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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sasuke Training - Part 1 - Japan

Training for the Jumping Spider ©森渉 Mori Wataru

Getting even closer to Sasuke 23 (and closer to the deadline where in Japan they will receive notices for the date of Sasuke Trials - which will most likely be late August at this point), I've been checking the usual blogs and doing searches for new ones. Ube as usual is a HUGE help and finds things I can't. Earlier this month I was doing such a search online and noticed the the UNCLI boys were posting on their blogs (particularly Ryo Matachi 又地諒) about a training camp specifically for the upcoming Sasuke competition. For those who have not paid attention to my previous blogs or need a refresher as to who UNCLI is - they are 5 guys who train often together and have made Sasuke Park in Muscle Park in Odaiba their personal playground. They consist of 5 members -Matsuda (I keep forgetting his first name... he's #1 Cliffer), Ryo Matachi 又地諒 (#2 Cliffer), Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (#3 Cliffer), Keita Tomino 富野恵太 (#4 Cliffer) (he's the guy who pwns Sasuke Park on a regular basis) and Keitaro Yamamoto (dude with the glasses) (#5 Cliffer). Many of course did not even get out of Sasuke Trials for 22 but they saw one of their own, Yuuji, make it all the way to the friggin' Final Stage of Sasuke 22 it gave them hope that they too can make it this time around.

Sasuke Training Camp ©森渉 Mori Wataru

If you notice from the picture (above) there are a LOT of familiar faces if you look close enough. First of all I was very happy to see (since he was not at Sasuke Trials for 22 to my knowledge) the guy I affectionately call "Moody" (Makoto Yahagi whom we met over the course of Sasuke Trials last summer and followed him throughout the spring in Bug in Miki and Maguro Festival) on the far left standing up on the back row wearing a black shirt. Just below him wearing a white shirt is Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 (who made it to the Spider Flip in Sasuke 22), Just about him is Kanou Takaaki 加納隆明 who was in the finals of last year's Sasuke Trials for 21. In the middle strangling a friend.. is Hiroki Nomura (who FINALLY made it to 22 via the Sasuke Trials). Just behind Nomura is Ryo Matachi 又地諒 (#2 Cliffer). Next to him on top of the shoulders of Tomohiro Kawaguchi 川口朋広 (who also qualified through Sasuke Trials to Sasuke 22) is none other than Cliffer #3 Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治. To the far right is Yuuhei Sayama 佐山侑平 who was also in Finals of Sasuke Trials last year for Sasuke 21. I know some of the names but I think I might mess up matching the faces with the names so I'm leaving that until I find out exactly who's who in what order :)

Most of the really nice pictures are taken by this guy 森渉 Mori Wataru who is actually an Actor. He was in Sasuke 21 but was digested. Judging by the first picture on this blog you can tell he was still pretty pissed at failing at the Jumping Spider in Sasuke 21. Here is training on the Shin-Cliffhanger. Oh! I forgot. Ube also tells me that the person hosting this is another guy that lost in the Sasuke Trials last year 嵐田良一 Arashida Yoshikazu. He's the one with the Sasuke warehouse (where this camp was held) I'm sure is the envy of every Sasuke hopeful.

Mori (black shorts) standing next to Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 while Ryo Matachi 又地諒 is hanging off the Shin-Cliffhanger ©森渉 Mori Wataru

P.S. If you get a chance.. try to hit the translation on these blogs because some of the bablefish disasters are just priceless.. the one for this photo reads as follows. Mori says: "Hawt guy is a hard way to the right of the photo. In the 3rd stage in the last SASUKE!" Still doesn't beat Supernova birth humiliation but.. LMFAO "Hawt". Also in the blog he states that the Sasuke camp was 2 days (during the weekend of August 1-2, 2009). At the end of the blog.. a hope to all people in the world.. he's discovered the fountain of youth "It is a beer garden in Yamagata".. GOD I love bablefish disasters.. dude.. they grow beer in gardens in Yamagata.. gotta go man... Whoops.. forgot to say Yamagata is a prefecture in Japan where this warehouse they trained in was located.

Mori with Kobayashi ©森渉 Mori Wataru

Okay I knew one of the guys in the photo was familiar. This is Kobayashi from Sasuke Trials last year and has made frequent visits as well to Sasuke Park in Muscle Park. In fact I remember one quite recently... I forgot.. I think he's an actor as well. It's one of those faces you've seen time and time again in Sasuke Maniac (when the show was still around) that it nags you. Since I haven't seen him in Sasuke I couldn't place his name. I "think" it's Hiroshi Kobayashi. I'm sure I'll get corrected at some point. P.S. Isn't that warped wall just all kinds of sweet? Dude.. they put a LOT of effort into this park.. they should friggin' charge admission..

Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 ©Ryo Matachi 又地諒

Was happy to see Kanno out and about and ready to pwn Sasuke this time around. I found this picture first and was so happy to see it. Ryo of course had to have been taking pics from his cell and just uploaded it from there since all the pics on his site are sideways.. LOL Gotta love being able to turn the image so we got a better look. He sure does love chunky jewelry doesn't he? Anyway.. that's Kanno totally representin'.

