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Friday, October 8, 2010

Sasuke 26 confirmed!

The best news in a long time! Seems Sasuke 26 is going to tape at the end of October! No word yet on OA (or Official Airing on TBS) but this is great news after having a very depressing spring summer and fall! The news came yesterday as scnoi (thanks scnoi) found on Facebook the announcement that phone calls were made for a taping in late October. It was then written in Yahoo and I was very happy to see Lee En Chi リー・エンチ invited again after Golden Sun dropped Sasuke in Taiwan. I am hoping that there still is a Japan Trials especially since Taiwan won't have theirs and the USA already completed theirs back in August, 2010. As I find out information I'll post here but I doubt I will find much anything else as they are doing this taping quietly and quickly. Rumor of a possible airing date could be as late as New Year's Day but I don't care. As long as Sasuke continues and has a good chance for better ratings I'll wait as long as necessary to assure a good rating in Japan.

Good luck to all competitors in Sasuke 26!
Do your best! Ganbatte! がんばって!

Ganbatte - Do your best! Ganbatte - Good luck! ©Wired in Japan


Jelena said...


ryanthewired said...

Thanks for the link to Wired in Japan.

I love watching Ninja Warrior. It's a great show. Wish I could compete.


Bartjks said...

Great! But, can someone know what will the date?

Arsenette said...

Hey guys :) Sorry was on vacation :p I'll get the updates up tomorrow when I find them.. Need.. sleep.. LOL.

No trials this time in Japan and date seems to be set for the 19th to tape is all I know atm.