors failed and he's now bound by that STUPID promise to propose to his girlfriend at the top of the Final stage tower and nowhere else..
Reminder he sucked the last tourney
Here's the tart in question..Shoko Emiko (笑子)
copious body buffing photos because he seriously loves weights and his own body more than his girlfriend..
Ah it seems the rooftop death trap is actually Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2)'s roof!
Ouch. he missed twice..
LOL and he has just straight concrete to land on.. and if you whiff badly you end up on the street 3 floors down!
Meanwhile at Yuuichi Okada 岡田祐一's house!
and using chairs to get to the ledges
Kanno finally hangs on
Dumbest woman on Earth.. WHO WAITS TO GET MARRIED FOR A GAME SHOW?????
"Yamada 2.0" Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志
And apparently TBS didn't pay the electric bill
Kanno on his way across the Rumbling Dice
Clear.  I think the slowest time?
Taking time before the Iron Paddler
Finally on after time penalties
Hey pretty good!  Seems Kongo showed the way!
Here we go.. CCH..
building suspense.. So far no one has cleared Stage 3 so they go by order of clear and time?
Geez.. look at the timer..
okay finally crossing
going across the 3 ledges
and heeeeeeeeeee's..
And stupid girlfriend won't get married..
Asa goes through convulsions and falls off his chair (and gets up to scream)
replay of the miss
Kanno having a moment as well
Camera shot of where the mat is in relation to where you fall
Seriously.. who waits to get married because of a game show? That's idiotic!
MARRY HER KANNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
barely got all his fingers on it
and ripped right off of it
"Yamada 2.0" Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 - Death by Crazy Cliffhanger
So seems they start talking about their own pics for the Japanese Team.  Right now TBS was not told how many people are on each of the teams going into the international competition. So they were for the purposes of Sasuke 29 only picking ONE person.
He picks Morimoto based on performance today and his past appearances
She's moved to tears by Asa's show of emotion
Then it's announced that NO ONE has actually qualified..
wait. what?
Seems since no one cleared the 3rd stage then no one on this stage knows who was chosen
and commercial break showing the official signing of the contract between Sasuke Malaysia and TBS to produce Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup.
Meanwhile you see a door closed and it opens and lo and behold it's Morimoto!
and really a surprise to no one he's been chosen as the top qualifier for the Japanese team going to the ASEAN Open in November.
Seems you have to tune into the website throughout the summer to know who else has been named to the team!
cough.. the rumor is 7 per team.. just sayin'..

Okay! Where to start.  Despite my 3 pages of losing my marbles in sheer anger.. I LIKED this tournament overall.  TBS went back and fixed a few things and totally botched others.  Even when the ratings for Sasuke 28 came out and they were lackluster they still were 3rd overall for part of the night (even if it dropped later) and they went ahead and announced Sasuke 29 AND introduced a new tournament that will air later this year.  They invited a LOT of veterans back to Sasuke that we've been wanting to see for a loooooooooooooong time. I'll try to break down a couple of my arguments for and against in another blog because I need to break it down into components.  The synopsis though right after I saw this show was I applaud their efforts. I am HAPPY that they gave us so much notice.  I wasn't happy that Comcast/NBC/G4/Esquire officially is boycotting Sasuke now that it is clear ANW is the only show they want Americans in.  I'm not happy TBS is not allowing international competitors in Sasuke anymore (outside of veterans like Lee). TBS did however create a new Youtube for exclusive behind the scenes videos (translated into English) and a fully updated website with all the names of the competitors days in advance of the tournament.  THANK YOU for that.  A LOT of the things I faulted them in the past they seemed to have fixed.  They tried new things as well like the Long Jump.  We can complain about what they added but I like supporting the idea of taking chances.  Granted I believe this is the most polarizing of the Sasuke tournaments (some HATED it while others LOVED it).  Now that I saw what they did to "update" the 2nd stage AND the backstream though it's obvious this was a notable fail on the part of TBS.  While I applaud the fact that TBS is still continuing with the franchise without changing the format (like they did with the horrible Kunoichi 8) they clearly need to continue tweaking the event.  Re-hiring Sasuke Director (Sasuke 1-13 & 28) Masato Inui (Folcom) was a good step. I hope he returns in Sasuke 30.  While I may disagree with some TBS decisions (and he's subject to all of them being a hired outside contractor) Inui proved he listened to a lot of the criticism from Japanese viewers and seemingly from this housewife in New Jersey.. LOL  It can only go up from here.  I hated a few things of the show but I'll keep that in another post.  By reading my blog though it's obvious it can be summed up in 2 categories.. Backstream + 45 second time cut on Stage 2 and the arbitary rules applied due to the Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup... but lemme finish on a good note.  I can write about that at a later time.
Anyway... really really really want to thank a few people. Lost in Ube for oh geez.. the list is so long. Outside of my inspiration for even blogging in the first place back when I found Sasuke and found his blogs back in 2007 he's been a great online friend whom I can watch Sasuke and use candor and humor when watching without people hawking my every word :p And then of course his Live blog which I abuse constantly when creating my own. I honestly believe a lot of people really don't realize how hard it is to do these things (especially his live blog). He also painstakingly translated all 100 names for us and was there to answer questions when couldn't out a few things as the tournament was ongoing. VxJasonxV for my personal stream :) that was provided from his paid subscription of WIST for the benefit of this site. Thanks to the streamers blt and anshinritsumai that helped our community see the event and providing a clear copy of the tourney for the blog and the community. Thanks to the SMF community for being patient when I FINALLY got the blogs up and for READING them! Thanks to my very loyal Rambling Rican readers whom always amaze me when they come back! LOL  I'm happy people find enjoyment in them as much as I enjoy creating them. I'm ecstatic more people have used my blog as an introduction to such a wonderful show and it makes it even more worthwhile when I know my fangirling is actually to good use! I'm excited to see our small group grow to literally thousands around the world banding together to watch this show through tiny computer screens that often crash. Praying for another tournament so I can keep updating this blog with relevant information. Didn't think after all these years I'd still be doing this and enjoying it. Ya'll have made it worth the while :)  It's now 5 years and still going! I can't believe how fast time is flying. So long as this continues to be fun and the Sasuke format doesn't change I'll continue to write. I appreciate all of the support I've been getting the past few years and especially months.