(edited - Ryo said it definately is) Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 on the right with Ryo on the left ©Ryo Matachi 又地諒

One of the many hanging pictures that Ryo loves taking. Back in April he had hanging pics in Muscle Park and in the past he's taken a bunch of pics lookin' cool hanging of off obstacles. Still, I love that they took time to show the park and them goofing around. This entry in particular Ryo was going to sleep early since he was exhausted after day 1 of the camp.

Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 in the middle while the foreground is Nomura ©Ryo Matachi 又地諒

More candid pics. Kinda reminds of me of those soda pop 1950's pics with everyone drinking milkshakes and stuff they show in the movies... minus the milkshakes.. and this is 2009.. and they are Japanese.. /sigh.. I digress.. I found this before Ube sent me the Mori blog to show the whole crew there. I didn't know how many people were going to this camp.

Yuuhei Sayama 佐山侑平, Kanou Takaaki 加納隆明 and Ryo arriving safely in Yamagata ©Ryo Matachi 又地諒

I love candid pics :) This is the guys taking pics with Ryo's cell phone when they arrived to Yamagata for the Sasuke Camp. If I'm not mistaken.. this is Sayama Yuuhei 佐山侑平 from Okinawa (the guy on the left) since I found his face familiar I had to dig back to when I first started to blog about the trials watching Sasuke Maniac. (P.S. I was right. Ryo updated the blogs with his name). I didn't recognize the dude with the red shorts (Ryo updated the blog with his name - Kanou Takaaki 加納隆明) but HE was in the Sasuke Trials too over the summer! He was in the same group as Nomura in week 3 and passed to the Finals but finished out of the top 8 to qualify for Sasuke 21. I'm still laughing - I do know that's Ryo on the right.. posing.. again.. I swear he's a reject from the Ginyu Force.. dude LOVES posing.. ahahahahah

More Sasuke Training - Ryoma is the middle guy in orange ©加藤僚馬 Ryoma Katou

I got confused as to who this kid was. Seems like everyone is really getting into making backyard training grounds. Ryoma was in Sasuke 21 Trials part of the High Schoolers group. Either way I thought it was cool and figured people might like to see how they are training in Japan for the same event.

Sasuke Entry video ©Shinya Iwasaki 岩崎 真也

In the midst of all of this I got an email from another guy in Japan (to my knowledge completely unrelated) who must have either found my blog or saw my posts in Ryo's blog.. sure sure actually but he sent me his own training clips complete with bad-ass Sasuke Park he built himself. His name is Shinya Iwasaki 岩崎 真也. What's cool is that he sent me a cell phone message showing me his entry video.

His latest Cliffhanger ©Shinya Iwasaki 岩崎 真也

I love the suspense music he puts in these videos :) They are just too cute!

Slider Jump bloopers ©Shinya Iwasaki 岩崎 真也

The final one is one of my favorites overall. It shows the bloopers that were obviously cut out from the main video and it shows just how friggin' hard the Slider Jump really is.


W349 said...

Nice post! 'Beer garden' might not be such a mistranslation though - here in the UK lots of pubs have a beer garden which is just an outdoor sitting area for drinking >_>

(Japan even has its own little section!)

Loved those videos too!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all these updates! I am in South, NJ as well, right next to philly and I absolutely LOVE Sasuke! You have the most information and I really appreciate it! Thanks for all the posts!

Arsenette said...

W349 LOL I learn something every day :) Though the thought of beer growing on some plant complete with label and a little cold was just too hysterical :p This is what you get from someone who doesn't drink alcohol because I'm tooooooootally a cheap date :p The vids were cute too thought you guys might like them as much as I did.

Thanks Kareem :) Stay cool.. the last couple days down here have been uber brutal.. gaaaaah..

Chaki said...

You are so right about Ryo having so much style. He is a darling in is hanging poses. Beer gardens are exactly what W349 say they are.

Good luck to all of them. There is so much drama with the Trials. Boo-hoo that Sasuke Mania is cancelled.

BTW, who are the chicks? Was one Miho Kawaguchi with yet another new look???

Arsenette said...

I like Ryo :) The chibi-Nagano I call him :)

Kawaguchi's wife: I swear she's a friggin chameleon.. I "think" she's the one standing up just underneath her husband. The other I've seen before.. for all we know she's her sister or best friend.. she could be tied to one of the other guys though. That I don't know right now.

Anonymous said...

Not to beat the dead horse, but there is now a beer garden in Pittsburgh, or at least an establishment trying to resemble a beer garden.

It would not surprise me at all if, providing Iwasaki gets in, the announcer calls him "SASUKE Onimusha" (Sasuke Daredevil) or something similar.

Arsenette said...

<------- Non alcohol drinker :) tehehhehe which explains why I thought it was something else entirely. Heck.. with the amount that Shunsuke Nagasaki is drinking now I'm sure he's visited every Beer Garden that Japan has to offer :p

Oh that's a new nickname :) He does have one though. Not going to try to attempt to hit the bablefish disaster on it though. He refers to it in his blog and videos I believe. Though I like the Onimusha nickname :)

ArtemisFowljr said...

we all love you Arsenette!! ;-)

that camp should have been awsome but very hard!
Loved the hanging poses =D

Arsenette said...

I'd pose on the ground.. I am sooooo friggin' out of shape that anything hanging would be someone holding me up.. ahahhahaha