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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sasuke 26 taping completed - now for the wait

Sasuke 26 being filmed ©pusherhiroaki

As I mentioned before, Sasuke 26 was slated to be completed before the end of the month of October, 2010. It taped on October 19th, 2010. Sasuke 26 is being called Sasuke 2011 (as you can see from the top picture above the huge Sasuke sign).

Sasuke 26 Final Stage Tower ©Dr-Kendo

While the official confirmation has not arrived, it seems several competitors and spectators who were in Sasuke 26's taping confirm being told the date of airing is indeed New Year's (Japanese wiki has it as the 3rd of January now - (2011年1月3日放送予定)(外部情報)). Given that the Sasuke sign, saddlecloth and security badges all had Sasuke 2011 it's a safe bet that it will be shown again on New Year's Day as was Sasuke 24's airing or close to it if Sportsman #1 is back on that date (Sportsman #1 has occupied the time slot for almost 20 years now). Either way it's set for New Year's and as of now it's not clear if it's the same weekend or the same day. Given also that the proposed airdate is almost 2 1/2 months away.. we have quite a while to wait as patiently as possible :) When any official information comes out about competitors, dates, etc. I'll definitely post it.

スパモク!! Super Thursday!!

In the meantime we wait for the airing of スパモク !! Super Thursday's recorded segment with the Sasuke All-Stars.


Rhonda said...

WTH???? Where did 25 go? Man I am way behind time... Damn my health. Thanks for posting the info..*smootchies*

Arsenette said...

Hey guys :) Oh hell I don't do this alone...

Poor R.. hope you are feeling better. I sympathize. 23-25 were a blur... all being 3 months from each other.. like they needed imodium or something.... now it looks like they had too much and need exlax again.. LOL These 11 weeks are going to go by slooooooooowly...