We are in a holding pattern now to see if there even will be a Sasuke 30.  As was witnessed by both the rankings and ratings for this show coupled with the firestorm from Stage 2.. this will be a rough few months until Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup actually tapes and airs. Hopefully we'll get good news before that but for now we don't know if there will be a Sasuke 30. Trust me.. I'll yell if I hear anything. For now I'm taking a small break and will do a State of Sasuke/Aftermath in a few days.  Thanks again for the support in this blog and this crazy lady that runs it. :)


Unknown said...

Hey Arsenette
1. This new rule that only the top time qualifys is bull, if Morimoto were to clear then Asa clears with a second later that would've been injustice
2. Never expected the kid to make it that far after he survived the iron paddler I thought he was done, but damn did I tell when he made it past cch
3. The vertical limit seemed kinda easy, I mean first time it's attempted and cleared with little effort from Morimoto, I assume the producers weren't happy about that
3. Kenji was a monster and I think he showed how to do the iron paddler, and I think the creators will make it much more difficult and he and two others had to wait for the camera crew to catch up with them, wtf that's stupid
4. Kenji slipping was unfortunate, Asa and Kanno, oh well better luck next time
5. I'm not into Japanese girls or any kind of Asain women but Kannos girlfriend is very pretty, either she wakes up and dumps his ass, or he grows a pair and asks her to marry him, Kanno is and idiot and I could see him ending up like Yamada
6. I liked this tournament and I like your reviews more

Nux said...

I LOVE your reviews, hilarious and accurate. You make me love Sasuke even more! Great job, I really thank you for it!
Greetings from an italian fan.

jenn said...

More quick comments...

1. OK, so I need to somehow get to Taiwan to take care of those asshats, and then to Japan to smack some sense into Kanno and his lady, followed by finding Morimoto and finding a way to share his Sasuke stash, followed by finding Asa and offering him more tissues and hugs (no hugs for you, Kanno, until you do the right thing by Emiko!).

2. Asa needs to find someone to redo the writing on his back after the 2nd Stage. I think it is like Samson's hair.

3. Re: the Yamada curse and Morimoto: I think it went into effect when the announcer HAD to mention Yamada as Morimoto's on the Pipe Slider. (facepalms)

Arsenette said...

Hello Nicholas!
1. Oooooh I would have pitched a fiiiiiiiiit.. I mean worse than Stage 2.. I think you would have heard me where you live.. LOL
2. I thought the Paddler killed him too so I was surprised how much he survived the rest of the stage.
3. Morimoto is like a lot of the kids growing up these days under Sasuke.. they train for crazy stuff like this! LOL And yeah I expect sharks with lasers for the next time.. ahahahaha
5. I did however have fun bugging him on twitter about making him marry his girlfriend.. He laughed :)
6. awwww ty :) and yes despite the wtf stage 2 it was a good tourney!

Hello Nux :) Wow thanks from Italy! I love writing about it in this way because this is how I feel! LOL Everyone usually looks at the obstacles I'm having fun poking fun when I can and sharing popcorn with everyone!

Theeheh Jenn wb :)
1. I wanted to make light of how idiotic the asshats in Taiwan where.. I'm hoping they stop soon. LOL I yelled at Kanno on twitter for us! LMFAO on Morimoto.. you have SMF kids trying to track him down.. I like Asa even if he's a spazz.. he's pure emotion.. but REAL instead of like Yamada who does it for the cameras..
2. LOL never heard that phrase but I get it!
3. ahahahhahahahah didn't think about that! He friggin' cursed him!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your coverage of Sasuke 29. I am hoping there would be no. 30. It feels like Americans are so much better at Marketing than the Japanese. The winner of ANW gets $500K while Sasuke winner gets $20K (or $40K now). Someone like Kanno in America would not be working as a cleaner, many Gyms would have him as a spokeperson. Yuji would be a spokesperson for Red Bull.

There's meant to be Ninja Warrrior Europe starting soon.

jenn said...

1. Oh lord, the Taiwan asshats haven't stopped? Seriously, Lee, press charges again the worst of them if you have to.

As for Kanno, thinking about it, I'm starting to think it would be a good thing if they don't get married, since he really may not be mentally mature enough for marriage considering how he ties doing so to Sasuke.

Oh, Asa... his emotion is one reason I started fangirling over him, and not just his wild moments, but also when he's more quiet in the fluff pieces.

2. He just loses his mad skills when it washes off. They do let them dry off before doing 3rd Stage, so theoretically someone could redo it for him.

Unrelated: haven't had a chance to post this thank you before to you, but thank you for all that you do. Last week, when I came back from that stupid cold, I found out that my former supervisor, who had gone out for health reasons, had passed away. Last Friday was when we got the details on her wake and funeral. Needless to say, it was hard for a lot of us at work, since only a few really recent people hadn't worked with her, and we were scrambling to figure out who could go to either hte wake or the funeral and have coverage the next day during the funeral for anyone working that day who wanted to go to it. At lunch on Friday, a few of us were talking about watching lighter stuff to help get through the day. I mentioned watching hot shirtless guys competing on an obstacle course - and, yes, I could watch that at work because it is an athletic competition. My assistant branch manager agreed, especially when I showed her that animated .gif of Nagano, Yuuji, Asa, and Kanno from the beginning of this Sasuke (she gave them thumbs up). Thank you for helping bring the joy of Sasuke to so many people!

Arsenette said...

Awwww my condolences. That sucks big time as it is.. worse when it's that way. Glad I could put a smile on anyone. I do these for the lighter side of things and tend to focus on those aspects since that's what I find enjoyment in. If it weren't for the people I honestly wouldn't be watching as much. :)

The Sounder said...

I wasn't happy that Comcast/NBC/G4/Esquire officially is boycotting Sasuke now that it is clear ANW is the only show they want Americans in. I'm not happy TBS is not allowing international competitors in Sasuke anymore (outside of veterans like Lee).

I don't see it as a boycott so much as a mutual agreement not to bring in internationals anymore. Overall, the US version makes TBS money as well as NBComcast so it's a win win for all. Well except for the hardcore fans.

Is there a way to see the translated version of the tournament?

Arsenette said...

Then it's not a win win ;)
And no. It's not being translated to the 150+ countries which was the whole point of what I posted.

The Sounder said...

And no. It's not being translated to the 150+ countries which was the whole point of what I posted.

I understand. I'm just saying that for TBS, it doesn't matter if the US makes money by bringing it to Japan or not, they just care about the money. That money will come to them regardless. The loss is the translation, which you would think another company would be able to pick up and distribute to the other countries.

Arsenette said...

Unless you are privy to what's going on in Japan I don't think you understand the severity of the situation. Worldwide distribution is being halted with the future of the show as we know it at stake. Meager royalties from ANW does not substitute the royalties from selling Sasuke worldwide... You are under the mistaken assumption that TBS wanted this to happen. They didn't. It just happened when TBS took over after Monster 9 went belly up and were presented with this current situation. They can't force NBC to buy their product.

The Sounder said...

But isn't NBComcast essentially licensing it from them? If not then half of what they're calling it should be jeopardy? Plus I'm also wondering about the contract itself as there has to be a time where it will be up for renewal.

Arsenette said...

The original contract was made with M9 and extended over time. TBS has to be very careful how they handle Comcast. ANW is and has always been a stand alone show. With them not even participating in Sasuke for 2 straight tournaments it's clear that they showed TBS that they can survive on it's own. It's the classic "don't bite the hand that feeds you" that's going on with TBS right now. TBS can't sue them for "stealing" a product that was created already before the term of the current contract. While I'm sure renewal happens year to year, TBS in good faith can't strip Comcast of ANW's right to exist. It's an existing partnership and Comcast hasn't done anything to break the terms of the contract for TBS to strip them of that right to produce ANW. That said, because Comcast is no longer supporting Ninja Warrior domestically it has very large implications worldwide now that they don't edit the NW broadcasts for TBS to sell worldwide. That's causing quite a problem since TBS never edited the show this way and would charge more for the NW version simply because now they would have to do that in house.

Unknown said...

I hope your next entry is instead about the Japanese' reaction to you know what and hopefully an encore. If this is too close for comfort of a hint, don't publish this, especially for now. Thanks anyway, Rod.

Arsenette said...

I haven't done an entry in almost a month.. LOL I should probably do something but haven't been feeling up to it. I'll see what I can come up with in the next day or so. Thanks for asking. :)

Unknown said...

I got the impression the other competitors were rolling their eyes at how much time Morimoto was taking between obstacles. He must have set a record and wouldn't be surprised if they put a time limit on that stage if he keeps doing that.

Arsenette said...

The timer was only there for that 1 show. The normal 30 second timer between obstacles that was there from the beginning returned in Sasuke 30.

And no.. they were not rolling their eyes at him. They all like each other.